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  1. If anyone still would like to purchase a copy of The Rescue Expedition, I have a few copies still available. Just send me a PM.
  2. Gunstar, it seems that you have suicidal thinking... I am worried about you, mate
  3. Hi Lastic, yes, all of the above are still available, including Czaszki/Electra.
  4. 9th set of next ten titles (90 have been released so far!) is nearly ready. You can pre-order just now.
  5. Next title in English is coming! This time it is translated "07 Zgłoś Się!" - polish text adventure. If you are interested in purchase, please drop me a message. Price will be 49 USD / 39 EUR plus 12 USD shipping (9 EUR) worldwide. Box will include that fantastic car model! It is made of metal, painted using real car paint, door can be open, and tyres are made of real rubber!
  6. Six new titles on diskettes have just been released.
  7. Screw has been changed, label is on the opposite side now.
  8. Not yet. It is not on my priority list, because BE still have them...
  9. Process has started, PM me with your real name, I will check.
  10. Yes, this cartridge is suitable for Atari 600XL/800XL and 65XE/130XE. For others - it is too wide.
  11. Probably a few pieces of tape and disk will be released later. It is interesting, because when I started releasing tapes and disks, many people complained that only cartridges are smart option, because few people have tape decks or disk drives. Now situation is opposite....
  12. Some photos of box content. Around 50 copies left! If you'd like to order yours, please PM me or send e-mail to orders(at)retronics.eu
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