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  1. Decathlon should only be paid with the trak-ball, lol
  2. I'll agree that the flashback joysticks are looser, but once you get used to them, they work well. I bought the Trooper for my retropie and I think its adequate for most of the Atari games.
  3. the atari flashback corded joysticks work great on the old consoles. Just buy the Flashback system, to get one, I've gotten many of them over the years in thrift stores. Cheaper than the Best Controllers and the troopers.
  4. They had plans to but went belly up at about the time the 5200 did.
  5. I got the totally reconditioned controllers from BEST electronics, they worked great for about a year, one still works, the others one's reset button quit working. I still play through a Wico controller, but I have that attached to the other fixed joystick. The 5200 controllers are terrible and unless you enjoy contantly taking them apart, either get a Wico joystick or another alternative joystick, people make better ones, I think GAMEROYZ makes some nice one, or by an XE where you can play the same game with a tradition 2600 joystickl
  6. I do, it's the only controller that still works that I own.
  7. reklen


    That's great looking forward to this, somehow missed it on the Atari boards.
  8. reklen


    Saw this amazing game on ZPH, but how do you order the game and the amazing box?
  9. I remember getting really good at Haunted House. When I went to play the hardest level, I think level nine, I hit the button to light the match, and next to me was the complete urn, usually it was apart in three different places. I thought I was going to have a hard attack, beat the hardest level in one second, one match. Probably never played it again, lol
  10. Thank you for the responses, sounds good;
  11. I'm thinking about buying JR Pac-man, Crystal Castles, Berzerk, Superman III, and maybe some of the other games listed by V61. Has anyone bought any of the games from this site, was it a quality producet, and would you recommend them?
  12. Have you searched all the forums on the cover project, sometimes you have to dig. Some of the best covers aren't on the site. Its been a while since I've been there but I'm sure someone has made those covers.
  13. I remember working at Toys R Us in 1993 or 1994. Still carried the games, but not the system. Couldn't give away those Turbo Graphx games and systems. I remember buying a Sega CD for fifty dollars, but not the Turbo for twenty. Sega CD is still worth about fifty but I paid alot more for the Turbo when I finally got one last year. Wasn't into games in the Nineties as I am now or in the 80s.
  14. He has a competitor in the same city, ironically. The Competitor's boxes are pretty much interchangeable, but his 2600 cases are a little bit bigger, fit the 20th Century fox games and the Arcadia Games perfectly, i just don't like them for the regular 2600 boxes.
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