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  1. Positive surprise? They never quit making games until the early Nineties, now they weren't making that many in 1985 and 1986, but they never totally stopped, and even if they did the previous games were still available in stores (as they still are now but on websites.) The Redbox games were the last hurrah, but that was the longest era, and longest look, 1986-1992, which were available during the NES era. The NES was ascending during this time, as the VCS was descending.
  2. 1982, Four switch, with Pac-man, Asteroids, and Combat. Probably the best Christmas.
  3. Basic Math sells for 100.00 easy.
  4. The case are a little smaller than they used to be, is why your having trouble re-sizing. It also depends on your printer. I print mine at 99% instead of 100%, and it works perfectly, however, every printer is different, you have to experiment.
  5. Thanks for the quick response, I never would have thought or tried that, and I couldn't find the information on youtube, thanks again. Is this the only cart like that?
  6. Help! I just bought a miner 2049er cartridge. How is this thing supposed to fit in the computer. It's got some weird bottom knob on it that prevents me from sticking it in the cartridge slot, and the cartridge looks different from my other ones. Any one have this, is it missing an attachment or something?
  7. Thanks Please put Derek Allen! REKLEN Seattle, WA Thanks again
  8. Is it too late to get one, if not how about Derek Allen! Reklen Seattle, WA
  9. I recently bought a trakball today. The ball itself is dirty, but seems to work okay. What can I use to clean the ball without ruining it?
  10. reklen

    Rikki & Vikki

    I'm impressed you sold 200 copies so quickly, I got copy 80, and I ordered it early the first morning it was available. Very impressive to sell that many units so quickly for an Atari 7800 Homebrew game. Mine was shipped on the the 21st and to to me (in Seattle) in only three days. This is probably the best selling Atari 7800 Homebrew.
  11. The only difference in the boxes is that the PAL one says made in in W. Germany under the UPC code on the bottom of the box.
  12. Well, I don't want to be the bad uncle that bought rated x-games to children. Granted most like Porkys are so abstract it doesn't matter, I just don't want to miss one that is blatantly obvious, because you know kids will find it. My sister had to hide the atari portable because her son was playing it all day, and that is only with the game it came with.
  13. I was all set to give a portable to my 8 year old nephew, until I realized all the rated X-titles are on there. Can someone make a list of the offending titles? I know x-man, Custer, Beatemandeatem, and Cathouse. Are any others on there? It would take me forever to try and play 700 games looking for the X-titles. I don't want to give him something inappropriate. Thanks
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