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  1. slx, I haven't received it I think.... Or, I do not know that it is you
  2. Mathy, please contact me via [email protected], I will recalculate.
  3. Regarding UK delivery - it seems that there is no problem, at least for now. But it may change soon. I have delivered some PokeyMAXes v2 smoothly.
  4. Hi guys, below is a copy of email sent to people on the list. If anyone wants to jump in, please follow it. "PokeyMAX v3 is nearly ready. I need a confirmation from you, that you are still interested in. Therefore, please pay 99 USD plus 12 USD shipment fee to [email protected] and provide your full shipping address. If I collect enough confirmed orders (at least 50 pcs. in total), production will start. Shipments will take place within 2-3 weeks since confirmed. Guys from Poland, please contact me if you prefer to pay in PLN via bank transfer. The same for eurozone people - I can provide bank account in EUR (German bank)."
  5. It may be a serious problem to ship to the UK. I am not registered there as a seller. It is probably the one and only country with such stupid regulation. Brexit will be a nightmare for UK people I think. For now, I can ship when sold via ebay or SMR.
  6. Guys, please PM me providing your e-mail, if you want to be on the pre-order list. Chip will be available in a month, and its price will depend on interest. Regarding UK - for now, nobody knows how to calculate taxes and duties. Therefore I can sell via eBay to UK for now (the same for Norway). When my bookkeeper clarifies that, I may post to UK too.
  7. Hello all, if you are interested in PokeyMAX v3 with M16 chip, please PM me, or send e-mail to [email protected] . I need to know how many of you are interested, because production is very expensive and requires some investments on my side. Price in pre-order is $99 plus shipping, payable when I collect at least 20 orders. For now, I put interested people on the list. When chip is ready, price will be a bit higher. Also, I decided to stop production of versions with M02 chip - none of the versions using it may be flashed via Atari. Therefore, I will be still offering PokeyMAX v2b, with M04 chip. Versions available: Mono, Stereo, Stereo plus Covox, Quad, Quad plus Covox. Price for Mono and both Stereo versions will be slightly higher (a few USD), but at the same time Quad versions will become a bit cheaper.
  8. Of course not. Please let me know via PM which versions do you need, I will make the best price.
  9. $10 for just shipping, not PokeyMAX....
  10. Hi Mike, yes. PM me for details.
  11. It is not that expensive. 10 usd for pokeymax...
  12. Guys, please always provide your e-mail address and FULL NAME. Now I have problem with contacting with someone called Wattever from France - his package has been returned due to failed delivery and is on the way back to me....
  13. Hans, it is possible that we have replied, but your mailbox rejected post. Please PM me.
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