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  1. Yea sounds like great guys running it... Ill be there
  2. First is a week away in Ottumwa Iowa - Galaxies of Gaming - http://ottumwaoldschoolarcade.com- Where the whole Twin Galaxies thing started up. A bunch of those original gamers are coming back. Second is the week after that (weekend before Thanksgiving) - Free Play Florida in Orlando, FL - http://freeplayflorida.com. This looks awesome in size and people! Ryan
  3. I'm going to be getting one of these from Retro-Bit for a review for the magazine, and I'll get something up on the site/magazine as soon as i can. I did see they added some more games for it.
  4. PrOK, Can you please have someone email me. [email protected] Ok trying to get exhibitor/press info. Ryan
  5. Wow I totally remember doing this. Almost feel like doing it again for the memories.
  6. Rev, Just sent you a message via your site also.... anyways... I put an email in to Playthrough and didn't hear back from them yet. If you could get me any phone number for them I'd be appreciative as I want to bring the magazine there Hit me at [email protected] if you could as I'd love to talk to you tomorrow before meeting you at Portland on Friday. Ryan
  7. Understood. I wasn't after the advertising and promo.... I was looking for writers..... so I shouldn't have put that extra plug on there. So I'm sorry for that. I was looking for writers, don't know how else I can say my purpose of being on here this weekend.
  8. Understood CPUWiz. I was literally looking for writers in those exact categories and I have admitted my mistake above and thought those posts would stay. I'd like your advice. How should I look for writers on these forums? I've been told this is an amazing resource that I should have visited a couple weeks ago. I did receive 2 great applications for writers so far from the conversations here. Ryan
  9. But I was looking to pay writers for both online and feature level material for the magazine. Many great magazines are still being published in print... they just have to find a niche that works that no one else can do better. We have some great ideas and concepts that we are working towards on such. Take Nintendo Force that has taken the place of Nintendo Power as an unofficial version of the same thing. 3000+ subscribers and the largest publication from what I have heard on the Patreon system. If I can accomplish 1/3rd of that number as paid print subscribers I'll be happy.
  10. But I was looking for writers that I would pay to write for us good content both for the site and the magazine. I was saving the promotional for the free digital magazine for the ads I was looking to run with AtariAge when they get back to me.
  11. My favorite so far is Midwest Gaming Classic - Milwaukee in April. Only other one I have been to is Classic Game Fest in Austin which was a blast. Any others that any of you would recommend incheck out if I wanted to do 5-6 each year?
  12. Thank you for calling me on this. I've spent the last hour or so doing a lot of reading and some posting. I ran a chat board (and still host one) for about 15 years from 1995 to 2010 (now I just have moderators maintain it) and hated when people did what I did to this AtariAge community. I should have spent the time getting to know people better, I had been intermittently reading but not posting ever since I set up an account many years ago... like I've seen on my site stats that a lot of people do. Please I welcome talking to people on here or at a conference or on the phone... Skype or however. Please reach out to me.
  13. Albert.... I'll be getting there around 10am on Friday and have a 5 minutes set up for my booth. I'll come by and me and my son can help however you need
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