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  1. What's wrong with the M-Network Lock and Chase? Why not adapt an arcade game that wasn't done before, instead of trying to make a "better" version of a game. I've always preferred the 2600 to the arcade and Intellivision versions.
  2. Yes, no one wants Action Comics#1, or Babe Ruth Baseball cards anymore. The only reason old Atari games aren't worth much is because they made so many of them. You can get most of the still brand new in the box. No one wanted a boxed copy of Adventure until that movie came out.
  3. Still was finding games in the Stores, Toys R Us and Best and Radio shack into the mid 90s. My brother got a Nintendo so I did buy copies of Elevator Action, Gauntlet, and other games that weren't on the 2600. Got a 7800 in 1992 with ten games. Inherited a Nintendo when I got married in the same year, but didn't play it much. Didn't really get into gaming again until the Genesis in 1993, and didn't really start COLLECTING video games until 2013. I think I had about 30 boxed 2600 games in 2013 when I started actively collecting for the system. Had about another 50 loose games.
  4. The other thing that nobody has mentioned is that you could get new high quality games for the Playstation for twenty dollars unlike the N64 where all the games were over 50.00, and some were even 70.00. I think that is the major reason the console blew Nintendo away.
  5. I got a super charger like five years ago, couldn't get the games to work, and someone on these forums told me you had to mess around with the volume, bass, and treble, once I did, I got it to work, but it is so much easier to play the games on the retro pie.
  6. The Atari first came out in 1977. You came to the wrong place for information. I would try a different website where people try to help you instead of being snarky.
  7. Game Over closed its Seattle store, only has the Bellevue location and the Tacoma location. If you are looking for common Atari stuff, these stores just have the basics. If you go to Pink Gorilla in the U-District location, the one by the UW, check out AL's it is a retro store that sometimes has cool Atari stuff, it is located right by that Pink Gorilla. Another Castle and Game Gurus sometimes have good stuff. The trouble is the pandemic has really wiped out all of the inventory for these stores. D-PAD games has a decent Atari collection if you go south of Seattle, worth checking out if you have time. There aren't alot of Atari collectors here, so I usually find the good stuff, but you never know when someone trades something in.
  8. Decathlon should only be paid with the trak-ball, lol
  9. I'll agree that the flashback joysticks are looser, but once you get used to them, they work well. I bought the Trooper for my retropie and I think its adequate for most of the Atari games.
  10. the atari flashback corded joysticks work great on the old consoles. Just buy the Flashback system, to get one, I've gotten many of them over the years in thrift stores. Cheaper than the Best Controllers and the troopers.
  11. They had plans to but went belly up at about the time the 5200 did.
  12. I got the totally reconditioned controllers from BEST electronics, they worked great for about a year, one still works, the others one's reset button quit working. I still play through a Wico controller, but I have that attached to the other fixed joystick. The 5200 controllers are terrible and unless you enjoy contantly taking them apart, either get a Wico joystick or another alternative joystick, people make better ones, I think GAMEROYZ makes some nice one, or by an XE where you can play the same game with a tradition 2600 joystickl
  13. I do, it's the only controller that still works that I own.
  14. reklen


    That's great looking forward to this, somehow missed it on the Atari boards.
  15. reklen


    Saw this amazing game on ZPH, but how do you order the game and the amazing box?
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