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  1. Yes, all 20 games on diskette. I tested them and as it loooks, all work fine...
  2. Hmmm, I now have one problem though: So many choices! I am sorry, but stupid as I am, I do not know what all of the configurations and selections mean, e.g.: Preset (4 selections), DC Offset (16 selections), Coarse Levels (16 selections), Fine Levels (16 selections), Bump (4 selections), Non-Linear Pulse (no clue what can be input there), Linear Pulse (again, no cue what can be input there). So all in all we have 4 x 16 x 16 x 16 x4 x X x Y available selections. I do not want to test all possibilities (more than 65,535) to get a good result, so can you suggest some selections for a good PDM result ?!?
  3. Afaik, switchable here means: It can be switched off! Normally, if you plug in a cart, then $8000-BFFF is ROM and therefore not available as RAM; but some programs (e.g. disks or disks converted into cart.) require the RAM in that area, so the cart must be switched off. IOW: I guess, this ROM/CAR version more or less copies the data to RAM and then switches itself off...
  4. And I made tape to disk copies of your Cymbal Software (Games 20) collection. Think I could copy all 20 games and a) put them on a DOS 2 disk (90k, one diskside per tape) and b) put them on twenty separate bootdisks with CasDis. Note: The DOS 2 diskversions do not contain a DOS nor a menu, just the copied data (transfered with C/D Copy 54k by M.Thiel). The CasDis bootversions can be booted with Atari Basic and a lot of patience, since almost all Basic programs do load further data (font file, object code, etc.)... I recorded all tapes onto CD-RW with my Hifi system, but I did NOT keep my CD-RW recordings and also did not create WAV or CAS files. (Erased the CD-RW after successfully converting all 20 programs to diskette.) Games20_DOSdisk.zip Games20_CasDis_Bootdisks.zip
  5. Hello @phaeron, thinking of silent movies and your fantastic A8 movieplayer... a) would it be possible to play them back in greyscales only (e.g. Gr. 9 + Gr. 9 interleaved or HIP format) ? There is already a converted Laurel & Hardy video available and using 256 colour mode for a b+w movie is a little overkill (maybe we can therefore get higher resolution, e.g. with HIP format or similar). Guess we would need another movieplayer then... b) silent movies are quite old and normally do not run with 50 fps or 60 fps (e.g. with 16, 18 or 20 fps) - if one converts them for the A8 would it still be necessary to use 50fps (PAL) or 60 fps (NTSC) or would half the framerate (25/30 fps) be enough (assuming there were another movieplayer that works with 25/30 fps then) ?!? c) silent movies do not have audio, so would it be possible to convert + playback the movies without audio on the A8 ? (Maybe we would also need another movieplayer then.) I found a webpage of the university of Toronto with lots of self-created movies in the late 90s and early 2000s that do not have sound and it would be nice to still be able to convert them without having to add audio manually... Wooden Monkey (And many of these movies use just 30fps.) I would love to convert an excerpt from a silent movie (feat. e.g. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy) or one of the Wooden Monkey movies to the A8... ----- In the meanwhile here are some PAL format movies for use with SIDE/SIDE-2, UNO-cart or AVG-cart that have been converted by B.Herale for me (afaik, the only movies from the wooden monkey page WITH audio). WM_Movies1.zip
  6. Afaik, FAT16 is limited to 2GB, so if you have a bigger CF card and/or want to use a bigger partition, you should use FAT32... (FAT32 is limited to approx. 2TB with a max. filesize of 4GB, alas, Windows uses FAT32 only for up to 32GB, if you have bigger flashcards you therefore need 3rd party formatters under Windows to format them with FAT32.)
  7. Hmmm, if one does not have 1m20s time to wait for loading, I wonder why he is turning the real Atari on. Loading and depacking Yoomp (and other games) from newer carts. takes more than 10 seconds - oooooh, no, I cannot wait that long... mama!
  8. There is, if you know where to click: Under Global Stats you can read "(complete ZIP)" - click on it and you will download the complete Fandal archive...
  9. The MP3 and PDM conversion (done with FujiConvert 0.2) can be found in post #186. You may use the MP3 to make your own PDM conversion with the newer FujiConvert 0.3 and several available settings. Sorry, I do not hear much difference with these settings, since I am hard-hearing / hearing-impaired, so you better make your own conversions with FujiConvert 0.3 and simply keep the best one...
  10. Hmmm, I am using firmware 17 and so far all the AVF movies do work fine - when there are no PDM files on the same SD card (and vice-versa, the PDM files do work fine, when there are no AVF files on the same SD card), no clue why. It's strange, since the AVF movies are in a subfolder and the PDM files are in another subfolder (using FAT32) on a 16GB Sandisk ultra (and the same happens on a 32GB Sandisk ultra)...
  11. Only as a .CAR or .XEX file and limited to 1MB then, since the Ultimate cannot run bigger files or carts. But ermm, the original filesize (here) is 22.6MB, if you limit this to just 1MB but with the same quality (44khz, 8Bit), you only hear 10, 20 or 30 seconds - not worth the hassle, if you ask me. One could reduce the quality to as low as 8khz, but I am not sure if you really want this...
  12. Do you mean the PDM-player from FJC for AVG-cart ? If so, try this one: pdm.zip To use the player with the AVG-cart you first have to load the SIDE-loader (*.CAR file), then load the PDM.XEX file and finally load a PDM file. Alas, once you have picked a PDM file and play it back, you have to listen to it until the end, since there is no key to stop or abort playback and return to the menu. (But when playing ends, it will return to the menu). Curious as I were, I tried something stupid, by renaming PDM.XEX into PDM or PDMplay (without any extender). The AVG menu did then show all PDM files but it could not play any of them, so it looks like you simply must use SIDE-loader and then PDM.XEX to playback PDM files... @FJC: I would really like to see a small update to PDM.XEX - a key to stop (abort) playing the current PDM file and return to the menu (so one can choose another file)... of course stereo-playback is also a nice option SIDEloader_v3.zip
  13. Good luck! I would love to see an A8 version of PoP... Alas, if you're gonna use XBIOS you should know that all hell will break lose and the spanish inqusition will come over you... see the topic about SCR:
  14. Okay, here is the ATR of Atari Computing issue/number 07. Let me know if it is complete or if some files are missing... and boot with Basic enabled. (There is DOS 2.5 on the disk, the tape commands have not been changed, so it still does CLOAD, etc.) ATCOMP07.zip
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