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  1. Stupid me, I downloaded the latest SAP archive (from 2015, quite old!) and put every file into an alphabetized (A-Z) subfolder. So there is no longer a Game, Composer or other folder, just the files in subfolders A-Z. Now I have more than 5000 files and most of them use 40 chars or more - how do I rename them automatically to 8.3 filenames, so I can use and playback them on the A8? Normally I use Ant Renamer for my renaming jobs, it has various renaming functions, but rename from x chars to 8.3 filename is not one of them, it seems. If I need a batchfile, please specify what to type in the batchfile -or- if there is a windows program (Win XP or Win 10) please let me know where to find it. Think it is understandable that I do not want to rename more than 5000 files manually into 8.3 filenames. When simply copying these files to MS-DOS, it "renames" them to 8.3 it seems, alas any duplicates are renamed into filena~1 to max. filena~4, then only numbers (8 numbers) are used instead of filenames, so I would need some AI that uses e.g. filena01 up to filena99 or 6 letters + 2 numbers...
  2. Use the "M" key. Full instructions? Here you go. STEREO2.zip
  3. Strange, afaik the 810 cannot read DD (180k) at all, unless it has some enhancement. But maybe what you call DD is just enhanced/1050/dual density (130k), which the 810 also cannot read (810 uses FM, single density only; 130k is MFM). The 1050 with USD should be able to read both 130k and 180k, since it is reading very slow, I guess a special sector interleave (for USD) was used with the disks. I do not own a USD, but I had several Turbo 1050 drives, there you had to boot or load a (Turbo) driver first, to read+write+format the disks with this sector interleave format very fast. Without this driver, the drive would read/write the sector interleaved disks very slowly. Maybe with USD it is the same and you have to load some driver first, to go full speed? Could also be that the 288 RPM is not correctly calibrated (afaik 286-290 is allowed, I always use 287.5 RPM). Other than that, I have no idea whats wrong.
  4. Here is my (tape) version of Coconotes. There is a green sticker on the front of the package that says Atari 800 tape. You can also see the tape inside, the single is hiding in the manual, so thats why you don't see it here. But as said before, it also contains the green foam.
  5. The original version looks blue-ish to me, one may also use Gr. 9 with 16 blue tones...?!?
  6. In TipConv 1.1 by EPI you simply create a batchfile which includes a command to convert e.g. all *.PNG into *.TIP. (BMP or JPG => TIP would also be allowed.) When doing TIP animations I sometimes converted several hundred PNG into TIP with such a batchfile; first I loaded and converted some 3-5 examples to choose the right palette and other settings in the TipConv.JAR program, when done I converted all PNG files in one go by starting the batchfile. Attached an example batchfile. NOTE: Rename *.TXT into *.BAT if you want to use that batchfile. The filename indicates, that this batchfile will use OlivierP (PAL) palette and saturation 1.0. olip_10.txt HowTo.zip
  7. I think the green foam is original, my box also includes it - but ermm, my box is with the tape version and the single (not sure if it is vinyl, if so, it is extremely thin vinyl).
  8. In the last 10-20 years we had lots of very small demo/intro fx on the A8 (e.g. 1k, 256 / 128 / 64 / 32 Bytes). I would like to see some kind of collection of these small fx in one larger demo. Afaik, on other platforms they did not present one demo effect after the other anymore at a certain time and made transitions to blend from one part of the demo to the next, nowadays larger demos are running like a movie or trying to tell a story while showing effects - the A8 demos have been following that trend, it seems. Retro as I am, I would still like to see some demos from time to time presenting one effect after another (e.g. starting with the name of the demo and its authors and then simply part 1, part 2, part 3,...). While doing hundreds of TIP animations, I also found a website that presents great effects that do have mathematical, chemical, physical or other scientific backgrounds. Allthough I do not understand most of the scientific background, the shown effects are really good (and often available as GIF animations) and could surely be used as an inspiration for a larger demo (or a demo collection with many fx). It is Paul Nylander's webpage.
