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  1. More pictures. Unfortunately, the owner doesn't have a compatible TV and cable to test it.
  2. This is an Intellivision Master Component with no Mattel logo and customized for Jiao Tong University, one of the oldest universities in China. There is no further information about the console (if it is a Mattel authorized model) and it may have served as support material for the studies, I guess. Seikai, thank you very much for the pictures!
  3. The guide in PDF format. http://intellivisionbrasil.com.br/en_Menu-Hard-Modulos.html (ECS documents/manuals menu) IntvCodesGuide.pdf
  4. This is an example of the manual included in the VLS (Intelligame) games. Quite crude ... The list of games from VLS and ShockVision will be included in the "Companies" menu soon. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. The difference refers only to the company name printed on the box and manual (Triple Action and Soccer are some examples). Digimed games are rarer.
  6. Unfortunately, no. But I have Mission X and Swords and Serpents/White Water.
  7. This one? https://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-1168626415-caixa-vazia-para-console-intellivision-de-madeira-mdf-_JM#position=17&search_layout=mosaic&type=item&tracking_id=f4f50a0c-de0b-47f0-99d9-28edec82857a
  8. Thank you, Morpheus! On my Android phone, the filter seems to work fine. I will check this out.
  9. Hi folks. My new website is online! Adapted to desktop, cell phone and tablet. Info about games, hardware, accessories, programmers, brazilian pirate cartridges. A lot of manuals (games and consoles), advertisements, newsletters (including all e-mails about Amico), boxes and overlays. All versions of IntyBASIC, emulators, tools. And now, in portuguese and english! (sorry for some wrong Google translation). I hope it will be useful for preserving the history of Intellivision. http://intellivisionbrasil.com.br
  10. Hi. The quality is not so good, but this is a brazilian TV commercial of Intellivision (1984). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjbWzLj9IHw
  11. Hi, ZippyRedPlumber. What version of IntelliTool are you using? I'm working on a new version that fixes some bugs and brings new features.
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