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  1. I recently bought a trakball today. The ball itself is dirty, but seems to work okay. What can I use to clean the ball without ruining it?
  2. reklen

    Rikki & Vikki

    I'm impressed you sold 200 copies so quickly, I got copy 80, and I ordered it early the first morning it was available. Very impressive to sell that many units so quickly for an Atari 7800 Homebrew game. Mine was shipped on the the 21st and to to me (in Seattle) in only three days. This is probably the best selling Atari 7800 Homebrew.
  3. The only difference in the boxes is that the PAL one says made in in W. Germany under the UPC code on the bottom of the box.
  4. Well, I don't want to be the bad uncle that bought rated x-games to children. Granted most like Porkys are so abstract it doesn't matter, I just don't want to miss one that is blatantly obvious, because you know kids will find it. My sister had to hide the atari portable because her son was playing it all day, and that is only with the game it came with.
  5. I was all set to give a portable to my 8 year old nephew, until I realized all the rated X-titles are on there. Can someone make a list of the offending titles? I know x-man, Custer, Beatemandeatem, and Cathouse. Are any others on there? It would take me forever to try and play 700 games looking for the X-titles. I don't want to give him something inappropriate. Thanks
  6. The 5200 Gremlins is great, a better super cobra, a better baseball, and galaxian. That's all I can think of off hand. Granted the 5200 has great sound, but most of the better game are on all three systems.
  7. I have like 40 ps3 games, a system I've barely touched. I dont' think there is a threshold. I prefer Atari stuff, but by looking for it, now I have huge Sega, Nintendo, Turbo grafx, Vectrex, Intellivision and more collection. I think its like anything else, if you like one system, you'd probably like another.
  8. Sorry, Snow Walker, not Snow Waker, Now I'm doing it!
  9. Its a snow waker, not an AT AT Its a scout walker, not a chicken walker its an Atari, not a Vader (When did that start?) It's Captain Marvel, not Shazam (Shazam is the Wizard) Its the wretch, not Frankenstein (Frankenstein is the Doctor) and my favorite It is just Star Wars, not a new hope, and certainly not chapter 4! All these are forced retcons, or re-naming's have got to stop!
  10. reklen


    My brother got that game in 1988 at a local Swap Meet, along with Miner 2049er, both in the box. I opted to buy Burger Time and Bump N Jump in the Box instead. I don't think we even paid 20 dollars. His is the only boxed copy of the game I've ever seen, he even has the instructions.
  11. I got two refurbished controllers from BEST, both worked good for about two years, then on one of them the number two button quit working. So far the other controller is still working. You can't open them up without voiding your warranty. Two years isn't lifetime to me. I wouldn't have bought them, but everyone here was so ecstatic. I'm hoping someone in the future will just make controllers that work, like Eladdin. I
  12. Is there any way I can be told when the Crystal Quest game will be available with the Pokey chip installed, with a box. I've been waiting to get this game for years, and doubt that a ballblazer will be heading my way anytime soon.
  13. reklen

    Pitfall 2 box

    Well none of my 2600 boxes look like this one, nor do my intellivision boxes. I only have one colecovision box, and it resembles the Atari 2600 boxes. I need to take a picture.
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