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    Atari - any flavor. Pac-man, Ms. Pac-man, Jr. Pac-man and virtually any variant or version of Pac-man.

    I can not rave enough about Tep392's Pac-man arcade.

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  1. SIO2


    NostAlgae37 was kind enough to provide some new sprites with frog that displays more movement, a new fly and some smaller cars that folks were wanting. So, I have put those sprites in to what I was working on last. I was working on switching from a continuously randomly generated field of cars to a pre-generated field of cars when things got busy around here and this project got set aside. So, there are a number of glitches and rough spots in the attached files. For example, the option to set difficulty level (dense traffic, light traffic, normal traffic) is still in the menu but will not affect the number of cars on screen at this point. There is also an option in the menu to select the color of your frog. The color of the frog sprite and the color of the frogs in the caves does not always match and so on. Oh, one interesting glitch is that the old way I was doing things the program would not insert a fly near a car. Since it was constantly inserting and removing cars, it just put a fly in between cars. With the constant field, I had to come up with a different way making sure the fly didn't get placed on top of a car. That part I got but, currently there is nothing preventing it from putting the fly right back in the same place you just picked one up. So, you may get multiple flys at one time. Needs work obviously. frogus08042019.bin frogus.bas.a78
  2. I never bought one of the superchargers back in the day because I didn't like cassette tapes. I have one now that you can use an MP3 audio source. It would have been interesting if BID they had offered games on vinyl. I can imagine a turntable linked to my 2600.
  3. I have to confess, I put my Retron 77 back in the box a while ago. Tonight I got it out and tried the 6.1 beta 2 release. Loving it. Just want to say thanks for the great work here. :)
  4. SIO2


    In giving it more thought, I think that the burdensome way Frogus handles the cars has to go. I like the randomness of it but, it is too heavy of a load for the old machine. I have done some testing with a pre-generated field of cars and it runs much faster. I have also done some experimenting with a second player. My idea for that is: the frog vs a ms. pac like creature or perhaps the mouth from my game Sick Pickles. The field of obstacles will be a mixture of cars and ghosts. The frog will race to collect flies while the ms. pac like creature will race to collect fruit or perhaps pickles. Whoever eats more before the timer runs out wins the round.
  5. Strange the seller would list a valuable item like this on an account with only 6 feedback all as buyer and 5 of those more than a year old.
  6. SIO2


    I will PM you. Thanks.
  7. SIO2


    Interesting comments. Here are my thoughts: Regarding the sprites: I am satisfied with the sprites that I have but am curious to see examples of what others might prefer. I have this philosophy about the 7800 where I see it as the ultimate evolution of the 2600. So primitive or large and low color count sprites are fine by me as long as they don't flicker. If the objection to the cars is mainly that they are hard to jump between, that is sort of intentional. I tend to prefer a twitchy fast and difficult game that surprises me. Frogus spends a lot of its time randomizing and determining where it will insert sprites. That means that there is not much horsepower left over for frills. I am no expert on Frogger but versions that I have seen appear to generate a field of obstacles that remains constant during each level. This lessens the burden on the processor and frees up cycles for other things. Having a constant field also allows the player to plan to catch a ride on the log next time it comes by or jump between cars next time they come by. That is the way Frogger plays but not the way this game plays. I am wanting to avoid this becoming a clone of Frogger. As Frogus is written now the flys are sprites that could theoretically move in other than straight lines. Moving in other than straight lines takes more processing time. When you say flutter about do you mean outside the lanes? If so, the fly sprite would either potentially cross a car sprite or need some sort of AI to avoid hitting cars. I suppose the fly could also be killed by hitting a car. That could be interesting but adds another collision detection so, more processing time. The bottom line is: Anything is possible but most things are improbable because as written Frogus is strapped for time. I think that the program is doing what I am asking of it fairly efficiently at this point, it just has a lot to do. Unless I simplify the process for it, I can't add much to it. I would be interested to see other sprite proposals though. Also if there is anyone that does TIA sounds and wants to propose some music or sound effects, go for it. Even if I don't use it here in Frogus - other game developers may pick up on it through this thread. One thing I want to do is have different sounds for the timer ticks and the eating of a fly. Right now, I think eating a fly sounds about right but the timer ticks should sound different to avoid confusion.
  8. SIO2

    Baby Pac-Man

    Press Start bar/arcade in Rapid City South Dakota has a barely playable machine. No sound and the monitor is washed out but it is playable. Their Super Pacman machine looks and works great though.
  9. Thanks Bob and Al. I also used $1982 for my game Sick Pickles as stated in an earlier post in this thread dated October 28, 2017.
  10. SIO2


    I do not know why either. The high score module is written by RevEng and we know RevEng's work is awesome and others have used this module and it works. Somehow though when I put it into my programs, I end up stepping all over it. I have not been able to put my finger on the cause. So until the game is about finished the high score part is the least of my concerns. What I am posting below is a slight update that hopefully addresses the issue of cars appearing out of nowhere on the left. They now move in from the left but still are pretty quick so watch out. Also, I took a stab at the incremental scoring designed to encourage players to stay out in traffic and collect more flys. Each additional fly is worth more than the previous one. It is not exactly working yet. It looks like the tenth fly reverts to the base value? Not sure. I will have to do more testing there. Other than that, there was some more work on trying to lean things up and get it to process faster. I played a few games on my red system and did not have any issues with the high score this time but your results may vary. frogus06222019.bin frogus06222019.a78
  11. What! Again! Don't you all have something better to do?
  12. I tried the June 20 version on my red 7800 console. Looking good. When I tried it at first, I had a 2600 joystick in the left port. Looks like this game will not support 2600 joysticks? I switched to a 7800 compatible game pad. Then it worked. I don't know how but somehow, I managed to activate pause a few times. Really cool game. Thanks for bringing this to 7800.
  13. SIO2


    In my testing, it works most of the time. Not sure why it sometimes fails. It may be a timing issue. I just don't know.
  14. SIO2


    Thanks. That is what I am aiming for.
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