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  1. As fjc wrote... Look at the code in WUDSN and you see the main difference and benefit. .proc and .local are so useful in big projects.
  2. Thanks for the info. Watched some time with you. Now time for some more coding 😉 Have a lot to do to finish my actual project...
  3. Imho warm start or cold start depends of what stays in RAM, when only warm start is used. Cold start could be the better option if you want to be sure that nothing unexpected happens. But maybe I am totally wrong, as you all know I'm just at lower coding skills than other people around here.
  4. To stay compatible with original Atari hardware, you should stay at medium/enhanced density, as this is what most people can boot with their ancient drives. Quad or double density is possible with enhanced drives (double) or the XF. Other formats won't do on original drives, but for sure on most newer things or hard disc interfaces (MyDOS up to 16 MB) You could tell the user to boot next disc, when needed in bigger shows and release with some more atr files.
  5. As it is a slideshow, I assume that the file would be a bit longer then. So a whole atr containing everything is imho best way to share. If you chain all together and start the pics with ini, you can reboot at the end jumping to $e477. This method depends just on the fact, that a restart of the show only occur, when the file stays at the initial atr. When the user moves it away, restart (of the show) is gone. Or you have to write your own loader (which depends on the used DOS, too), that loads the different files. There you can loop the way you want. Here you are sure (when the user copies all the files) the show works as you wanted, but only, if you coded correct for usual DOS systems. If user has some other DOS in use, the whole show might crash. The other option needs enough RAM. Load every picture in RAM and switch then. This should always work as planned, but only if user has enough RAM. I would choose the first option. You can never be sure the user won't change anything, but then he has to live with it.
  6. pps

    xBoot DOS

    Seems to be a very nice small DOS, thanks XXL
  7. Andreas, are you sure with the A8 disc? I own the device, but can't remember of any A8 floppy with it... Maybe it was an atr delivered with the disc for the ST?
  8. You're right... previous 64k PAL version with 5 samples exists (look one page back here). New version seems to have more or all samples in the 64k version.
  9. Emkay is using the Raster Music Tracker. No magic to find...
  10. Thanks for the offer... But for me everything is OK. I adjusted the cart a bit just for optical pleasure. The label and cart are total OK now 😊 And as I wrote before here, the game is the star, not the cart 👍
  11. I received my copy last week, too and the shell seems to be like yours. For me it's not that big problem, as we all do this for hobby most. I will try to adjust the thing and everything is ok for me. The game is the aim here and it pays everything back
  12. The official release of my game was initiated by Adam for the KazKompo 2019 (http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1578860180&archive=&start_from=0&ucat=1&ct=nowinki). There you can find the game within the complete archive. Now I added the game with manuals at pouet.net, too: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=84604 And of course it will be online in a few minutes at my own homepage (https://www.ppsberlin.de) And yes, at some day, there will be an updated version...
  13. Nice! Bass reminds a bit to ST - but the Yamaha is deeper there - the whole style is as in the demos or cractros back in the days on ST, but 1 true channel more than there.
  14. Maybe I can help one or two people with an original copy. Wolfgang sent me some exemplars.
  15. pps

