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  1. Have you searched all the forums on the cover project, sometimes you have to dig. Some of the best covers aren't on the site. Its been a while since I've been there but I'm sure someone has made those covers.
  2. I remember working at Toys R Us in 1993 or 1994. Still carried the games, but not the system. Couldn't give away those Turbo Graphx games and systems. I remember buying a Sega CD for fifty dollars, but not the Turbo for twenty. Sega CD is still worth about fifty but I paid alot more for the Turbo when I finally got one last year. Wasn't into games in the Nineties as I am now or in the 80s.
  3. He has a competitor in the same city, ironically. The Competitor's boxes are pretty much interchangeable, but his 2600 cases are a little bit bigger, fit the 20th Century fox games and the Arcadia Games perfectly, i just don't like them for the regular 2600 boxes.
  4. The Fire emblems fates also, barely fits the 2600 ghostbusters, and the thicker later activision boxes like Pitfall 2
  5. Positive surprise? They never quit making games until the early Nineties, now they weren't making that many in 1985 and 1986, but they never totally stopped, and even if they did the previous games were still available in stores (as they still are now but on websites.) The Redbox games were the last hurrah, but that was the longest era, and longest look, 1986-1992, which were available during the NES era. The NES was ascending during this time, as the VCS was descending.
  6. 1982, Four switch, with Pac-man, Asteroids, and Combat. Probably the best Christmas.
  7. Basic Math sells for 100.00 easy.
  8. The case are a little smaller than they used to be, is why your having trouble re-sizing. It also depends on your printer. I print mine at 99% instead of 100%, and it works perfectly, however, every printer is different, you have to experiment.
  9. Thanks for the quick response, I never would have thought or tried that, and I couldn't find the information on youtube, thanks again. Is this the only cart like that?
  10. Help! I just bought a miner 2049er cartridge. How is this thing supposed to fit in the computer. It's got some weird bottom knob on it that prevents me from sticking it in the cartridge slot, and the cartridge looks different from my other ones. Any one have this, is it missing an attachment or something?
  11. Thanks Please put Derek Allen! REKLEN Seattle, WA Thanks again
  12. Is it too late to get one, if not how about Derek Allen! Reklen Seattle, WA
  13. I recently bought a trakball today. The ball itself is dirty, but seems to work okay. What can I use to clean the ball without ruining it?
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