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  1. No chance for v3. V2 may be produced, but price would be around 90 eur....
  2. HI guys, I am sorry for my late reply... This game squeezes last drops of juice from Atari, so it doesn't work on NTSC machines due to lack of CPU time during one NTSC frame - it is too short. It needs 50 Hz frame.
  3. Mylars for 800XL and one layer XE (spring) are available again. Both improved, very high quality. PM me, if you need any of them.
  4. Hi guys, I am not able to make more PokeyMAXes now. Chips are not available on the market, at least at reasonable price. It may take some months till they become available.
  5. It is rather a question to game developers..... We provide the hardware, now it's their turn.... I hope to release Gravity Worms with SID music, but date is not known yet.
  6. Pokeymax v3 has only one version. Full. And you need to use a wiring diagram from a few posts above.
  7. It should work like regular Pokey. If there is sound in the demo/game, it should play. Do you have sound via monitor socket?
  8. I am awaiting a day when I will see fantastic demo or game using its full capabilities. Gravity Worms game will use it. It will be released soon.
  9. V2B and V3 have caps on board. V2 still needs them, however, most power amplifiers have such caps on inputs, therefore even if you do not install them and sound isn't distorted - you can skip installation of them. Also, S/PDIF and PS/2 parts can be skipped - they are optional. AUD IN1 and GTIA IN/BELL also are optional. PokeyMAX requires only proper connection to A4-A7 to work properly.
  10. Wiring diagram attached. User guide will be posted in 1-2 days.
  11. Tomorrow I will upload full schematic, I am so sorry for this delay.
  12. Really, nobody wants to read a few pages in English to check for linguistic mistakes?
  13. I would also need someone from Czech Republic, two short sentences to translate from English to Czech.
  14. Guys, I am going to release more new titles soon. I need someone to verify english translation of manual for one of the games. Native speakers only, please. Is there someone who would like to help? Please PM me with your e-mail address, I will provide .docx file.
  15. Boxes arrived! Panther, I will publish a schematic diagram by tomorrow.
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