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  1. I am in for one, hopefully fast enough to get it cos I have been waiting for frog feast in cartridge for a long time.
  2. Please reserve one for me (Email sent).
  3. Awesome game. Love to have it ported to Jag CD or cartridge. In for one. Keep up with excellent work.
  4. I have played the game in NES and PS1. One of the best shooting game. I am in for one if it will be produced into CD or cartridge.
  5. I am definitely in for a professional made physical release of the game movie. Very intriguing.
  6. I like these two games even with all the flaws because of their resemblance to Mortal Kombat but with more wicked characters. I am definitely in for one if someone is going to port it to Jaguar.
  7. I am interested in both cart and cd version. Thanks. Vic
  8. Please put me for one. Have been waiting for it for a long time. Thanks. Vic
  9. Please put me on the list. I am in!
  10. I would like to buy thru paypal the following Atari Jaguar Games: Braindead 13 CD (complete in box) Atari Preservation Pack Mad Bodies Skycopter Speedster II Gorf Classic CD (/50 limited edition) Air Cars Beta Thanks. Vic
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