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  1. How soon? What will be better about it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I am looking for someone to build me and configure a custom Raspberry Pi. I am not tech savvy in the least. Can pay via paypal. Thanks in advance if you are able to help (or can at least point me in the right direction of someone who is), Michael
  3. Can I just not commission you to make me one?
  4. Okay. Thats fair. Any suggestions on the best case to go with? I was looking at this one: Flirc Raspberry Pi Case Gen2 (New Model) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07349HT26/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_AiY-AbN9VTQ31 Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm OFFICIALLY parting with my entire retro game collection. ALL of it. I now just want a nice lil' Raspberry Pi system in a cool, decorative case that I can turn on every now and then to get a quick "retro fix"... I am NOT tech savvy in the least and honestly don't have time to figure it out. I'd much rather just pay someone to put a unit of my choosing together that is fully loaded and ready to plug and play. Could either pay via PayPal or perhaps a trade of something from my collection I am selling. Please let me know if you can help. I particularly would like one with a nice Hyperskin "attract mode" feature. :-) Thank you in advance, Michael
  6. ^ This sounds like the route I'd most likely wanna go! (Eventual MAME cabinet for arcade games and a really kick-ass emulation system for everything else) What's the main advance (in n00b speak) of getting an intel NUC for this sort of thing? And didn't they once make lil' retro or raspberry pie systems that look like mini retro consoles? Please and thank you.
  7. I'm now thinkin' maybe a raspberry pi retro console that I can easily hook up to *any* HDTV may just be the way to go... Does anyone sell them loaded w/ roms or is it literally so easy I could just figure it out? Thanks.
  8. Oh, sh*t. Totally forgot that was an option. How many systems have them? Where to get them? And thank you.
  9. *Update: I've been living in my apartment for almost a year now, pretty "OK" with how my life is now, but honestly STILL haven't touched any of my retro collection since living here as it all just reminds me about how much my game collecting addiction helped lead to the demise of my marriage, etc and SO much of this stuff reminds me of my stepson and how we would spend hours on the weekends in my game room playing this stuff and how much I wanted to pass it down to him one day... :-\ I've decided to FINALLY get back into filmmaking and recently bought/built a REALLY sweet editing PC! Now, I'm looking to save up and purchase a nice camera, etc. I'm finally ready to start letting go/selling my collection, my only problem now is to decide to completely part with EVERYTHING and just get a wii or a bartop or SNES classic loaded with a bunch of ROMS or do I hang on to the few games and systems I *know* I can't "live without" playing (I.E. Goldeneye 64, the classic TMNT games, etc)? I'm just not sure if its sensible to hang on to a system just to play a handful (four or so) carts on it or should I finally just commit to the DARKSIDE and go with emulation?? Thanks in advance for any and all feedback, Michael
  10. Yeah, my friend isn't a gaming nerd like we are; he's just a lil' bummed by the lack of games on the NES Classic. He's not picky, just wants to be able to play a shit-ton of games. Thanks, Michael
  11. Hi, A friend is seeking to have his NES Classic modded. Anyone here offer that service and, if so, price? Please and thank you, Michael
  12. Update: I've decide (for now at least) not to sell *any* of my retro gaming collection... In the end, I've just put too much time and effort into putting together this collection and feel pretty content with it (as in I no longer feel the compulsion to constantly add to it every paycheck, etc). Plus I kinda really like it (the setup) where it is now and the kick-ass pair of super powerful Logitech speakers accompanied with a thunderous subwoofer I've added to it REALLY adds an awesome/booming extra layer to all my old games and I love the way the bullet hits sound through it (the speakers) during games like GoldenEye, etc. I'm just going to curb all future frivolous spending and slowly work towards getting a decent editing computer and camera, etc. It'll happen in time. I've also adjusted pretty well to living alone and truly love my new place and enjoy, for example, not having to worry about anyone critiquing my decorating --- if I wanna put a giant T-Rex head above the livingroom TV; f**k it! I'm gonna do it lol! Thanks again to everyone again for the feedback and personal accounts/story-sharing about having gone through similar situations (divorce and collection down-sizing). It really made this transition/adjustment a whole lot easier. Best, Mike
  13. If the SG-1000 isn't your thing, please stay tuned as I have many, many, MANY more systems and games to list haha. Thank you!
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