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  1. Hi everyone. I found these today at a yard sale for $1 each. I was curious of their values. I've tested the computer carts but not the 5200 one yet. The 5200 cart has no label. Wish I had these when I was repairing my 400s! Thanks.
  2. Hi everybody. I've got an Atari 400 with a keyboard that doesn't register 2,W,S,X, and Shift. I already swapped the 4051 and POKEY chip with known working ones so that isn't the issue. I did plug in a fully working keyboard from another unit and it worked fine in it. I was looking through old threads and found recommendations for myatari.com. It looks like the site is down for maintenance though. I'm not sure how long that has been offline. Does anybody here know if these are available anywhere else? Thanks guys. You've been a great help to me.
  3. I had some time to test this fully disassembled. I tried grounding trig0 to pin 27 but couldn't get the fire button to register. Does this tell me that the chip is bad or that something else is going on? Thanks for all the help guys. I'm learning a lot.
  4. I'm looking at the CPU card trying to find the GTIA. I'm not sure which one it is. There are 3 40 pin chips.
  5. To ground that pin, could I run a wire from that pin to the metal shielding on the system? Then I could see if it is registering my button input?
  6. Thanks everybody for the suggestions. I reseated all the chips on the CPU board (I didn't know which was the GTIA). I cleaned the connector of the card while I was at it. Put it all back together but still no response. Then something strange happened. I opened the lid while the system was on to change a game. This turned off the system and then resumed once the cartridge was in and the lid was down. Now I'm getting a bar of wavy blue and red line that scroll up the screen. They disappear when the fire button or a diagonal button is pressed. EDIT: looks like after turning it off and on a few more times, the line is gone
  7. Hi everyone, I finally bought my first game for my Atari 400 and to my disappointment, I discovered that the controller button won't activate when pressed. The d-pad / joystick works fine though. P2 works just fine with all buttons. I opened up the console to check the connections. I checked the continuity from all the controller port pins to the board and all go through fine. There are no broken traces or corrosion anywhere. It seems that pin 6 is used for the action button so I followed it to the big row of resistors but didn't see anything wrong. If anyone has experience with these and would like to share info, that would be very helpful. Thank you!
  8. Hey everyone! I haven't been around in a long time but I've got some stuff to talk about now. Back in May I saw a Craigslist ad for a Neo Geo MVS 2 slot for $500 with Samurai Shodown 3 and Metal Slug. I was willing to pay that so we drove for about 1.5 hours to meet up at a church who was selling it. Upon arrival, the man said that they thought it worked earlier but wouldn't turn on now. I was frustrated after he said that but we went inside to take a look at it. It got no power at all and no progress was made after messing around with it for a while. We then left to go eat where I made him an offer on the broken machine. The man accepted and I took it home for $150. Arcade machines are new to me so I had a difficult time figuring out what was wrong with it. Eventually I discovered that it was missing the main fuse and cap. We plugged a new fuse it and the machine powered up. The machine looked great except the monitor was wonky. Repairs and modifying needed to be done. A previous owner installed 4 directional joysticks for some reason. This prevented me from moving diagonal in any game. I ended up purchasing 2 IL Eurosticks and installing them. These are fantastic joysticks that feel perfect. Really high quality sticks. There were several wiring issues on the control panel with some buttons not even connected. I fixed all that so the next thing to tackle was the monitor. I did hours of research and posting on various forums to hopefully find a solution to my problem. I reflowed all of the solder points, replaced all the capacitors, and installed a new flyback to the monitor chassis. The flyback fixed my losing focus problem but the wavy screen issue still persisted. I was getting very frustrated but the great guys on the KLOV arcade forums helped me out a bunch and discovered that I had a simple wiring issue. After fixing that, I had a fully working Neo Geo MVS machine! I then ordered a 161 in 1 cart so I could play a bunch of those games. Since then, I've been playing a lot of Neo Geo games. So now I have a lot to talk about with those games. I'll try to post more here but it's difficult with school in full swing again and while keeping up with multiple forums.
  9. Wow. That white boxed aes is really cool. I was unaware that they originally debuted in those. Where did you buy your neo geo games from back then? Where they mainly through mail order or through small independent stores that carried them? If you still have the receipt, I'd love to see it.
  10. Thanks man I appreciate it. Actually hit-japan is who I bought my neo geo from back in December. They are a great ebay store.
  11. Oh really? Is there anything I should look for on the cart to tell if it's pal or NTSC?
  12. Cool. Thanks for the reply. I have an opportunity to buy a lot of Atari games that happens to have Glacier Patrol and Universal Chaos. It also comes with a bunch of other Telegames games on 2600 such as a CIB Kung Fu Super Sidekicks and more. I'm not sure if it's worth the drive to go get them though. Any thoughts?
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