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  1. Interested in the MS-DOS and Win (XP) version. Afaik, Streamliner (and Probj) only merge data segments that are contiguous, can yours also merge segments that are not contiguous (e.g. $2000-2EFF, $3000-3EFF into $2000-3EFF) by adding zeros to unused memory adresses ?
  2. Another method that worked for me is "relocating" one segment of the ROTF file, the segment $0800-0DB2 that causes the loading problem. Lucky for us, the next segment starts at $2600, so we have some free space between those two segments. There is a program named SuperCopy that can "relocate" programs or program segments, so they load fine with DOS or at least a gamedos/bootloader. Supercopy always relocates to $1F00-xxxx (max. program length $8000 or 32kbytes!) and always uses a run adress of $1F3F. So I simply put that one segment onto a disk, loaded Supercopy (load as EXE, save as FCopy, then load as FCopy, save as EXE) and created a new segment which now uses memory $1F00-25D6 and run adress 1F3F, so it just fits under the other segment that starts at $2600. Copied the relocated segment to the original program (removing the original segment) and saved it - and it seems to still load fine. So here you have another version, it is still unpacked (executes faster), but should work with most loaders out there. ROTF2.zip SupCopy.zip
  3. Yep, you have to find a loader (DOS/GameDOS/Bootloader/...) on real hardware that does not use the memory $0700-09FF, but out of 100 you may find 5, so it is not easy. Afaik, DOS2XL by Thor has a memlo of $0794 so it could load ROTF with a starting adress of $0800 (but DOS2XL uses RAM under the OS!), it would also fail on a program that starts at $0700 however. Therefore it is much easier to pack the program and use higher load and run adresses, like Wrathchild did. Some XEX loaders of our modern devices might also be able to load such a ML file, while ATR image loaders require a little more memory (or boot with the DOS/Gamedos/Bootloader on the ATR) and then may also fail loading them. (My advice to programmers: Avoid using $0700-09FF with your program or use that memory area only, after the program has been fully loaded and initialized or depacked; e.g. use $B000-B2FF and after initialization or depacking move that code to $0700-09FF.)
  4. Correct, A8 programs using $0700-09FF are very difficult to load on real hardware, since almost no DOS, gamedos or bootloader can load them.
  5. *.PDM = mono PDM *.PDS = stereo PDM *.COV = mono Covox *.COS = stereo Covox Would be nice if Xuel's player for the AVG cart would also use this convention (since we would need only one player and no pre-sets then).
  6. Afaik, Flashjazzcat's old player only does mono, no matter if you have a mono or stereo file. The newer player for SIDE3 cart. (and most-likely also SIDE / SIDE 2 ?) requires certain extenders for mono/stereo and/or PDM/Covox, so you simply have to rename the file extenders. FJC can tell you more about it (or you can look it up in the manual).
  7. Yes, we do have better sampling options today. Therefore most of these old samples are only 16k in length and can be loaded quickly from diskette (and here we also have better options today). Regarding PDM, I think I also have better options available today - better than any 8Bit or 16Bit computer could do.
  8. My guess... HypROM A/B = Hyper-XF OS ROM version A (5,25") or B (3,5") by Stefan D. Dorndorf from Germany. He also made QMEG-OS, DOS II+D , XDOS (V 2.43), Hugojagd XL (first appeared on the A8, the 2600 cart version is now available at the AA store) and various other things for the A8 (e.g. Star Raiders with fast explosions and score ). http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Stefan_Dorndorf If you search for Hyper-XF OS here in the AA forum you should get several hits and here you should find a Hyper-XF manual.
  9. Already added above. Or go to the Atari++ homepage: http://www.xl-project.com/
  10. Instead of Google, choose Atari Age forum search and you will find Atari++ very fast.
  11. I'm a Subscriber
    I'm not gon' give up
    I'm not gon' stop
    I'm gon' work harder
    I'm a Subscriber
    I'm gonna make it
    I will subscribe ya
    Keep on subscribin'


  12. You only want a prank? Try this... C64GAG.xex
  13. Styx says: Domo arigato Mr. Roboto! Me says: Thank you Mr. Robot!
  14. Whereas I seem to remember that one of these lightgun versions was done by Homesoft and the other one was done by The Missing Link. But I am quite sure @Fred_M can confirm or deny that. Here is what atarimania says: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-operation-blood_38018.html http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-special-forces_12389.html
  15. Yes, the paper supplements will still be translated into english language, thats the plan. Regarding the new webpage, it works with my Android smartphone, but does not work anymore with, ahem, Win XP. The same is true for nextcloud, which does not work under Win XP anymore. Want to see a nice german error message when trying to reach the Abbuc webpage or nextcloud under Win XP? Here it is: Fehler: Gesicherte Verbindung fehlgeschlagen Ein Fehler ist während einer Verbindung mit abbuc.de aufgetreten. Die Gegenstelle meldet eine inkompatible oder nicht unterstützte Protokollversion. Fehlercode: SSL_ERROR_PROTOCOL_VERSION_ALERT Die Website kann nicht angezeigt werden, da die Authentizität der erhaltenen Daten nicht verifiziert werden konnte. Kontaktieren Sie bitte den Inhaber der Website, um ihn über dieses Problem zu informieren. Does the Abbuc webpage require Win 10 or will it also work under Win 7 ?
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