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  1. Is she still in motion or stops her dancing action? If first, then be patient. Loading is still in progress.
  2. I think it is for artistic reasons, as you have another color shape. Best seen, when you use frame blending in emulator: But, as often it is not everyones darling to have flicker. But you can switch that of, if you want to. So you can choose, what you want it should look like. Imho best way to have that many options.
  3. I'm sure you will have fun on all your tries. It will work xBIOS is not a problem, it is the SOLUTION to have this great game even on disc drive. Imho it won't load from normal DOS, so many thanks to @xxl for coding xBIOS.
  4. The reason is that you did not opt it out - it can be switched of (press ESC and set flickering font off) But, if it flickers the whole scene has a bit more "resolution".
  5. You helped me to refresh my knowledge of MaxFlashStudio again, too Please do not forget, that xBIOS is a tiny system, that allows to do a lot disc based work, that would need a DOS instead, that uses a lot more of RAM, so some projects would be impossible without xBIOS. So, yes it has it's limitations, but these are needed because of having as much as possible of free RAM with as much of possible DOS functions. Another small system that provides similar functions to xBIOS is uDOS by Stefan Dorndorf. Even there you are limited to single SIO speed as of size matters. Personally I can't understand why XXL chooses to put code in his projects (not all of them), that makes loading on U1MB systems impossible, but if he does not want to change this, I will respect this. In result I can't use this things on my real ATARI, as I have U1MB equipped machine as main ATARI. Would be very cool, if he at some day will change his opinion , so I could use all of the things on real machine, too. But I can't understand, why some people are so aggressive here. This community is to small to fight together. Working together makes us stronger than fighting. Look what progress was made with the RMT2LZSS sounds. There people worked together and now we have a lot better possibilities to make nice sounds on ATARI. Don't always fight against @xxl or @emkay. Better talk together to have better solutions for us all. ________now BTT!__________ PoP looks and plays like a charm on my STEREO U1MB 600 XL. Thanks for this great conversion project. The final game should be prepared for a physical release. This is worth any price! So cool that PoP finally arrives on our beloved ATARI!
  6. Ah sorry, had thought that you can only flash, what is loaded into the Studio actually. Did not remember that if nothing is open, you are prompted to choose a bin or atr to flash
  7. It makes sense, as you could flash it then with the USB flasher with a lot more speed.
  8. Haha, just did this by myselves and wanted to post it here I can confirm now, that doing it this way, you are able to flash a 8MBit ATARIMaxFlash cartridge and run PoP fine even with ATARI OS on real machine. Don't know why the given .CAR crashes the emulator, but real machine is fine btw. would be nice to have the .mcw for being able to flash the cart with the USB flasher, but hey that is luxury then
  9. Try to use Altirra OS on your U1MB as OS. On Emulator the ATARIMaxflash image runs fine then.
  10. Wanted to test the ATARIMax Image, but can't flash it to my Cart. Can't import the .car into Maxflash Studio. Another thing I noticed: The .car crashes on ATARI OS in Altirra, but runs fine with Altirra OS selected. Will add the .atr to my TheCart! now, to see the game on real machine
  11. For you in the US it's simple. Aldi branded stores belong to "Aldi Süd" and Trader Joe's belong to "Aldi Nord". @slx I can try to get your goods and sent them to you. PM me the details, please. BTW both Aldi are preparing a reunion. Many of the products are available on both "sides" now.
  12. Yes, it is possible to use the player plus rasterconverter, too. I will change the source I submitted on github soon, to hae correct RMT2LZSS support - the actually seen code uses original @dmsc routine, that is not the same as the one RMT2LZSS uses - and will add an example of rastervonverter, too. But my code actually runs with just 50 or 60 Hz songs, as I needed it to run from interrupt. So not all songs will work then. I will make noise here, when I am ready with it
  13. Hello fresh from Outline Online 2021, I have something new for you: https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=88999
  14. @Sikor Hope you got it running on 400, too.
  15. Yess, that's what I talked -ehm- wrote about
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