  9. I cannot name any, since I never owned any other platforms than A8, okay except Jaguar and PC. On the Jaguar I never watched any demos, only played games, on the PC I also never watch any demos, do not even play games (since the 90s), only serious stuff for work and surfing the internet in my spare time. Thus, I do not know any C64, Amiga, ST, STE, Falcon, PC, etc. demos or fx shown there. In the mentioned demos above, it was noted where they originally came from (converted from or inspired from). But you are not alone, in the Abbuc forum someone also asked a while ago what demos are available on the A8 that came from other platforms and since there were not many, he asked if it would not be cool if more demos from other platforms would be re-made on the A8. On the other hand, if it is not clearly noted that the whole demo or some of its fx are stolen/borrowed from another platform, then this is heavily critisized. I do remember that e.g. the "Cool Emotions" demo by HARD was heavily critisized since some/several/all (???) effects were stolen/borrowed from C64 and this was not mentioned anywhere. And as a funny sidenote, if you are satisfied with low 80x100 pixels resolutrion, many demos available at youtube can be downloaded and converted into movie (AVF, IMG) format and played back with 50fps or 60fps on the A8 with AVG or SIDE (1/2/3) cart. That's absolutely not the same as a re-make (or demake), but if you desperately want a certain demo from another platform on the A8, you can try to convert it that way. Think Poison (or someone else) already converted the Amiga demo Desert Dream into AVF movie format. You can argue pro/con in many ways, e.g. AVF is just a low-resolution movie stream requiring extra hardware like AVG or SIDE cart (therefore it works with 64k computers) or a real remake/demake of e.g. Desert Dream would most-likely require more than 64k RAM and/or still have lower resolution (and less colours), etc. Some computer nerds like those demakes/remakes, some simply hate them.
  10. Hmmmm, C64 demos on A8: Raytracing part Amiga demos on A8: Atari 8Bit Boink ST demos on A8: Cyberscape XE Shiny Bubbles maybe also: Video Blitz XE There must be some more - please, name them! A few of the fx above (sphere, waterfall, etc.) and many others can also be found as very simple GIF animations (and these can be turned into TIP animations). TIP_FX.zip
  11. Well, I own the (loose) cart and never play it. Now taking offers, 500 pounds and up. 😁 EDIT: ebay says the listing has ended and shows 250 pounds. Unsure if someone bought it.
  12. This Basic program should do it (post #41):
  13. Cluster Bombs or Mirv's ?!? Or the holy hand grenade(s) of Antioch ?
  14. Looks like Midge Ure to me - in the 80s, when he still had some hair. "Dancing with tears in my eyes"
  15. The wires were factory made, think they forgot something... You can see it here: (XL pcb without / with wires) Note: The wires at the OS-ROM, MMU and PBI are for extensions.
  16. A8FAQ, subject: 8.7) What programs are designed to work with a mouse? In the meanwhile, KE changed his name into Yoda Zhang.
  17. More precisely: When you load the Turbo Emulator, wait until the installation is complete (you will hear the Warhawk sound), remove the disk and then press Reset (boot without a disk in the drive). Now a menu with start, Select and Option appears (this is the original Turbo menu)...
  18. See also here: https://www.atarimagazines.com/v7n4/firstlook.html quote: "Atari executives asked the heads of several major toy store chains which product they'd rather sell – the powerful 65XE home computer for about $80, or a fancy new game system for about $150. The answer was, "You can keep the computer, give us that game machine!" This "game machine" is what we now know as the Atari XEGS, the XL-compatible Extended memory Game System. It's simply an enhanced 65XE in a game machine package. It's also a brilliant idea. The XEGS has been selling out almost as fast as toy stores can get them in." And here:
  19. We are off topic: I have a few issues of XE/ST magazine. My list says: 1986 issues: 3, 4, 5, 7, 8; 1987 issues: 9, 20; None of them are scanned yet. Same for Data Welt, which was more into C64 and later ST/Amiga and then PC. But several C64 listings of Data Welt were taken from their Data Becker books and some of these books were also available for the A8. My list says: 1984 issues: 4; 1985 issues: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; 1986 issues: 4, 9, 10,11; P.M. Computerheft: all issues complete in two blue P.M. binders (But I think I have a CD of the scans somewhere ?!? Have to take a look...) Let me know if you are (or someone else is) interested in scanning them. My deal: If I get a free copy of the scans, you can have these magazines for free. Besides, I have donated most of my A8 magazines to the Abbuc scan project and this resulted in more than 80GB of magazine scans (let me know if you want a copy on a 128GB USB thumb stick). Some months ago I did send a USB stick to Allan, who will upload most of these scans to archive.org (and he already uploaded dozens, ermm, hundreds of scans there).
