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  1. I'm interested in that cartridge, what's the price with included shipping to US ?
  2. I just put for sale one of my Atari 1040STe on ebay. It has 4mb ram, TOS 2.06 and it's working fine, it has a little crack on the baco of the case, due to transportation when I got it couple years ago. if interested take a look at ebay, my ID is betgv, http://www.ebay.com/itm/272514125735
  3. As I said, I didn't paid $200 or even a $100, what make me angry is he selling something he claimed was something original, in his listing, if I want just a copy, I would go to any XXXbay.xxx and download for free, but I was at least hopping was something for the real, them After I received the item, I saw was a shit bad copy he probably is doing a lot and selling as the "original thing from the 90's" After I opened a case on ebay, he sent me a msg, saying he "had to change the description" in his listing due some clueless buyers !
  4. I bought this item from ebay, not at this price, but one that ccame on auction, from this guy, as you guys can read, I tought was an original thing. Just received today, 4 shit burned cdr's (even a shit quality) with 4 pages printed in inkjet (suposely should be the instructions) Is this legal to sell those as original ? In his auction, in any moment, he stated was a copy or anything like that ! What to do ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Worship-Woodgrain-Atari-Starpath-Supercharger-Video-Game-System-Console-2600-/291428349308?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43da7bb57c
  5. I'm in the same situation, any good news ?
  6. Gazoo. As you said the T99 need the 32k to run the cartridge, I just got from a friend a way to modify internally my T99 and add 32k, I'll be doing the mod this week and let you know if everything would be working how should be! I don't have a PEB, so for me will be easier to add the memory in one of my TI's thank you !
  7. I’ve received your cartridge today, and just tried to play on both of TI’s I have, and looks like it’s not working, only 2 applications worked the letter’s C and P, all others just got scrambled characters on screen or color artifacts, is any special trick or any mod’s on the TI’s to make it work ?
  8. Just got mine today ! Super fast shipping, later today I'll run some tests and I'll write a little reveiw ! Thank you !
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