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  1. And that's exactly where I was headed. I don't need this in my life.
  2. I'm quite cool about it all. Last weekend is when I was fuming. Now, I feel better about the decision than I ever have.
  3. And there you go. Cannot make a decision around the scene without someone attacking you. As for taking down all my stuff; It's mine to take down. It's mine to withhold from society. It's mine to do with what I want to do with it. I don't want ANY temptation to come back. I don't want any unfinished projects hanging around my neck to take me away from my family. I have been nothing but giving to this community. I've built all kinds of software for other people to use and didn't ask a penny for any of it. I've earned some respect and there are those who barely do anything that want to tear other people down. I'm done with it all. I've got a few things to sell and when they're gone I'm not looking back.
  4. I thank Cenbe (Glen Holmer) and White Flame on #c64friends for showing me how addicted I am to all of this to the detriment of my family.
  5. I have deleted all of my source code, both locally and in source control systems permanently. Please respect my copyrights by not distributing any of my software, whether in binary or source code form: CBM-Command NinaTerm A2Command EasyCLI EasyFlash Cart Builder Thank you.
  6. The ADAM IRC and WIKI servers are permanently offline.
  7. I'll put it up on adamwiki.thesharp.ninja tonight when I get home and post a reply here.
  8. I've decided to let the domain name go for ADAMWIKI.INFO. I currently have no plans to drop the wiki's content from the server as I may put it up as a subdomain of thesharp.ninja. The reason for doing this is that practically nobody uses it despite many days of work transferring many documents to the Wiki in a searchable format. If you want me to put the wiki back up on the thesharp.ninja domain, please let me know.
  9. Another new feature: Infocom ZMachine Games! Now you can play Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy right in the BBS! More games are coming, too. bbs.altiworld.com Port 6400 -> PETSCII Port 513 -> ANSI http://bbs.altiworld.com
  10. That's right, you can search CSDb and Pokefinder.org right from your C64 term program. Best of all, when you find what you want, you can download it with XModem or ZModem. Just log onto: bbs.altiworld.com : 6400 <-- Petscii bbs.altiworld.com : 513 <-- ANSI Think about it, no more downloading to a PC, transferring to a floppy or SD card. Simply find your file and start downloading right to your C64!
  11. I have tried to avoid being a pest about the BBS, but have some news to share. The Altiworld BBS system has been under a lot of refinement lately, including adding some tutorials on effectively navigating the system. I've also put up a web front-end to the bbs at http://www.altiworld.com. Just use any modern browser that supports HTML 5. It doesn't matter what your favorite system is, we've got a subboard to interest you. You can also use Altiworld as your launchpad to other bbs systems via the gateway. Finally, we also offer IRC service to Freenode, Newnet, A2Central Chat and ADAM Wiki Chat. I hope to see you there! bbs.altiworld.com Port 6400 -> PETSCII Port 513 -> ANSI
  12. Also, I have added a web front end to the BBS at http://worldbankbbs.com! See you there!
  13. I've purchased a domain for the bbs. You can now reach it as follows: worldbankbbs.com : 23 <-- ASCII worldbankbbs.com : 6400 <-- PETSCII worldbankbbs.com : 6400 <-- ANSI Don't forget while you're there you can log on to IRC servers and over 40 bbs's listed on the BBS Outpost's feed.
  14. I'm happy to announce that Beta 3 of TcpSerSharp is out and it fully supports connections coming from real or virtual COM ports. I've tested it with AppleWin with great results. There is no reason to expect any other COM enabled emulator not to work. To use TcpSerSharp with an emulator that supports direct connections to a COM port, follow these steps. Download TcpSerSharp from GitHub. Download com0com (a virtual serial port package). Run the com0com setup and allow it to create a com port pair. Rename the com ports created by com0com such that they follow "COMx" where x is the port numbers. Install TcpSerSharp Navigate to %ProgramData% -- then right click the TcpSerSharp folder and give write permissions to all users. In the %ProgramData%\TcpSerSharp folder, open config.xml in your favorite text editor. Add a modem to the modem pool that looks like this: <Modem ​device='rs232' speed='9600' port='COMy' /> ​COMy is the second com port in your com0com pair. Restart the TcpSerSharp service to get the new modem loaded. Start your emulator and load your favorite term. Be sure your emulator is connecting to the FIRST com port of your com0com pair. If you need any help, post your questions here!
  15. I'm glad we got this all sorted out!
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