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  1. Errrm, the Atarimax version is 8Mbit/1MB in size, but does not require a computer with 1MB RAM. A computer with 128k RAM (or maybe just 64k RAM? -have not tested-) would be enough. The same is true for the other cart versions, Megacart and SIC! versions of POP do not require 320k RAM.
  2. Okay, did some more POP tests with the disk versions and evil as I am, I also did some WAV recordings of my Speedy 1050 floppy loading noise. Warning: Since Pokey is switched off with Poke 65,0/LDA 65,0 I had to make the recording much louder, take care of your ears! ----- old version (two days ago), SD, Side A (Girl): loads very slow and has lots of pauses / retries, you can clearly hear and see them in the WAV old version (two days ago), SD, Side B (Mouse): loads normally, no pauses / no retries, clearly visible in the WAV new version (yesterday, DLI...), SD, Side A (Girl): loads slow, with less pauses / less retries - but the pauses and retries are still there and visible in the WAV new version (yesterday) SD, Side B: not possible to load (you already informed us, why) ------- old version (two days ago), DD, (Girl): same as the SD version, think it loads even slower, not only because of DD, but there are many many more pauses / retries than in the SD version, take a look at the WAV old version, DD, (Mouse): same as SD version, loads without pauses / retries - see the WAV new version (yesterday, DLI...), DD, (Girl): same as SD and therefore less pauses / less retries, but the pauses and retries are still there new version, DD, (Mouse): no pauses / no retries as it seems ----- So, the dancing girl still makes loading much slower than the mouse (slower = appears slower than 1x SIO due to the pauses/retries). Hmmm, maybe you should get rid of the dancing girl and use the mouse during the whole loading process? Or simply use the Faicuai method with screen=off during loading for better benchmarks, ermm, better loading speed...?!? Suggestion: The disk versions could load faster and show no loading animation (or just the mouse), while the cart versions could show one or both loading animations - just a thought or suggestion. And now listen to these awful WAVs... POP_loading_old.zip POP_loading_new.zip
  3. Not tonight, its 30 minutes after midnight here in Germany and I am going to bed now. Only six hours sleep for me and then I have to go to work, so I can test it no sooner than tomorrow (late evening)...
  4. Well, yesterday I tested the (now) "old" .CAR versions on my PAL 800XL with 512k SRAM enhancement by tf_hh and AVG cart and all of them worked fine - I could start and play a game (even finished level 1). Yes, all three CAR versions worked fine on a real 800XL from AVG cart. (and the 512k SRAM is the only enhancement in this computer). Today I tested the DD disk version with the same Atari and a 1050 drive with Speedy enhancement (but using normal mode, not ultraspeed) - the game loaded and loaded with what seemed like approx. 25%-50% speed, much slower than 1x SIO and with lots of pauses (loaded approx. 3 sectors and pause, load some more sectors and pause, etc.) and it took approx 3 - 5 minutes until it had finished loading and I could play a game. But it worked.
  5. Well, we have caught XXL more than once for adding code intentionally to his programs to make it NOT work with U1MB. We also have seen him release several GTIA (and other) demos that contain illegal opcodes for no other reason than NOT to work with 65816/Rapidus. So, maybe he now has SIDE3 (and/or Fujinet) on his "not wanted / do not like" list and added code to make the program NOT work with SIDE3 (and/or Fujinet) ? He is a good programmer (with questionable attitude however) and clever enough to do that. But maybe the case is much simpler, the SIC! cart. version seems to have a bug, maybe all other cart. versions do also have bugs ? A look into the source code will (sooner or later) reveal what is the cause for the non-working versions on several hardware enhancements. If it turns out, that it was code added by XXL, then all future XXL releases should be released with a warning sticker: "Warning! This program is not suitable for enhanced A8 hardware", while the A8 enhancements should come with a warning sticker on them: "Warning! This A8 enhancement is not suitable for childish programmers with extra extra large egos."
  6. PAL and flicker - no good friends. (I am 49 also.) The best result you can get there is PAL flicker = acceptable/noticeable, but most of the time PAL flicker = awful/terrible. If you have e.g. a shoot-em-up and the player is extremely busy with fighting hundreds of objects, he may not notice it that much (e.g. Space Harrier), but in POP it is a textscreen for reading and therefore will be noticed. But maybe one could make the text much longer, so that everyone skips it, because of TLDR... ;-)
  7. Just so you know, 😈 there are some programs (by someone who should not be named here), that use "illegal" opcodes for no other purpose, than not to work with 65816. Luckily, most of these programs were short (sound) demos and nothing really important. Maybe one should look very carefully at his topics and contributions and not be surprised if one of his programs does not work with some A8 enhancement(s). On his list of "program will not work with that enhancement, because I do not like it" are currently U1MB and 65816/Rapidus, who knows what other enhancements will be on that list in the future (maybe SIDE3 is already on that list). 👿
  8. There is also Audio Master which should be able to load WAV and save as SMP. And here is a sample converter that may also do the job (untested).
  9. PAL = green, NTSC = blue, Secam = ???
  10. At first, a big thank you to all involved for the new version! I am really happy that I can play POP on the Atari 8Bit after all these years! Had only a quick test via emulation, but all versions (disk and car) worked fine there. Test emulation was done with an appropriate old environment, Win XP and Atari 800 Win (setup with 1088k RAM, PAL, XL-OS Rev. 2). Will test the released versions on real Ataris later this day. None of my Ataris are equipped with U1MB and SIDE3, will therefore test with 512k SRAM by mega-hz and 512k SRAM by tf_hh and with + without AVG cart. and Speedy 1050 drive. (Could also try to program/flash my SIC! 2MBit cart., but do not remember how it is done and/or what software is required to do it.) Alas, it looks like history repeats itself here, simply read the replies about Stunt Car Racer and the replies about POP here and it looks like XBIOS has something to do with them in both cases... 😒 So, all programmers should be warned or at least be informed (so they know before-hand) what reactions will happen in the A8 scene, if they use XBIOS with their program(s).
  11. Here you will find "The Sound Utility" by CTH (a Wavplayer for the A8 and some WAV2SMP converters for the A8).
  12. Nope. XDOS = no subdirs. MyDOS supports both > and : for subdirs.
  13. Errrm, regarding DOS, I was much more simple-minded and thinking about the different memlo of various DOS versions and about some older programs that only work with a certain DOS (e.g. DOS 2.5 only). So, allthough your suggestion sounds very good to me, it could end up being problematic in some cases (e.g. the german GUI S.A.M. which works more or less under DOS 2.5 only). Think in DOS 2.x land it is common to have memlo no lower than $2000, so the program works with many DOS 2.x types. But for the disk version of POP (loading with DOS 2.x) this could mean that 128k RAM is no longer sufficient and 320k RAM would be required.
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