    NYD 2020

    Ok, missed the timeline a bit... But here, we are: NYD2020.zip Pouet: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=84458 New Year's Disc 2020 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! Welcome to this years edition of NYD! It was a hard year for me in 2019 - a big not expected thing happend to me. So it was not so easy to create something for the A8. But I didn't want to stop this tradition and even if I had no clue, what to code myselves I started the call for entries at November 8th 2019. Gunstar and eMKay where about the first who had contacted me and eMKay just had a nice tune ready, so I had an idea, what I could try to code and asked both to help. But due to some more problems here, time ran out to do a nice production. At the end I had to cancel this project, to have at least one thing ready for NYD 2020. Again: Sorry Gunstar and eMKay that I did not complete the thing and your work is not presented as we had planned. I really hope to come back to this project and make it to a presentable and nice thing. Ok, now back to this NYD... My little intro should run on NTSC or PAL, but should be watched in PAL, as the colours are not set for NTSC - sound runs well even at 60 Hz PAL machines this time. Tools used to do this are: Rasterconverter, mads, graph2font, ATARI Font Maker, Raster Music Tracker, WUDSN - Thanks to the authors of these tools. The music was ripped from a modfile ebbhead made in 1992. Other words from the people who had made the projects are added below the lineup. We hope you all got well into 2020 and will have fun watching, listening and yes, PLAYING!!! There is imho a very well done game there this time :) At least my daughter had some minutes of fun playing the ATARI, yet. This NYD's lineup: NYD2020 Disc 01 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- 2020 (intro) by PPs Happy 2020 (256 Byte) by F#READY Happy New Year (animation) by miker SEGA Rocky (PAL picture) by Gunstar Runner Bear by playsoft & friends Ei aus der Taiga (intro) by eMKay ------------------------------- ED 128kB======008/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 02 - NewTek demo (Filippo Santellocco)(pal).atr ------------------------------- NewTek Demo (PAL slideshow) by Philsan ------------------------------- ED 128kB======007/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 03 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Mines (BASIC 10 liner) by Fabrizio Caruso Ei aus der Taiga 2 (intro) by eMKay Air fist Rocky (PAL picture) by Gunstar Snowfall (intro) by Philsan Boris & Farage (picture) by snicklin 2020 (intro) by TiRED Doomfire (intro) by Wrathchild 2020 (NTSC picture) by Philsan ------------------------------- ED 128kB======057/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 04 - cartoon slideshow (Sikor).atr ------------------------------- classic cartoons slideshow by Sikor ------------------------------- ED 128kB======274/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 05 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Ei aus der Taiga 3 (intro) by eMKay 2020 (PAL picture) by Philsan Champ Rocky (PAL pictrue) by Gunstar ------------------------------- ED 128kB======342/1040 sec free NYD2020 Disc 06 - multidisc.atr ------------------------------- Neon (320 kB animation) by miker ------------------------------- DD 180kB======063/0720 sec free total count: ------------------------------- 6 discs======0751/5920 sec free ----100% fun for your ATARI---- ------------------------------------------------------------------2020-01-01 PPs authors words: F#READY - Happy 2020 ******************** Happy 2020 Atari Invasion 256 bytes thingy for New Years Disk F#READY, December 2019 Snow routine ripped/optimised Credits: Claus Buchholz 1981, Xmas Tree Demo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fabrizio Caruso - Mines *********************** - Atari Basic 10-liner strategy game - game available for many platforms (github.com/Fabrizio-Caruso/mines) Instructions: You are in a minefield where mines appear both - under your feet once you move and - around you (more if you do not move) You can clear the area around you with anti-mine charges but you can only carry a maximum of 9. If you reach a "$" item you get an extra anti-mine charge. The field has upper and lower borders that kill you if reached. Left and right borders wrap around. The rate of mines appearing around you increases continuously. Goals: - reach the highest score possible by walking on empty positions or collecting charges "$" - avoid stepping on mines or the upper and lower borders - reach the next 100 points to get a full recharge of your anti-mine charges Score: - walk into an empty position: 1 point - walk into an anti-mine charge "$": 5 points Controls: - use I J K L keys to move - use SPACE bar to clear nearby area (if you have enough charges) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philsan - NewTek demo ********************* - inspired by Amiga NewTek Demo Reel #1 (1987) - images ripped from Amiga, edited and converted with RastaConverter program by Ilmenit - slideshow code by PPS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philsan - Snowfall Atari ************************ - compiled Turbo-Basic XL - graphics 7 image edited and converted with Atari Graphics Studio program by Tebe - RMT player by Raster, adapted for TBXL by Marok - original Atari Basic snowfall code by Fred Key (1986) - Depeche Mode Little 15 tune by JaKub Husak (2010) - packed by Homesoft -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- milpool/TiRED - 2020 ******************** _____ _________/_ /-----.______ -------. _( /__/ ) ___)_____ )_____._ \___ ____/ _/ _- /__ _/ |/ \ _// : \_/ \___\ __\_____/_____:_______/mpl : : : : TiRED - 2020 - Atari 8Bit intro : :_ . .// TiRED sends a happy new year to : : the atari scene with this little . : intro. GFX/Music/Code by milpool! . : Requires 64kb. . . : . _[ trd2020.xex ]________________________: \_______________________________________/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrathchild - Doomfire ********************* This demo I initially worked on in April 2019 after converting the original Javascript into a C and Allegro prototype on Windows. The aim was to then port take that code onto the UNO Cart’s ARM processor to see it running on the A8 but that hasn’t been done yet. There were two flavours, a 2x2 pixel mode for 2 rows of Graphics 10 per square at 80 pixels wide or 4x4 pixels for 4 rows at 40 pixels wide. For the NYD 2020, I have converted the C into 6502 assembler and first tried to see if the 2x2 version would run ok on a stock machine. It was almost acceptable but I chose to move to the 4x4 mode instead and this works fine. Coding was done across 3 days from 29th-31st Dec but has taken about a day overall. NTSC/PAL is detected at startup and colors/colours are adjusted accordingly however the music will run a little faster on NTSC. Having listened through the Winter Olympiad 88 songs, initially I was thinking to use the Biathlon tune but preferred the Downhill one in the end. I hope, that everything is in and I did not forget something. I tested every entry and every disc with my 600XL with U1MB and ASAP's microSD2SIO Device. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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