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  1. And, to answer one of the questions of Sascha (about mystery A8 stuff)... PUD-OS = Power-Up-Display OS. (Made by Aegeis Softscape, afair he was a member of the defunct ARGS - Abbuc Regional Gruppe Stuttgart). The 1200XL, when powered on, presented a large Atari Fuji logo on the screen. This power-up display was removed in the later XL/XE models for the Selftest. The PUD OS did the reverse, it removed the Selftest and therefore contained the power-up display again... afaik, no other features were built-in into PUD-OS, but I might be wrong. Of course there was a short review in an old Abbuc magazine... The Turbolink ST/PC by Reitershan (the same guys that did TurboDOS XL/XE) came also with software on diskettes. The A8 diskette contained a nice DOS, it was a DOS 2.5 type DOS (with usual DOS 2.5 menu, named DOS-XF or something like that), but with some add-ons like 1-8 = Directory for drive 1-8, the ability to format up to 360kbytes, etc. If you find the accompanying A8 disk Sascha, please send me a copy... ;-)
  2. You have to do a small change to the Computronic program, so you can ENTER"D:DIR". Change line 60 into Open #1,8,0,"DIR"... instead of DIR.LST, that's all...
  3. Well, this DIR command was available as a type-in listing in various german magazines in the 80s. You should have read more german Atari magazines back then... e.g.: - HC - Mein HomeComputer (Vogel Verlag), 02/1984 by Thomas Tausend, maybe it was also part of "Die Hexenkueche" (a Basic utility collection) by Thomas Tausend - or Computronic, 4/1986 "Directory in Basic" by Oliver Cyranka The attached HC ATR image contains the listing, use RUN"D:DIRECTOR.BAS" to load the file, it will generate a file on diskette, use ENTER"D:DIR" to enter that file and therefore execute a directory command; the attached CT ATR image also contains a basic listing, use RUN"D:DIR.BAS" to generate the file... HC_Mein_Home-Computer_1984_side_a.zip Computronic_1986_(side_b).zip
  4. Well, on the A8 there were dozens of ATASCII animations, a lot of them were done for BBSes, but there were also programs and contests in some magazines (e.g. Antic or Analog). Some animations or movies can be found e.g. here: or here: At Fandal's webpage you can find e.g. demos and animations of "ASCII-Art", "ASCII collection", "ASCII girl" and "Atascii Movie showwer"...
  5. Build a tower of evil and Atarians will destroy it with a Stealth fighterjet. And if you build two towers, the Ents will destroy them...
  6. Hmmm, Winter Olympiad originally came on four 90k disksides, not all of them were fully used... Why does the single ATR image use a non-standard 384k size instead of standard 360k - is there a lot of additional code required to make it a single ATR and that is why ?!? (As a sidenote, the Homesoft 64k multi-fileversion [disk 071] of Winter Olympiad 1988 fits on one 180k diskside / ATR-image and requires approx. 500 DD-sectors. The 320k single-fileversion [disk 072] requires just 494 DD-sectors. Maybe it was packed with a good packer program...?!?)
  7. I usually use the Basic Lister program (LISTBAS.COM) by O.Meisiek. It can list to screen, printer or diskette; when listed to diskette, it saves in LIST format... (use Enter"D:Filename.Ext to load it or simply display as ATASCII text)... The short Basic deprotection program from Abbuc (BasList.Bas) only deprotects programs that used Poke Peek(138)+256... Peek (139)+256... or something similar. Funnily, the Repair Station cannot unprotect such list protections. The Basic Lister by O.Meisiek does that and many other protections. But it tests, if the program is a Basic file, so if it has a ML header it will simply print an Error message like "not a Basic program" and refuse to work... Another way to recover a hidden directory is to use TurboDOS XL/XE and its Diskfix.COM program - there use the option "Recover Directory". This works for many DOS 2.x compatible disks that have a hidden directory (stored in other sectors than normally) but still use the usual DOS II disk/sector links... BASList.zip TDOS21NT.ATR
  8. Afair, @Wrathchild did an XL/XE compatible ROM of Kangaroo. I already downloaded it and my friend burned it on an Eprom cartridge for me, which plays fine on my 800XL computer... Kangaroo_XL.rom
  9. For me it would be okay like this: - small chip: mono/stereo Pokey + Covox (no quad Pokey!) - large chip: mono/stereo/quad Pokey, Covox, SID, YM, Paula and whatever fits... So the small chip is also usefull as a replacement of stereo enhancements (to make two Pokey chips available again and of course for those Atarians that do not want more than stereo). Both small and large chips should also support dual-mono (2x mono, mono left+right), since there are thousands of A8 programs in mono...
  10. Here is an old info text that I wrote many moons ago (when firmware 0015 or 0016 was available). Maybe someone finds the time to update this text and/or write a full manual... AVG_INFO.TXT
  11. There was also a DOS 2.0 double density builder by AMDEK... DOS20D_Amdek.zip
  12. Well, in the manual for the german Turbo 1050 upgrade there was a Basic listing to upgrade DOS 2.0s to DOS 2.0d... DOS2.0d_Anpassung.zip
  13. Upgraded one cart. from 0017 to D019 and another cart. from 0018 to D019 without problems. Looking good so far, loaded several AVF videos, PDM soundfiles, CAR files and XEX files and they all loaded fine (including SIDE XEX loader and PDM player). Have not tried SDXSIDE loader though, since I never use SDX; also didn't try the search function, since my files are well organized in folders...
  14. Hmmmmm, (confused) 59 USD is that the price for the large or small PokeyMax then ?!? Or how much is it for the small PokeyMax and how much is it for the large PokeyMAX ? Depending on price, I am interested in 1-2 small (mono, stereo and Covox) and 1-2 large PokeyMax (mono, stereo, quad Pokey, Covox, SID, YM, Paula, mp3, flac, dts, THX, philharmonic orchestra, whatever).
  15. Are you sure? Press Start to continue or Select to abort. 🤣
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