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  1. All PokeyMAXes are sold out! I am awaiting fresh delivery.
  2. Like Quad plus Covox, but instead of A7 please connect A6.
  3. Yes, it is finished. Of course, there will be some improvements in the future (firmware changes). It is a full replacement for Covox. And yes, some people installed them in A800.
  4. Stereo plus Covox. Firmware 1.11
  5. Check bottom label.
  6. 11th set of tapes is on the way. In the meantime, please look at new releases in Retronics: 1. 07 Come In! - nice game, translated from Polish "07 Zgłoś Się!" with poster and model of police car from communist era (game takes place at that time) 2. Laura - re-release of famous title, but now in Polish and English language (selectable at start) plus additional 32 new levels. Poster included. 3. New Adventures of Laura - new adventures of above, new levels from contest, made by users. Selected 16 winning levels. Poster included. 4. LiteRally - motorbike race, many levels, nice graphics - game occupies 512kB of cartridge! Motorbike model included! If you are interested in any of them, please send me an e-mail or PM. They are now being manufactured.
  7. I am awaiting that day, but nobody is going to write it AFAIK. If this will not happen, PokeyMAX project will be abandoned as a nice hardware without software.... 95% of sales is Stereo (Auto, Covox). 3% is Quad (Auto, Covox), 2% is for Quad Pokey+SID or +PSG I am ready to manufacture all-in-one PokeyMAX v3 with many nice additions, like AUDIO IN from SIO monitoring etc. But I will not risk if there is no software. So far only some players use SID or PSG features. Gravity Worms game will have SID music.
  8. PokeyMAX is available in various versions directly from me. If anyone is interested, please contact me via PM.
  9. @Mr Robot, yes, but it is not produced yet. Everything depends on demand. Now we have Quad plus 2xPSG plus Covox (4 channels) or Quad plus 2xSID. We have some players able to play mods for SID or PSG. But nobody made any music for Quad pokey or Pokey plus SID/PSG. No demos or games. Therefore demand is near zero. Production of v3 PokeyMAX having all chips on board (plus maybe Paula?) is expensive. I do not want to freeze money, we must wait for some soft productions increasing demand...
  10. It is 2x AY3-8912 / YM2149. First is present in some ZX Spectrums, Amstrad CPC and many others. Second in Atari ST.
  11. Guys, if you have sent payment, you can see on Paypal that it arrived to my account.... Please forgive me, but I am not able to reply to everybody via email - too many orders and I am focusing now on delivering product ASAP. Only, if you have ordered your copy, but haven't received payment details - please contact me via PM. Especially hotmail.com and live.com mails are problematic recently.
  12. Guys, please be patient, I will reply to all emails after 18th August. Shipping worldwide is 12 USD.
  13. Everything depends on interest. So far, only a few people sent email about it.... I would need at least 50 orders to make a mould - it is very expensive.
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