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  1. Yea that's what I thought as well. is there a way to verify this at all. The label does look a little funny, it kinda has that repro look to it.
  2. I came across a lot of atari games today and stumbled across this, did a little bit of research but figured I would get some opinions on it. If you guys have any information I would really appreciate it! Thanks
  3. So did these vader systems come with some sort of seal or no? Thanks for the reply bud.
  4. Hey guys I came across this a couple days back and I need some input on it and I know you guys are the right ones to ask. This one is outside of my field of expertise so any info to be contributed would be greatly appreciated and I'm apologizing ahead of time if this is a dumb question.. I'm trying to figure out if this Atari is NEW in Box or just CIB??.The AC adapter definitely seems new as its in its original box that seems to have never been opened. Were these atari 2600 vader systems " factory sealed" when they were produced or did they just come enclosed in this box? Looking at the box there is no sign of where it would have been sealed with sticker, No signs of glue, etc. I was told this was brand new and "never used" but i wanted to run it by you guys and see what your opinions were on it. Like i said this isn't my cup of tea. I've tried doing my research but couldn't find too much on this one. I saw a vader system bundled with 2 controllers, pac man, and combat on EBAY and it said sealed in the listing, however this particular console didn't come bundled with that stuff so I didn't know if that listing was relevant to my current situation. Let me know what you guys think? Thanks again!
  5. I would say hold onto it.. Nice piece though!
  6. Gateway to apshai sold for $177.50.. So you must have been referring to the BIN PRICE. but $70 on that game seems a little low lol.
  7. Thanks again playazclub for the comments appreciate the support. I wasn't trying to overprice anything I was more trying to get an idea of the market and most of the stuff sold anyways. But either way thanks again to those who tried to help and the ones who are being sour about everything lol, well thanks to you too! I dont see why people are getting butthurt because I put those games up there for that price. I didn't disregard anyone, I looked at everyone's responses and put the games up on ebay in order to test the waters and see if I could get any bites but I guess some people have nothing better to do but knock other people on the forums etc for "pricing their items too high". Either way I really do appreciate those that did give advice and tried to help. And playazclub is right some of the prices people throw out on the value of some items can be completely off sometimes and so sometimes it's better to price it high and if it doesn't sell then come down on the price until the item sells.
  8. And you are most certainly allowed to disagree. But I'm not in a position where I absolutely have to sell it. I just threw it on there to see what happens. If I was serious about selling it I would have started it at a dollar and let it go but I wanted to do this first and see what would happen..
  9. PLAYAZCLUB that's kinda what I was thinking.. I figured why not give it a shot and see what happens. And I will gladly share the story of how I got them.
  10. I appreciate all the advice, and obviously I put a stupid buy it now, why wouldn't you? anything can happen. If it doesn't sell, it doesn't sell. but as some of you guys noted above you never know whats gonna sell at a stupid price so I figured why not start high and I can always come down. It's not like I put them on atariage at that stupid price. anyways thanks again to the people above that actually tried to help.
  11. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. We'll see what happens. I had some other ones I had questions about, does anybody know anything about FATHOM for CV by IMAGIC? I did some research and saw that it was significantly more valuable then the tele games FATHOM. Is this true? Some price lists are completely off so I wasn't sure if that was bogus or not. Thanks again for the inputs/info everyone.
  12. No out of the 70+ games these are just the sealed ones he had in the lot and I was just curious as to the value of them seeing as how i already own these titles. But thanks for input. Im still looking for a number value but this is a start.
  13. Hey guys, Just came across a huge score of over 70+ colecovision games and got some I need some price checks on a few sealed ones I got in the deal. Any information on these would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Im definitely interested in helping put something together. Been looking for shows/conventions in this area as well, im from south carolina. I got stuff to donate as well as display if needed. Let me know what we can do to get this going. I can help advertise in the south carolina area as well. I own a mom and pops video game store SC. PLEASE let me know what we can do to get this going! thanks.
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