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  1. I've made some progress that shows the project seems possible - so stay tuned
  2. I really can't promise to get something ready in time, but today I started with first tests if my idea is possible on 16 kB machines.
  3. btw vic zombies is part of NYD2021, too So release date can be decreased by a day
  4. Not sure, if you get all files then. There are some games that are not on the game discs, but in the complete list (e.g. my game "go lucky" - as it uses a whole disc alone).
  5. pps

    NYD 2021

    Oh, you don't need to do. There's just one version of this year's nyd. The first link that was on pouet pointed to the download of my game 'go lucky'. That was fast solved. If you downloaded the NYD2021.zip everything is ok. No need to download it again.
  6. pps

    NYD 2021

    It would have been a pitty, if not But I "painted" with emulator, so creativity was a bit limited - the XE Keyboard is much better for ATASCII
  7. Phew. That's a very hard news. Hope that Jason will recover well. Hoped it would have been like that long ago.
  8. pps

    NYD 2021

    Ok, here we go. the latest NYD is online now pouet.net ppsberlin.de And here: NYD2021.zip The infos: NYD 2021 ================================================================================ Welcome to the next issue of NYD. We all want to wish you all the best for 2021. Hope you have some time for the show ;) Content of the discs: NYD2021_Disc1-multidisc.atr --------------------------- 20202021 by F#ready Galactic greetings (PAL) by Yellow-man neon 2021 by miker no human by emkay Nobodys Friend by snicklin timerun by PPs Vic Zombies (BAS) by Philsan ---------------------------- ED 128kB===089/1040 sec free NYD2021_Disc2-multidisc.atr --------------------------- 16 bars by PPs Australian Bushfires by snicklin happy 2021 by Desire Harry and Rachel by snicklin Mein Schatz by Mario130XE mono 2021 by miker noistro by emkay ---------------------------- ED 128kB===019/1040 sec free NYD2021_Disc3-quadrixx.atr -------------------------- quadrixx by gringosoft ---------------------------- SD 090kB===343/0720 sec free NYD2021_Disc4-multidisc.atr --------------------------- Galactic greetings(NTSC) by Yellow-man Hybris Level NYD2021 ed. by emkay sandy by emkay thumb 2021 by miker ---------------------------- ED 128kB===372/1040 sec free NYD2021_Disc5-aae.atr --------------------- ATASCII art editor by sikor ---------------------------- SD 090kB===501/0720 sec free total count: ------------------------------- 5 discs======1324/4560 sec free ----100% fun for your ATARI---- NYD2021_Bonus_golucky_v11.zip ----------------------------- go lucky v1.1 by PPs ------------------------------------------------------------------2021-01-01 PPs Some infos by the authors: F#READY - 20202021 ****************** 20202021, 256 Bytes intro For the New Years Disk 2021 F#READY, 2020-12-31 Thanks to IvoP for sound and some optimisations -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philsan - Vic Zombies ********************* Recently I found Zombies, a type-in game I played at the time on my VIC20 (my first computer), programmed by Mike O' Neill and published on Games for your VIC20, Virgin Books, 1983. I decided to port it to Atari (my second computer). To port a game you should know both machines well. That's not my case but I made it nevertheless ah ah. BASIC code is almost the same but zombies placement algorithm was too slow. Therefore I decided to replace the original with a better one made by DMSC. Besides original version, with VIC20 character set, I added a version slightly faster and with new graphics made by TIX. The program detects PAL/NTSC and adjusts palette. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sikor - ATASCII art editor ************************** Late, but always... Use with DOS, known bugs: character in right lower corner must be place at end. Use with control and cursor key. Sorry, that this time is so small thing... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PPs - 16 bars ************* Just some words about this little one. First version of this thing counted for exact 900 bytes. After some optimization I crunched it down to 816 Bytes. Then I added the extra colors so in th eend we have now 894 bytes in total. Hope you like my first 1024 ByteTro. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PPs - go lucky v1.1 ******************* Full game in latest version plus manuals. If you have some ideas, what could be made better or added (only a few bytes are left free), please contact me. Happy new Year! EDIT: Pouet. link has wrong DL atm - correction is on the way, better DL here EDIT2: added DL link at my webspace EDIT3: DL @ pouet is now corrected - man fast this time there
  9. pps

    NYD 2021

    Hello Folks, this year I have some teaser in front of NYD. I have patched my entries of the first 7 editions of NYD to run at once. Where ever it was possible I adjusted sound and colors to run fine on NTSC and PAL. See .nfo file for more info. Initially I planned to release all of my entries in that way, but the other years have to wait. Hope to have them ready soon. PPsallNYDDisc1.zip
  10. pps

    NYD 2021

    @snicklin: another entry still arrived and I will have at least 2 things this time. One of it is my first 1024 ByteTro. I waste a lot of memory there for usual exit handling (as in most of my products START or key or trigger) and the thing has atm exact 900 bytes
  11. Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you're all well and have some time with and for your relatives.
  12. Thanks for this great game. Very nice game idea.
  13. I think "airplane shooter" by shanti77 can be removed in the wip list - "Last Squadron" is there
  14. Now, as you all had time to play a bit I would be interested, if there is interest in another version of the game, that has some additions to the rules and of course more levels? Some ideas are in my mind, but I am not sure, if it's worth the work. At least I am interested, if someone created an own level with the instructions? btw: If you want, you can jump over to pouet.net for the game download, too.
  15. This strange year is almost gone now. Time to call for your help to create something for another edition of New Year's Disc. So please send me things you created for our little machines till end of 31st December 2020. Use pm here or the known address nyd at ppsberlin dot de Let us stand together and turn on some lights against the hard truth, many of us have to fight with at the moment. Have fun creating 🙂
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