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  1. Henry's House, has very good gfx, but for me it is much too hard (played with cheat "CPM" and still could not solve the last level) Cavernia, again good gfx, but hard and quite unfair (e.g. you must jump on the moving platforms, but these do not move you) Elektraglide, very good gfx, but I always get killed by the circles/spheres and other fast moving obstacles, no fun to play that game Amaurote, Amaurote+ and Amaurote 128, good gfx, very hard, very repetitive and boring (for me); if I play with normal lives and energy, I get killed within a few seconds; playing with collision-detecion switched off, makes the game very easy, but then it is very boring killing the Alien Queen again and again and again (and the 25 levels do not look that different to me)... Dropzone, or the name I give it "die-a-lot", I rarely finish level 1 and die dozens of times in that game; an alternative name could be "die-as-fast-as-you-can"; the volcano spits out small pixels that do not hurt you, the enemies also spit out small shots/pixels, that will kill you when you touch them; and of course my reflexes (for this and other A8 games) are much too slow nowadays... Animal Party: a very funny game with very good gfx, alas, my reflexes are much too slow nowadays Well, I could continue that list, but instead I wrote two articles for issue 15 of Proc Atari Magazin, one of them is named "Top of the Flops" and mentions more than 100 awful, boring, crap, etc. A8 games, the other article is named "Die hard - and die often" and mentions dozens of A8 games that are good, but much too hard, require pixel-perfection, require very good+fast reflexes, etc. However, I am not sure if/when PAM 15 will get released and IF it will include these two evil+subjective articles from me.
  2. Well, I am also not a fan of doing things manually this way - copy the whole disk, delete all files and put your own files onto it -or- copy the first five sectors onto another freshly formatted disk and then adjust the VTOC manually. Does there exist a kind of creator/initializer for this menu? One that writes the bootloader onto the disk and adjusts the VTOC automatically or even better, one that formats a disk (e.g. 90k, 130k 180k) and then writes the bootloader and adjusts the VTOC?
  3. LiteDOS memlo: $1000 = too high! Ape loader: Afaik, requires a PC or is there a version for 5,25" A8 floppy disks? Wasn't XBIOS memlo $0800 and one would have to change it for a lower memlo?
  4. 5x Atari 800XL, 1x stock 64k RAM, 4x with 576k RAM. Therefore voted for 576k RAM. Afaik, the Ultimate cart. has 1MB RAM (and I have two of them), does that also count? And how much RAM is inside an AVG cart. - 1MB or more? (Have two of them) Besides my mini-Speedy 1050 offers 16k programable RAM (I have four of them), the mini-Super Speedy 1050 approx. 256k programable RAM (have two of them) and the Sys-Check 512k RAM (have one).
  5. And errrm, what's the size of these programs ? If they are <= 32kbytes and do not use INIT (just a RUN adress), then Super-Copy can "relocate" them to a DOS-friendly memory adress of $1F00-xxxx and RUN adress 1F3F... http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-super-copy_15934.html
  6. Well, every compiled TB XL program requires a Runtime and afaik, the Runtime for CTB programs uses RAM under the OS, so it is XL/XE compatible only and will not run on 400/800 machines. (And the CTB-linker simply links runtime+CTB into one single file, which then of course still requires RAM under the OS and therefore does not run on 400/800 machines.) If you want to create a compiled executable, try standard Atari Basic and then ABC/MMG compiler or better use Fast Basic. (Never used Advan Basic, so I do not know if its compiler produces a stand-alone executable or if it produces a compiled program that requires a separate runtime. The next Abbuc magazine will maybe tell us more...)
  7. "Cygnus XI" or "Cygnus X1" produced by Atari UK (one title printed on the tape cover, the other printed on the title screen). The game has colourfull background gfx, alas, the gameplay is more or less the same as SEGA's "Buck Rogers". http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-cygnus-x1_1472.html
  8. In my opinion, for a trackball (or a mouse) you need some kind of cross-hair, so you know where you are on the screen. A cross-hair would most-likely require a pm, not sure if there are any pm's left in Crossbow. [Besides, I prefer the BEST trackball, which looks like a trackball, but is fully compatible to an ST or Amiga mouse.] And errrm, last not least, allthough I would like to have an alternative controller for most A8 lightgun games, no matter what controller type you choose or support then, this is no longer aiming at a target (which requires good and fast eyesight), it is most likely just fast reflexes (move your cursor/cross-hair fast enough).
  9. For those that want to put Albert onto a 90k disk, here is a version a) without PAL check, b) packed with Flashpack 2.1 (titlescreen; depacking the titlescreen with Exomizer took much too long!) and c) packed with Exomizer (main program). I also added a Basic-off routine and a small text title that says "Loading" but which can be replaced with any other text (e.g. "Albert") easily... Albert_packed.zip
  10. There already is a german type-in listing named "Hubert" - a Q-Bert clone. http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=6955 http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?dl=347|HUBEBERT http://ataribasiclistings.mygamesonline.org/Homecomputer/Homecomputer_1986.7z Released 1986 in the german Homecomputer magazine. Maybe you can name your version Ben-10, errmmm, Hubert 10 ?
  11. Well, here are the Startrek pictures I have. Afaik, the ones from Brian Hunt (disk images 2 and 3) were digitized with Computer Eyes or something like that and not drawn or painted. The other pictures (disk image 1) were originally in compressed Koala / Micro-Illustrator format and they all had redundant data at the end (which resulted in the viewer overwriting parts of the picture on the screen) and one of these pictures was damaged on all disks and images I could find, so the uncompressed 62 sector conversion is also damaged. Maybe someone is able to correct the damaged part of the picture in some way... (it is the one after "Trouble with Tribbles")... Think I have a few Startrek pictures (with actors) on other Gr. 15 and RGB picture disks, but these are maybe 2 or 3 pictures, afair. Some more pics with the drawn starship Enterprise or Klingon ships. Too lazy now, to search for them. Startrek_Pics.zip
  12. Well, I used a Teac 55GFR (HD) PC drive successfully with Ataridsk (180k) and WriteATR (130k, 180k, 360k, 720k). With WriteATR and the Teac drive I could even write 130k A8 diskettes - but it did only write them, reading was not possible. Alas, not every PC 5,25" drive works with Ataridsk or WriteATR, back in the 90s we tested 10-12 different PC drives and only the Teac drive worked. Nowadays it is not that easy to find a good + working 5,25" PC drive and one must own an old(er) PC with a FDC to be able to use it.
  13. Afaik, the XF has only 256 Bytes of RAM, so it cannot read a 512 Byte sector directly (in one go). The author of Hyper-XF-OS wanted to create a special program that would read/write/copy a 512 Byte sector in two passes, first half and second half. Alas, he never did. So the ST/PC mode is there in Hyper-XF-OS, but you cannot use it until someone releases such a special program for it - nowadays highly unlikely. (And to tell the truth, I mostly used the Hyper-XF-OS partition mode with four partitions per diskette, e.g. 4x 90k, 4x 130k, 4x 180k or mixed formats on one and the same disk. But in the last five years or so I did not use the XF with 3,5" drive anymore and besides the 1050, I more and more used SIO2xyz devices and multicarts like AVG, so the XF with 3,5" became obsolete for me and I have just sold it.)
  14. My recordings were made with a "Stereo Phaser" by Portronic aka AMC-Verlag, to create a stereo impression.
  15. Here is mine - and many others... pigwa (Beware, I am hard hearing, so if the sound recordings are not that great, you know why.)
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