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  1. Thanks for the work you all did to make this happen. Cool, that even the bad mood this thread suddently moved to, has not stopped you all finishing the port. This is the proof, that the community can work together to make wonderful things.
  2. Hello folks, just wanted to inform you about a new project of mine Next edition of new years disc is waiting for your entries. As usual send them to my known email address or just here via pm. Deadline is just on New Years Eve, before the new year starts. Release will be as usual around 2 pm CET (UTC+1), 2022-01-01. Hope you will take part and have fun creating something.
  3. Yes, we invented many things for modern living, but we always seem to be behind using them🤔 One of the typical German things, I think.
  4. Sorry, it's not the mag itselves, but as the atr images are online now for members to be able to vote for the contests, I have just released the intro. Get it from pouet.net
  5. I have missed that somehow. Where to find this version? My latest is 1.28.
  6. The abbuc. has 256 whole time. The beach a lot less🤣
  7. Sorry for my mistake. But the image posted looked exactly, if you are watching not adjusted PAL colors on NTSC.
  8. Sorry for speculation... But, maybe the problem is, that the game is PAL and does not adjust colors on NTSC machines. At least it looks like that according to the screens posted here.
  9. Even if the magazine has not arrived here, I have released the intro now Head over to pouet.net to get it.
  10. I'm not sure what you exactly want to get. But you can store original addresses of DL and VBI in fujilogo program. Then you need to change that exit, restoring them and finally end with a rts. Change run to ini on last line of code. Compile this. Then add just after the basic off code and before main program of g2f source: opt h- ins 'FILENAMEOFRAINBOWFUJI' opt h+ Then compile this and it should give you a file, where you get the fujilogo plus a g2f picture loaded then.
  11. Hello Peter, some DOS need to be configured to be able to have more than 2 drives.
  12. @Gunstar: version especially for you fujulogo_r_up_down_255x220.zip fujilogo_r_up_down_255x220.mp4
  13. I can't believe @Philsan hasn't got this yet
  14. Personally I don't think BASIC matters. I just switched to my 'real ALTIRRA' config, so BASIC switch was done too I think the SIO handling differs a bit as ALTIRRA OS has higher SIO speeds by default compared to ATARI XL OS. If it helps... The update to v1.01 from 1.00 ran fine with ATARI XL OS on the same machine.
  15. Haha, you're right, I have finished my work here Make it larger is possible. I did this fast and wanted to have about the same resolution as good old ATARI code. btw final usage of this (by me) is in my outline 2021 demo: >>Colored FX<<
  16. I have flashed Flob to one of my AtariMaxFlash carts and it runs fine. I just had the time to do the update from 1.01 to 1.02 on the cart and noticed strange behaviour. With 320k + ATARI XL OS + ATARI BASIC the flash process does not start. The flash programm goes till it shows "sector: 0" and then stops without further loading from disc. After switching the OS to ALTIRRA + ALTIRRA BASIC everything is fine. The update is flashed to the cart. The game shows 1.02 on start screen.
  17. The TurboFreezer by Engel (late 80's) was able to save the whole RAM and restore it immediately, so maybe it counts in, too. Remember of a ROM-Disk even then - akku puffered RAM. Owned none of those
  18. I am working on a little tool, which atm allows to explore all the levels of the game just from within Windows. Maybe it will raise up into a level designer tool or you would be able to play on PC. Don't know how far it will go. If someone is interested to play with the tool, please shout via pm. It is a uwp app and thus it needs a certificate. Actually I just have a self created one, that will need some "expert" install to run the tool. some screens: Actusally it is just a level explorer, but there can be more, if it is wanted And I still wait for comments about the game and if someone has created own levels.
  19. I would like to get normal version. But shipping can wait till next cart is ready to send, too
  20. 1. Beeblebrox 2. invisible kid 3. Philsan 4. Sub(Function(:)) 5. Spancho 6. CAVOKER 7. 8bitguy1 8. Roydea6 9. pps This looks lika a lot of fun to play ... and like a lot of work flown in to create 👍
  21. If you want do call a label within a subroutine, you have to add the subroutine's name in front. Example: org $2000 .local mysub label1 lda #$24 sta 712 rts .endl .proc main jsr mysub mva #$fe 19 @ lda 19 bmi @- sta mysub.label1+1 jsr mysub lp jmp lp .endp run main
  22. As XXL said. Most available memory would be an own boot disc. But you have to write own routines then, if you want to have disc access other than just 'single file boot and run'. Xboot or uDos are options, if you don't want to write own 'DOS' routines. Both give you most possible amount of free ram plus many of the DOS features.
  23. OMG that's a really sad news. Jason, we will miss you! Best wishes to all his relatives. I'm shocked now.
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