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  1. I think that part of the issue was that some of the stickers went by the concession stand, and it didn't seem like there would be another hallway beyond that would have more rooms attached. Seemed like a dead-end
  2. What's worse, my girlfriend has a horrible habit of putting a space immediately after a word, before any punctuation. So , as a result , you get stuff like this a lot. kind of annoying , huh ?
  3. Just to let the mods know, this guy is one of the more clever spambots... posting a couple different things, but inevitably trying to get the link in his signature seen by search engines
  4. Hi all, I'm in Honolulu, visiting family, where my cousin recently got a Super NES... problem is, he only has two games, one of which I brought over. Are there any decent stores on the island that have these kinds of games? I know of a couple in Minneapolis, even Western Wisconsin, but the economy here is so tourist-based, it's hard to find anything that is not so common, especially since they rarely have any kind of website (making google easier said than done) I know that there isn't a huge group of people around here, but if anybody would know, I'm sure someone here would. Any thoughts? Thanks, spongebue
  5. I know this post is a tiny bit old by now, but I was surprised to see Jim Park's name in there... I worked with him a little bit a while back at one of my old jobs. Didn't know that about him...
  6. Great game, by the way... makes me wish that I had an Atari at school, I could probably see some people playing it around here.
  7. aye, good to meet you. I would have searched for more AtariAgers in one way or another, but I figured I haven't really posted a whole hell of a lot around here lately so most people have probably forgotten that I even exist I did still meet Al and Matt (Tempest), though
  8. That can't be right. There must be some mistake. Please tell me there is some mistake.
  9. I'm now outside of Milwaukee, too, after a nice long drive (not as bad as some people, though )
  10. best I was able to get when you factor location, cost, and check-in age was a Super 8 motel in Fort Atkinson, WI, about a 25 mile drive away. I only got it last night, so I'd imagine rooms are still available. Now that I think about it, I take it free parking is available at the event? Also, there shouldn't be any problem with buying tickets at the door, right?
  11. Every year I say I'll go, I'll try, etc... this time, I really do think it's gonna happen
  12. let me guess... you're using a mac. files starting with ._ are mac hidden files. You should be able to open the terminal (finder->utilities->terminal) and cd into your directory, like in DOS (usually your drive is in /Volumes/NAME_OF_DRIVE) and run the following command: rm ._* This will delete all hidden files.
  13. My local wal mart recently started selling some 3rd party component cables for $20. Maybe a teeny bit expensive, but I always think that cables are overpriced to begin with
  14. *nod* I gave Nintendo.com my serial # and since I bought my second Wiimote before the 11th I requested two straps just in case. They said no problem, we're shipping out replacements right away, sorry for the inconvenience. I gotta say between this and replacing my wife's unhinged DS for free, Nintendo's customer service reputation has gone WAY UP in my book. I've never had to deal with Nintendo until my Wii, but I've been extremely happy with their service as well. First of all, I was able to order the wrist straps online without any problems, they came nice and quickly. Later, I called them up because I noticed my A/V cord was acting a bit weird (there was a short in the right audio connector or something, so it occasionally made a faint buzzing noise) He asked if it would be possible to swap cables or wiis, and I said that it would be possible, but not very practical (my roommate has a wii as well) since the problem is intermittent. The guy was very understanding, and sent me a new cable very quickly
  15. From what I've heard, Target and Best Buy are holding all Wiis they get until the 21st.
  16. To the best of my knowledge, it has to be on the right.
  17. I have a panasonic AE-900U projector and it works fine for me. Like bretthorror said, it uses the light bar rather than anything on the screen. It really shouldn't matter what kind of projector you have. Now I just wish I had some component cables
  18. My great-uncle knows nothing about computers, (besides his TRS-80) video games, or pretty much anything made after the 80's (the one exception being his DVD player... which he barely uses and has trouble with) I'm going to see him tomorrow, probably, and hope to see how he likes the Wii. I predict it will basically be me showing it to him, and he won't play it much if at all, but it could be fun, too
  19. I love it how the first auction didn't even have a current photo of the thing
  20. I got to Best Buy 12 hours early and my group was first in line. Bought the thing, brought it home, played it, and love it. Now I need sleep Oh, and for those still pissed at me from my PS3 experience... at least I'm not selling this baby
  21. Best Buy Eau Claire had a sign saying where the line for the Wii started, but no people waiting for one quite yet. I'll probably go to Wal Mart, where there is a midnight launch
  22. Hey, there's some pretty good money in it for me... comes in handy when you're in college Plus, like I said, I had a great experience with them and will probably end up shopping from them more often (well, when they are accessible... there isn't one in the town I currently live in)
  23. And now, it's time for the results... First of all, some clarifications and stuff... To start, I agree that going to court over something like this is pretty dumb. But it wasn't my idea Also, since I didn't sign a non-disclosure agreement like I expected, it was Best Buy that I went to (although, not the one in Richfield... they had people lined up a long time ago) Now, on with the result of the story... I arrived there just a few minutes after 2:00. Not bad, considering the drive I had to make to get there. I was brought into a room, where the manager apologized, explained why they had the maximum times, and stuff like that. I explained to him that I wasn't mad about the maximum times, but at the fact that they weren't enforced. He agreed with me completely, and was a really nice about it all. Then came the big moment. The happymaker, I guess. I figured it must have been something good, since one of the other managers that I saw before he came said something about me being there for "the package." The manager admitted that it wasn't the best situation, but he had a 20GB model ready for me to buy, and pulled it out. Good enough for me, I figured He even was good enough to wrap it up in black shrinkwrap before he bagged it, to prevent people from knowing what it was. We exchanged different stories about what happened and all that stuff. Bought it, was congratulated by the cashier on my luck, and am now planning on reselling Also, there was one other thing I wanted to emphasize... the workers there were awesome. I'm sure they were all stressed to hell, but they would never show it, not once. Whenever I had a question about something, they would answer... one guy even told me a little too much ("Don't tell anyone I said this... but I would be optimistic")
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