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  1. I'm pretty sure the next playstation will have a disc drive. Being a blu-ray/DVD player has always been a big selling point of Sony consoles.
  2. You guys are forgetting that Atari made a ET game in 6 weeks or so. Can you honestly say Trevor McFur had much more development? As simple a game as it is. They could have made Trevor just in time to capatilize on Star Fox's popularity.
  3. Whatever, have fun with your disney movies.
  4. I just read a article on how a guy made his own arcade cabinet so I knew those existed. And the rest of the guys arcade games were not custom arcade cabinets.
  5. Sounds like you need ublock. LOL, so Atari still thinks they don't need music in games. Times have changed since the 2600 days. Being animals isn't the only reason they are compared. They all pilot ships and shoot. Just that their perspective is different. It may not have started as a trevor mcfur tho. It could have been a generic shooter and they added the animals after Star Fox was released to much praise and high sales.
  6. Yes, I never found the dpad good in my portable genesis. When I'm trying to go sideways sometimes it presses down.
  7. I didn't see he was quoting someone else and answering their question. I thought he was asking if one of those was a real arcade game, but I didn't know which. Just cause there's an arcade cabinet that don't mean it's a game that was released oficially.
  8. Smash Tv and NARC were real arcade games pretty sure. Dunno bout the third game.
  9. ATGames makes those terrible portable Genesis consoles. I see the d-pad isn't improved either.
  10. Bill & Ted dissapointed me. Why couldn't someone make a straight action game instead of this rpg/exploration stuff.
  11. I saw a gameplay video of highlander by one of the guys from AVGN, it looked really bad.
  12. Now that they're out there I hope emulators begin to support save files.
  13. I like the image when it's cleaned up. Looks like a internet image, not a unprofessionally taken picture.
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