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  1. http://www.abbuc.de/mitgliedschaft
  2. pps


  3. The problem is the OS. Automatically the registers of port #2 and #3 get the values of port #0 and #1 - this costs just a hek of a second. Mule sometimes "detects" that port #3 is used instead of port #1 at the selection. Later in the game the ports are recognized better and thus if first "detected" the joystick in the wrong port causes not working then.
  4. Mule plays well on 2 port ATARIs. In times when at color selection the wrong port is detected, just press Reset and start again. Once it is correct, the whole game runs fine.
  5. oh... then... A happy birthday to you
  6. I did a short video, where you can watch what Another Pong is alike. Please take note that the copyright belongs to ABBUC e.V. - so you have to ask the chairman Wolfgang, if you want to share an atr of the game.
  7. It's not that I don't know how to code it... The tuning of how the screen paddles move, that's what I maybe can not adjust...
  8. Oh yes, when the very beautiful casing was created, this seems to happened by automatic word correction. In my text I wrote WUDSN IDE. That could be done, but I don't own paddles and so I newer had coded for them. So I actually I've no clue how to do it.
  9. you actually can buy the VBXE at lotharek's lair.
  10. The Atari Lab was something like that.
  11. pps

    NYD 2019

    Ah, ok, I thought that it is another of your own gfx modes
  12. pps

    NYD 2019

    Philsan, Snicklin and John Doe have used rasta converter to convert the pics. So they are in 160x? range. Sikor used his own coded gfx mode. Mario130XE seems to have used rasta converter too.
  13. I remember that I used 'The Happy Turtle' a lot when I owned my 800XE with XC12 without any hw mod. Many programs could load with double speed. The loader had 15 counts in normal speed. Many programs could load faster but it had no rewind option. This loader is much advanced as you can rewind when error and can load faster. Nice thing, if I had this from 1988 till start of 1990 when 'the Wall' caused that I had no chance to buy a disc drive.
  14. pps

    NYD 2019

    Ok, here the final release of the bonus disc... New Year's Disc 2019 ----------------------------------------------------------------------bonus disc A little late for releasing it right at NYD2019 I received a nice intro by Mad Team at the evening of 01.01.2019. It would have been a pity, if it would not get into the light it was designed for, so I asked if it is ok to release on a bonus disc... So here we go! Have fun and enjoy this well done intro! NYD2019 Disc 06 - bonus disc.atr -------------------------------- intro by Mad Team -------------------------------- ED 128kB=======762/1040 sec free ------------------------------------------------------------------07.01.2019 PPs NYD2019bonusdisc.zip
  15. pps

    NYD 2019

    Had to delete it. Miker found issues in sound... Stay tuned
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