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  1. Hi, ZippyRedPlumber. What version of IntelliTool are you using? I'm working on a new version that fixes some bugs and brings new features.
  2. Hi, friends. IntelliTool v2 Beta is ready! Try it, find bugs, suggest changes, improvements, ideas. Some changes planned for the final version: - Support for scrolling screens - Control of the colors allowed for the sprites (F/B or CS) - More languages - An options window for debug mode. - Full html help (IntelliTool + IntyBASIC + jzIntv + AS1600) - Save the "bas" code into the project file (.ITT), so you'll have all the stuff in only 1 file (code + sprites + screens) - A music editor - Complete package of all external programs (jzIntv, IntyBASIC, AS1600), including all original docs, readme, examples - I included some "parts" in the beta version for testing, but it's not my intention to "break" these GREAT softwares Download at: http://intellivisionbrasil.com (Only for Windows 7, 8, 10) Thanks Sergio Vares Intellivision Brasil
  3. Hi friends. Thanks for your interest for IntelliTool and thanks for your suggestions. Some things are really hard to make with Visual Basic 6 (for example, the routine to highlight words). The text editor is a limited RichText Box. So, I had to make some "improvement" do make it a little more attractive. Unfortunately, the result is not 100%. I just started a new version (with vb.net). Some ideas: - A bitmap editor compatible with Intv standards (colors, size...). The conversion with IntyColor will be make with just one click. - After creating a sprite, just one click to insert it in your code (without windows's clipboard). That's how it was in the early version, but... where do I insert the code? In the end? Use the last cursor position? It could make a mess with your code... - The undo is limited to just one step (default of the RichText control), but I'll try to improve it or use another control. - Select options to use in jzIntv. By the way, the file "IntelliTool.002" has the commands recognized by highlight routine. If some command is not recognized or there are new ones, simply add the command with "4" ID. Ex.: 4STEP. IDs 2 and 3 refer to comment, 4 to commands and 5 to constants. I hope this can help and encourage people to use the incredible IntyBASIC and keep the Intellivision alive for some decades more. Thanks Sergio Vares intellivisionbrasil.com.br
  4. Yes, without permission of Activision, Atari, Sega, Imagic and all the games companies. There's no special reason for using "Intellivision" logo (I think he just liked the name...). At that time, brazilian law said that brazilian companies had to had a greater percentual of national components in the final product. There was no option, it was the rule. So, the companies simply imported a 2600, for example, and "re-manufactured" it changing some components, selling it like a "national" console. No copyrights, no guilt, just profits. Atari thought about suing some companies (including Maghrabi's Canal 3), but the pirate cartridges helped to pushed up the sales of original cartridges (according to Polyvox marketing director, the brazilian partner of Atari). The story is tooooo long, and it's told in the documentary "1983: the year of the video games in Brazil" (only in portuguese, but there's a planning to add english subtitles in the future). Nolan Bushnell is also in the documentary. You can see it in: And, BTW... sorry for my poor english! lol
  5. In 1983, a former jeweler and businessman named Joseph Maghrabi registered the names "Intellivision" and "Atari Eletrônica" on INPI (acronym for National Institute of Industrial Property in Brazil). His company (Canal 3) manufactured and sold a lot of cartridges for Atari 2600 under the name "Intelliivsiion". At that time, the Brazilian laws allowed (and protected) that kind of "thing"...
  6. I've forgot this one! The Astrosmash Shootoff Competition version. When I bought it, it came with case but without label. I think it was released by Digiplay, even though some other Astrosmash cartridges from Digiplay that I've seen have the same version of Mattel Electronics. It's a mystery...
  7. The only 2 editions of "Digiplay Games" newsletter, the registration card and 2 Intelligame cartridges ("Utopia" and "Swords & Serpents + White Water").
  8. I know I'm REALLY late about this post, but... Pinball was also released by Digiplay. It's very hard to find. https://www.datassette.org/manuais/mattel-intellivision/pinball-digiplay
  9. Brazilian version of TV Powww, with Soccer. Maybe 1985.
  10. Hi. Sorry for my pour english... Some fonts to download from my site, including "Bump 'n' Font" and "Intellivisioning" that I've made in 2008. Thanks! http://intellivisionbrasil.com/docs/diversos/Temas_Fontes.zip
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