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  1. Regarding Bad Apple... the above mentioned version for the!cart can be found e.g. in the SillyPack 2018 https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=80216 There is also a 1MB XEX animation of Bad Apple by playsoft, this one requires 1MB of RAM and is available in four versions with different graphic resolutions. Think it does not have sound (music). http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=7388 Next there is a 1MB version of Bad Apple by R0ger with music, which requires an atarimax (8MBit/1MB) cart. or similar (post #1 for PAL and post #68 for NTSC). And there is an approx. 6MB ATASCII version of Bad Apple by Pirx that requires a large storage device (either a HDD device or similar for fluid performance or a SIO2xyz device for some fun / frame drawing) but runs from stock hardware (post #16). There is also a Rapidus (+HDD) version of Bad Apple by TeBe. http://madteam.atari8.info/index.php?prod=scena And last not least there is an AVF video of Bad Apple for the AVG or SIDE cart. So we have more than enough versions of Bad Apple on the A8.
  2. Think that all the audio (speech, music, sfx) is coming from tape and they used a simple Poke 54018 (or something like that) to start playing from tape. While the video is running they either just continue playing the tape with no control from the computer or they could have used short blips on the tape (like PDI did with standard tapes and standard recordings*) to mark where they are and make the computer stop the tape and continue playing when nescessary. All video is coming from the!cart... * advantage: the Educational System Master cart. (CXL 4001) is NOT required then, e.g. with tape titles like Invitation to Programming 1, 2, 3 or The Adventures of Oswald, Sammy the Sea Serpent, etc.
  3. Afaik, this is the (old) one level demoversion - it runs with 128k RAM. It's only missing the title screen, 17 more levels, the intermissions and 95% more stuff. But other than that, it's fairly (in)complete...
  4. This question comes up every now and then - by U1MB users, Antonia users, etc. See e.g. here: Space Harrier is ROM/CAR only and therefore works with 64k RAM, Atari Blast is available a) as ROM/CAR that works with 16k RAM and b) as XEX that requires 1088k RAM... On my AVG cart. I have some PDM sounds and AVF videos that are a "little" larger than 1MB (most videos in the range of 50-200MB, but some have a size of 500MB, 1GB or more) - luckily they work directly from the 64GB SD-card and therefore 64k RAM is enough for the A8...
  5. Has anyone tested a certain game (one that shall not be named) on disk 454 with U1MB ? Does it work ?
  6. $D000 - $D01F CTIA/GTIA (stock hardware) $D020 - $D03F reserved for second GTIA $D040 - $D05F reserved for third GTIA $D080 - $D0FF VBXE soft reset area $D000 - D01F 1st GTIA (Red) $D020 - D03F 2nd GTIA (Green) $D040 - D05F 3rd GTIA (Blue) $D060 - D07F 4th GTIA (Black/Greys) Only dreaming...
  7. And errmmm, are they compatible with 65816 and/or 65802 ? But maybe you can make them incompatible with mapRAM, since A8 with available extra extra large RAM at $D000-D7FF is no longer an Atari...
  8. There is a pre- or demoversion of Virtuoso on one of the Antic disks together with a demofile. Three (?) other Antic disks also contain a file with the same extender that are more demofiles for Virtuoso. If I remember correctly these demofiles all had the same length (approx. 52 sectors). But I did not like the gfx or snd of them, the Movie Maker demos were much better. So, the demo of Virtuoso was definitely out there and available for dozens or hundreds of Antic disk subscribers...
  9. You should change your pseudonym from Poison into Speed Lightning or something like that... Thank you, Poison !
  10. Well, the built-in robot factory is the construction kit, available on tape and disk! I have not seen any data disks for Mr. Robot, but there are four alternative XEX fileversions with new levels available, e.g. here: http://a8.fandal.cz/search.php?search=Mr.+Robot&butt_details_x=
  11. Hmmm, the final XEX version of Pang by MadTeam requires only 192K RAM, but maybe someone created an 8MBit (1MB) atarimax cart. of it ?!?
  12. Hello folks, I can hereby confirm that SDXC works with AVF cart when formatted with FAT32. If you have old PC's like I do (single core and dual core) and old + good WIN XP, you will be confronted with some problems you have to solve first: 1) you need an SDXC cardreader: My 35in1 model could read SD and SDHC only, so the SDXC card was not detected at all! Luckily I also have three USB sticks that are SD cardreaders and two of them could read SDXC... (they displayed the Sandisk Ultra 64GB cards with 59.x GB and exFAT)... 2) format with FAT32: even though the SDXC card can be read, it is formatted with exFAT and AVG cart. does not support this (afaik); Windows XP refuses to format with FAT32 for any flashcards bigger than 32GB, I knew this before and thought hey, let me use Sandisk SD-Formatter instead; nice idea, but bad luck: the Sandisk SD formatter (at least version 4.x for my Win XP) has no option to choose the format and after formatting it showed me that the card was formatted with exFAT again, sigh... Alright then, so I installed a FAT32 formatter program, one that should work under WIN XP, 7, 8 and 10. When I executed it under XP, it gave me a nice xyz exception error with some nice numbers and letters. Could send that to Microsoft, but guess they do not care any longer about Win XP Luckily the program showed a window with options REPEAT, IGNORE and EXIT. I first chose Repeat and got the same error again, so I chose ignore and to my surprise the program worked then. Formatted the 64GB Sandisk Ultra SDXC card with FAT32 and named it AVG-XL1. Then I copied the AVG firmware and AFV viewer onto the card, followed by some AVF movies from Poison. Finally I plugged the SDXC card into the AVG cart., powered on the A8 - and it works! Loaded several AVF movies without problems. So, as said before, you can use SDXC cards with the AVG cart. as long as they are formatted with FAT32. Hey, 256GB SDXC cards are less than 40 Euro now The next SD card standard is already defined, it's SDUC with sizes ranging from 2TB up to 128TB. Since FAT32 is limited to a maximum of 2TB, such cards require at least exFAT and as I just read at Wikipedia, Microsoft no longer wants licenses for that and the specs. for exFAT are publicly available... just as a note for future A8 hardware (and firmware).
  13. Hehe, I was so evil to download only the german cartoon intros (and remove the redundant creator logos, whenever possible) from youtube. Poison was so nice to convert them into AVF format for me. There is more to come... (if Poison agrees), since I downloaded approx. 60 cartoon intros from the 70s, 80s and 90s and also two full versions (Sancho and Pancho with approx. 6 minutes and The Little Mole with approx. 5 minutes)... All thanks go to Poison for doing this great work!!!
  14. I recently bought an original disk of Hawkquest and would love to see it patched in several ways, so that gameplay is more enjoyable (and easier for a lamer like me)... To tell the truth, I really like the Xevious-like part of the game, but I am not a fan of the secondary part of the game (jump and run a la Boulder Dash or Saracen) and would not mind if the game gets splitted into two parts (Hawkquest 1 with the Xevious-like game and Hawkquest 2 with the jump and run like game) - BUT I guess I am the only one who feels that way... Anyways, if I could get at least an easier and therefore more enjoyable version of Hawkquest, I would be very happy.
  15. No experience with Verbatim SD-cards here (but the 5,25" disks that I have from Verbatim are very good)... Just ordered a 64GB Sandisk Ultra SD-card, so I will know soon if SDXC works with AVG cart. (will format it with Sandisk SD-Formatter and FAT32 and hope it works then)...
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