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  1. And, shipping overseas is not that high, please contact me for calculation.
  2. Hello guys, please contact me directly, if you need any dust cover from my offer. If there is a demand for 800 or 1200XL - I can manufacture them, however, I would be glad to see a pre-order for them - to estimate if I can have balanced production cost at least.
  3. Quad plus 2xSID are available. Stereo plus SID were never produced.
  4. 600XL is planned, but I am afraid that demand may be very low. Jaguar is manufactured by grey and is available now.
  5. Atari 2600 VCS 4- and 6-switch cover is available. Price is $30 plus shipping (usually $15 worldwide, except very exotic destinations).
  6. Guys, firmware update is quite complicated process. First, you need to register to Intel-Altera website, download a few gigabytes of Quartus IDE, choosing parts of it to be downloaded and installed (chip libraries etc.). Then you need to install it, including USB Blaster drivers - it cannot be done automatically - device is not detected by Windows, you have to do this manually. If you pass this time-consuming process, next obstacle will show - JTAG connector on PokeyMAX is non-standard: USB Blaster has 10 pins connector, while PokeyMAX has 6 pins. You need a special adapter, which cannot be purchased anywhere. You need to make it by yourself. Then, you need to select a proper firmware version, as we have a lot of them - for now it is more than 15 different versions, due to variety of PokeyMAXes available on the market. Of course we will have more soon, because PokeyMAX is still being developed with new features. After gaining of some experience in supporting customers, I can say that I seriously doubt that you can update firmware by yourself. People have difficulties even with simple installation process and many of them did it wrong - despite of very few schematics versions in the installation manual, some users choose a wrong one, some made mistakes in wiring. Don't get me wrong, we are working hard with Mark on providing you a safe way of updating firmware. We do not want to generate problems four users and ourselves - many bricked devices would appear and of course users will ship them for replacement under warranty. This would generate loss and we would be forced to close production of this chip. Due to its complexity and very modern parts usage, it is expensive to manufacture it. For now, I strongly suggest to ship your devices back to me for update. In the future it is possible that we will offer a special flashing tool which allows FW update on Atari, without USB Blaster. I hope you understand my concerns.
  7. @freetz, please notice the difference in pin thickness. I said only what was diagnosed at the end in some cases, it is only a suggestion for you and the others. If you think that chip is bad, please send it back to me, I will replace it (or check).
  8. Freetz, my experience (gained when supporting other users) says that pokey socket may be bad, or soldering to PCB may be unstable. None of PokeyMAX chips were faulty so far, all problems were coming from other hardware or software issues. Very frequent mistake is that users connect wires wrong. Firmware update will not help in your case. Of course I cannot exclude that device can be faulty, and if you like, I can check and replace it.
  9. Mathy, because all bigger versions have 4 Pokeys (that's why Quad). SID is only an extra feature. But of course if there is a demand, I am sure that foft can put as many SIDs as you want. Of course bigger chip will be needed and price will be much higher. For now main problem is a lack of software (demos, games, trackers) for using these extra features. Only very few players exist, they allow you to play SID or YM modules. I hope that people will start using extra features of PokeyMAX for making demos, games, software.
  10. Paula is very similar to covox - 4 channels of 8-bit samples. Of course bigger chip can be used and DMA implemented, however, I think that Atari resources are too small for this. Amy? Why not. What is Jerry?
  11. Because some of you can't wait for SID and YM2149 (AY3-8912) functionality in PokeyMAX, we have decided to offer you PokeyMAX in version 2 like below: 1. Quad SID (4x Pokey, 2xSID) 2. Quad Covox PSG (4x Pokey, 2x YM2149/AY, Covox) Limited quantity available. More, in v3 will be available probably in August or September. If you are curious how does SID or PSG (YM/AY) sounds in PokeyMAX, please look here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiIXTNbzgkm2aX_1PnkQJCU6kXA?e=lvlwS8
  12. USA is now available for shipping. All pre-ordered PokeyMAXes are on the way. If anyone would like to order, please PM me.
  13. Programmable Sound Generator. It is YM2149 or AY3-8912.
  14. Memory map of PokeyMAX attached. These in grey are not available yet. This is a plan.
  15. Lastic, Belgium became available two days ago. I will ship your order on Monday. Regarding PokeyMAX, I will send you an e-mail in a moment.
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