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  1. might just be another way to say Outside Sales Representative. Thats pretty much what I am, but my last title was Regional Sales Manager, and now Architectural Development Manager... ..it's sales
  2. of course their twitter account refuted it. A big company isnt going to acknowledge something like that in social media to a mob of angry retro gamers.
  3. if there truly is "no such thing as bad press" then this last week and a half has been the best thing to happen to the CC since it was first announced. "Coleco Chameleon" is damn near trending on twitter.
  4. i think you are giving exhibitors at an industry show too much credit. while there is often people "in the know" at any given booth, they are also many times filled with corporate "suits" that are there to schmooze and booze, and have literally no working knowledge about their product. Ive been an exhibitor at enough industry shows in the construction world to have seen see this first hand many many times
  5. sorry about that- hard to keep up with this thread in real time...
  6. http://www.engadget.com/2016/03/02/coleco-chameleon-vanishing-act/?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000589 new article posted an hour ago
  7. it shows that this could have been a passionately followed project, with potentially a lot of supporters.
  8. I wonder where Steve Woita stands with all of this recent turmoil...
  9. not sure exactly what you need in regards to the 2600 prototypes, but im in the east bay once a week at least, and I live in Napa- so i'm not that far away regardless. anything I can do to help out? do you just need a working 2600?
  10. poorly thought out? you dont spend money acquiring a 6,000 lb injection mold on some fanciful whim. how on earth would any of us in here know how much thought has been put into this other than the very little amount of information thats been posted on a facebook page that is updated maybe once or twice every other week at best. Perhaps a significant of thought has been put into it and they aren't willing to post information about everything until all their ducks are in a row, and whats more, is that they have no requirement to fill us in on all the behind the scenes details. They have released little to NO details about the internal workings of the system, only a brief snippet about the dev-kits. I would wager that a lot of thought is going into that aspect of this project. also- I highly doubt Steve Woita, Michael Katz, and Owen Rubin would have signed up to this team if there wasnt some well thought out planning involved in how to design this and go to market with it. Thats some serious retro gaming and marketing horsepower. Also- how much effort would Collectorvision be wiling to put into the pack in game they have signed on to do if the kickstarter is successful Negative or Positive, I'm amazed that people have such strong opinions one way or another considering the lack of hard info about this.
  11. Seems liken he biggest issues I've heard people have complaints about fall under the "1st world problem" category... Some people don't like the jaguar mold because it's either too big, or they hated the jaguar. Seems a fair trade to get a truly new retro system at a reasonable price. That mold saves them- and thus us- a TON of money in startup costs... Some people don't like wireless controllers- I get that, but the announcement has been made for a 9 prong plug in ability as well to use third party controllers if that's your choice.... And people not liking the possibility of having to wait for their purchase to have their order shipped to them in the mail for 3-5 days or so? The horror!! (Not referring to any posters in here specifically, but in general, as I've read similar complaints in several places) I'm impressed at how the developers of this idea have really gone all out to think of every conceivable optiona. Of course it won't be 100% perfect, but what system is. I'm very excited- this will be my first kickstarter support, and won't be the last as I will support developers who kickstart games for the system...
  12. I don't think he is trying to compete against the big 3. I think the idea is to create a console us for retro enthusiasts and sell enough to support himself and its production. I doubt he plans on taking over the gaming world...
  13. I'm stoked for it... Plug and play games without needing to be connected to anything for day one updates... im hoping to see ports of modern retro style games like "Splosion Man" "Sword and Sworcery" "FEZ" "Braid" "Limbo" "shadow Complex" "Deadlight" "castle crashes". Etc etc etc etc.... I would LOVE this!!!!
  14. Wow.. Two card matching games being produced at the same time.... Quite a time to be fan of retro gaming.
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