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  1. i dont understand the point here... Poke was a Basic command to insert a value in a position of memory, as every other basic of the era did, from Apple to to Trs 80... what exactly is the prejudice with the zx-81/sinclair models ? they have a lot of other points to criticize, like the keyboard or initial memory, but that...
  2. This interface is compatible with the Sunrise IDE Interface. There is a good amount of information about this kind of interface in the internet, here are some links to help: Link about IDE configuration (in portuguese, but if you use google translate i think you can follow) http://www.msxpro.com/ide.html Link with drivers for Sunrise IDE http://www.msx.ch/sunformsx/
  3. I use the sid emulation feature to emulate a 8580 with my breadbin 64 and have a nice dual-sid stereo effect ...
  4. I had the same problem, bought this adapter and now i use a dualshock ps2 controller on my msx , works just fine http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Cyclone-RX-Playstation-Joystick-Gamepad-Adapter-for-MSX-Computers-/111339965213
  5. A LG1721a as it is a lcd monitor that can handle almost any signal you can plug in i!
  6. Just correcting , SID is a Sound chip, not a graphics Chip... The Graphics chip of C64 was the VIC-II...
  7. Well, you have to press the buttons on the drive emulator... I think there is a mod to add a remote control to do this, but as far as i know there is no software way to do the same thing
  8. Thank You for this great gift to the Atarian Community!
  9. Just some observation: Amigas A600 and A1200 dont have internal batteries. They may have leaking capacitors, or expansions that have batteries that may leak...
  10. go for it, master system controllers dont have the same issues as genesys ones... they can be used safely in c64 and amiga... just to remind i used genesys controllers on the amiga , not in the 64, some games in the amiga make use of two buttons and these controllers are useful... not in the 64 , and the amiga joystick ports dont seem to have the same issues ( FRYING THE CIA CHIPS, FOR INSTANCE)
  11. i have used genesys controllers on my amiga 600 and it never caused any damage. But i dont know if there is some sort of combination that may cause any damage (pressing any keys while playing , for example...) . But sega master system controllers work with no problem at all , that i can vouch for...
  12. Well, i really hope thats not my case... I'm still waiting ... Regards...
  13. Amiga 1200 dont have any clock battery...some accelerator boards might have, though...
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