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  1. Oops 4.7d, mybios version.
  2. Summing up: Myide:original cart version. Mybios:4.d Games that dont work: the ones that appear in the initial mybios screen:galaxian, pacman,missile command and others. Same games loaded with side loader on the myide, work just fine. Hope this helps.
  3. Cant help with the Ntsc testing, my 130xe is a pal version. The only thing that i noticed is when using it with Myide, from atarimax, with mybios, the built in cart images didnt work. Although that wasnt much of a problem, because the side loader worked just fine! Use of disk and cart images, with siousb cable, using aspectq to load disk images and carts that used more than 128k worked just fine as well.
  4. Also left feedback! Please leave yours too!
  5. Bought one 320xe also form ctirad, from preproduction batch! Arrived here in brazil, really fast. Already tested in my 130xe , running Numem, and some XE carts conversions. Would buy the 320XL as soon as available too!
  6. Ordered one from preproduction too. But as soon as the productions ones can be ordered, count me in too!
  7. Im on the line for one too!
  8. I too sent payment by PayPal, in May 3rd , 2014, and never got confirmation. Payment made by Flavio Naufel de Figueiredo. If you could confirm i would appreciate. Thank You!
  9. Got an Atari 800 with incognito board, went through the trip from north to sunny Brazil with no scars ! Great seller !
  10. flanauf


    Well if there is or will be a list, please put me in too!
  11. flanauf


    Bought an Apple iic , external diak drive and joystick, arrived just fine here in sunny Brazil! Thanks man!
  12. Very , very late indeed, but, who knows? Put me down for one if ever more than 100 are made! Tks!
  13. The title says it all... IF you have it , please contact me by PM. Thanks!
  14. flanauf

    Wanted: Ram 320XL

    Anyone? I saw that one was offered recently inthe marketplace , but sadly I missed the chance...
  15. If there is a second round of " gifts" like these, please put me on that list too!
  16. Hi , Eduardo, I have made the payment for the second run, but havent received the confirmation email. Tried to send a Pm but cant send pm to your account too.
  17. flanauf

    Wanted: Ram 320XL

    Looking for one of these for my 800xl. Please contact by pm if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  18. If there is a second run , please put me on the list , too!
  19. Hi Eduardo, i sent an email, sometime ago, dont know if you received. There is still time to order a SGM module, with shipping to Sao Paulo, Brazil? Thank you!
  20. Just arrived my atari 7800 with two controllers and three carts, and an atary 5200, both safe and working after the long trip to sunny Brazil! Thanks!
  21. Arrived, collected,tested, both are here, safe and fine!
  22. flanauf


    Please add me to me the list, if there is one. Im in for one! Tks
  23. If there is one available , i just bought an atari 800, so i would be be intererested in one! Just drop me a Pm!
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