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  1. I think that part of the issue was that some of the stickers went by the concession stand, and it didn't seem like there would be another hallway beyond that would have more rooms attached. Seemed like a dead-end
  2. What's worse, my girlfriend has a horrible habit of putting a space immediately after a word, before any punctuation. So , as a result , you get stuff like this a lot. kind of annoying , huh ?
  3. Just to let the mods know, this guy is one of the more clever spambots... posting a couple different things, but inevitably trying to get the link in his signature seen by search engines
  4. Hi all, I'm in Honolulu, visiting family, where my cousin recently got a Super NES... problem is, he only has two games, one of which I brought over. Are there any decent stores on the island that have these kinds of games? I know of a couple in Minneapolis, even Western Wisconsin, but the economy here is so tourist-based, it's hard to find anything that is not so common, especially since they rarely have any kind of website (making google easier said than done) I know that there isn't a huge group of people around here, but if anybody would know, I'm sure someone here would. Any thoughts? Thanks, spongebue
  5. I know this post is a tiny bit old by now, but I was surprised to see Jim Park's name in there... I worked with him a little bit a while back at one of my old jobs. Didn't know that about him...
  6. Great game, by the way... makes me wish that I had an Atari at school, I could probably see some people playing it around here.
  7. aye, good to meet you. I would have searched for more AtariAgers in one way or another, but I figured I haven't really posted a whole hell of a lot around here lately so most people have probably forgotten that I even exist I did still meet Al and Matt (Tempest), though
  8. That can't be right. There must be some mistake. Please tell me there is some mistake.
  9. I'm now outside of Milwaukee, too, after a nice long drive (not as bad as some people, though )
  10. best I was able to get when you factor location, cost, and check-in age was a Super 8 motel in Fort Atkinson, WI, about a 25 mile drive away. I only got it last night, so I'd imagine rooms are still available. Now that I think about it, I take it free parking is available at the event? Also, there shouldn't be any problem with buying tickets at the door, right?
  11. Every year I say I'll go, I'll try, etc... this time, I really do think it's gonna happen
  12. let me guess... you're using a mac. files starting with ._ are mac hidden files. You should be able to open the terminal (finder->utilities->terminal) and cd into your directory, like in DOS (usually your drive is in /Volumes/NAME_OF_DRIVE) and run the following command: rm ._* This will delete all hidden files.
  13. My local wal mart recently started selling some 3rd party component cables for $20. Maybe a teeny bit expensive, but I always think that cables are overpriced to begin with
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