  20. Hmmm, I don't think that Mycopier will work with any copy-protected disks or ATX images, because whenever it cannot read a sector (e.g. weak/phantom sector), it will therefore write an empty sector. Afaik, Mycopier supports ultraspeed but none of the special Happy or Speedy commands. Anyways, try it yourself, attached you will find Mycopier 1.c (bootdisk) and Mycopier 2.1 (option F from the menu). --- Some programs that make use of the special Speedy commands are MS-Copy (M.Schubbert?), MS-Format (M.Schubbert?), Ultra Copier (B. Dongus?) and several versions of the Speedy Backup-Copy program (by different authors). In the 90s I had all these programs as originals, even with instructions, but still I did not understand how to use them (except Backup-Copy) and was never able to make functional copies of copy-protected programs, so I sold them. Yes, I also had Disk Master (the german program to create special formats and copy protections with a Happy or Speedy drive) with instructions and allthough they were written in german, they read like greek to me and so I also sold it. Nowadays I have found a few of these programs as fileversions, but still have no clue how to use them. There is also the Turbo 1050 Emulator (by E.Reuss?) which was a pirate/unlicensed program, but quite functional and gave you e.g. the Turbo 1050 Backup Machine after installation into the Speedy RAM. Attached are two ATR images for the Speedy that do contain fileversions of MS-Copy, MS-Format, Backup-Copy 1.1, Backup-Copy 1.4 and Turbo 1050 Emulator. When you load the Turbo Emulator, wait until the installation is complete (you will hear the Warhawk sound), then press Reset. Now a menu with Start, Select and Option appears (this is the original Turbo menu), press Option for the utilities, the Backup Machine II should appear (if not press Option again and again until it shows up). You can use it for copy-protected 90k disks only, press Start to copy a disk. When copying is finished, test the copied disk, in case it does not work you can load the Backup Machine II again, now press Select first (Xalign lights up), then press Start to copy the disk. When finished, test the disk again, if it works, good for you, if not, bad luck. To get rid of the Turbo 1050 simply power-cycle your Speedy drive (clear the RAM of the Speedy). Afair, the Backup-Copy programs also work with the Start key and do also only copy 90k disks. No clue how MS-Copy or MS-Format works (but MS-Copy, MS-Format and Ultra-Copier should also work with 130k format). There is also one ATR image for the Happy (and most-likely also Speedy) that contains TB XL programs. These were type-in listings, released in the german Atari Magazin, by the same author who later produced the Disk-Master program (D.Wachter?). The programs are not made to copy, but to analyze copy-protected disks and to create special formats, namely: Sector Killer (Sekkill.TUR), Formatter (HapForm.TUR), Diskmapper (Mapper.TUR) and Track Analyzer (TrkAnlz.TUR). The listings were first made for the Happy, but later the author made them for Happy and Speedy (and I do not know which of them are Happy-only and which are for Happy+Speedy). Mycopier.zip HAPPY_TB_Tools.zip Speedy_Backup.zip
  21. Downloaded Crazy Caverns (http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-crazy-caverns_36549.html) which consists of two ATR images. However, it looks like diskside B does not belong to the game at all (one diskside - diskside A is enough). The CC image (side A) contains several deleted files and by undeleting/restoring Cavern2.TXT one can read, that there are several maker files to create the rooms, the font and other stuff. Alas, the Maker.BAS file is not there and the Maker2.BAS file cannot be restored (undeleted). These two files create the MONS.DAT and Treasure.DAT files. The .DAT files are written sequentially on diskette and read with Note and Point by the program - so a file copy of these files is not possible and it is also not possible to change the DOS (as mentioned in Cavern.TXT or Cavern2.TXT) or the position of these programs on the disk. So, until the two maker programs are found, one has to sector-copy the diskette, otherwise it will not work anymore.
  22. Damnit! Or better: Thanks for the info! So the retrolemon cable is too short for my (older) AVG pcb...
  23. @lewiS: Alas, I am stuck when trying to order from your page... Step 3) shipping method is already tagged but the continue button is still grayed out, so I cannot continue my order... see screenshot. (Waited several minutes, but that did not help. Was therefore unable to finish my order.)
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