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  1. Wow.. a bunch of mean old men on this thread. How bout this.. if you dont like what he is doing or has done, do not support or give your opinion, we all have opinions.. never met such a small group of assholes in my life. I myself am not savvy and do indeed like the fact that I can for a small fee compensate someone else for their efforts.. I will be purchasing all 3 compilations. Go back to your room and play with yourselves.. grumpy old men fighting about a system thats 30 years old (WTF!!??) that someone is keeping alive for idiots like me. I am not a keyboard warrior, I am real and really sick of politics... Go joing the Amiga VS Atari thread.. live long and prosper.
  2. someone needs to make lode runner and pitfall maxing out the Falcons capabilities.... miss those games:{
  3. They are indeed... just cant seem to get the accelerator any more... sucks!
  4. All, I have a modded 800XL, Happy 1050 and a bunch of games on floppy. I have the Atarimax interface for writing back to floppy from PC. I have a 4 Meg Mega STE with working internal HD as well as the Ultra Satan with 4 SD cards with a ton of games, Finally I have a Falcon 030, 14meg 4 gig internal SD. All units have associated power supplies and all work flawlessly. Unfortunately I have lost my job and am resorting to sell to maintain until I can get back on my feet. I would love for these items to find a home with someone who cherishes the imagination and era that these machines represent to me. I will not part this out... the whole lot will go for $4000 +shipping. Serious inquires only. Allan
  5. I emailed Exxos, no response..... I'm hoping that they are still making/in business
  6. Thank you for responding! The site says that is does not have the cpu/ram/power supply. Do you know where these can be sourced from.. I dont want to screw this up!
  7. Is the CT63 still available for the Falcon? Is there something newer? Any idea where I can get this for my recently acquired Falcon? Thank Guys
  8. It's 2021.. can I get this CT63 for my Falcon still? Any help appreciated!
  9. all of the drives work. I'll swap OS's and see if they will work ... I'll post up findings in a few hours
  10. this is Steve's 32 in 1 OS Does this make a difference, never thought bout running another OS unless the software made me swap (800 OSB, etc)
  11. I know this has been visited, but I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to use "todays" pc and write ST games back to floppy. I am fully aware at this point that a USB floppy drive wont or cant write, and todays PC's do not have an IDE floppy anymore. Any help appreciated.
  12. How can I be sure that 5 volts are being sent to the SIO... what pin should I look for, obviously this is internal on the computer its self. This MOD was supposed to be done by him. I cannot daisy chain anything I must use the happy 1050 directly with APE to my PC, I them must unplug the interface and reconnect the SIO cable between the happy 1050 and the computer and she works fine.
  13. I've isolated cables used multiple different drives. Bottom line is that my ATARI max 1200XL will not talk with or see any other 1050 happy or not, it will only recognize the Happy 1050 Steve sent... I am really perplexed
  14. All, I tried standard 1050's stand alone... they don't work, checked the drive #dip switch etc, no go... maybe the last post with jumper wire is the ticket. If so why would Steve not have done this. I have Warp+ memory, the video fix, the fix for power to the SIO port, external SIO2PC
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