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  1. all of the drives work. I'll swap OS's and see if they will work ... I'll post up findings in a few hours
  2. this is Steve's 32 in 1 OS Does this make a difference, never thought bout running another OS unless the software made me swap (800 OSB, etc)
  3. I know this has been visited, but I was wondering if anyone has figured out how to use "todays" pc and write ST games back to floppy. I am fully aware at this point that a USB floppy drive wont or cant write, and todays PC's do not have an IDE floppy anymore. Any help appreciated.
  4. How can I be sure that 5 volts are being sent to the SIO... what pin should I look for, obviously this is internal on the computer its self. This MOD was supposed to be done by him. I cannot daisy chain anything I must use the happy 1050 directly with APE to my PC, I them must unplug the interface and reconnect the SIO cable between the happy 1050 and the computer and she works fine.
  5. I've isolated cables used multiple different drives. Bottom line is that my ATARI max 1200XL will not talk with or see any other 1050 happy or not, it will only recognize the Happy 1050 Steve sent... I am really perplexed
  6. All, I tried standard 1050's stand alone... they don't work, checked the drive #dip switch etc, no go... maybe the last post with jumper wire is the ticket. If so why would Steve not have done this. I have Warp+ memory, the video fix, the fix for power to the SIO port, external SIO2PC
  7. Guys help me out..... I purchased a modded 1200xl and happy 1050 from Steve at Atari max. 2 years old so far all running good. Now the problem.... I purchased other happy and non happy 1050's and the computer simply won't see it, as if it is not connected. the units work fine with stock Atari computers 1200xl, 800xl etc... just not my Atari max unit. What gives?
  8. I'll do this tonight... i'll let you know if I am successful! Thanks for the help!
  9. I tried all mentioned... no dice. APE connected to my PC and Happy 1050 works fine. Using these other 1050's ... not working. Direct connect these other 1050's to the 1200XL... not working. All in all I have to say that there is something wrong with the "new" 1050's and what ever it is, is common between the both.
  10. so just put this on the auto folderr on my SD card and let her go?
  11. In addition I am using a disk with a few games on it... works fine in the Happy1050
  12. Drive ID's are fine. I am only running 1 drive with the 1200XL... I was gonna have 1 dedicated to the PC to write back to floppy using APE. The system is fine, once I power up she tries to engage so it seems and just states boot error. The 1200XL is modded with all the upgrades you can do. Steve at Atarimax sells them. Rare 1200XL in good condition Enhancements Include APE Warp+ 32-in-1 OS Upgrade Pre-Installed! APE Warp+ OS Atari 1200XL OS Atari 130XE OS w/ Reverse Basic Atari 800 Compatible OS Hold SELECT at Power ON for On-Screen OS Selection Menu! SuperVideo 2.1 Upgrade (very sharp chroma/luma or composite video) Keyboard All Keys 100% Tested and Working (Keyboard hand refurbished to original responsiveness if required) APE/ProSystem Interface Internal SIO Power Modificaition (Restores compatibility with all SIO powered devices) APE/ProSystem Universal Interface w/ Serial Cable (DB9) 256k 800XL RAMBO Compatible RAM Upgrade (All 130XE Compatible except 'ANTIC Banking' demos) Original 1200XL Power Supply
  13. Guys I have a modded 1200XL from Steve at Atarimax and a Happy 1050. I recently purchased "working" 1050's from a warranted ebay seller. When I plug them in they both say boot error. I contacted the seller and he sent me another unit so I could send this one back... same issue... says boot error. Any ideas? my Happy 1050 obviously works... using the same sio cable and power supply... even swapped power supplies ...same issue. Is there something proprietary with Steve's Modded 1200XL? Thanks in advance.
  14. PLease let me know. I would really like to run games smooth
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