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  1. Hello, My 10yr-old daughter got it in her mind to build a kind of Spider Square for the 2600. So I've been trying to help her with my limited bB knowledge. To make things easier for her (and me) I put together a rough syntax highlighter for Sublime Text. It's no Visual bB, but it has its upsides, too. Anyway, while I struggle with what are probably simple things in helping her get this done for a class project, in case any of you find any value in them, here they are. Importing the theme seems to be these steps (for Sublime Text 2 at least): 1. Locate the Packages directory. On my PC, it is C:\Users\cm\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages 2. Create a directory with name "Batari-Basic" in the Packages directory 3. Copy the bas.tmLanguage and Basic-Monokai.tmTheme to the new Batari-Basic directory Then within Sublime, open a bB file and then apply the color scheme from this menu: Preferences ==> Color Scheme ==>Batari Basic ==> Basic-Monokai Cheers theme.zip
  2. Thanks! Moving the title screen to bank4 and cleaning up my code really cut down on my bytes. And using tables with the data statement is a huge help. Merry Christmas all.
  3. Hi, I've been able to cut my teeth on bB with the great support and documentation here. Great stuff. And I've lucked into being able to spend a little R&D time in the day job by making a silly car game (our company makes gates for airport parking lanes, ha). I'm running into one of those errors that I can't track down. When compiling cxr.bas - no problem. It's a thin app consisting of a single title screen. When compiling ctr.bas - it throws a common error that I don't know how to diagnose. It has four different title screens included, each with variables renamed to keep them from colliding. Nonetheless, there is some trouble. DASM V2.20.07, Macro Assembler ©1988-2003 bytes of ROM space left in bank 1 bytes of ROM space left in bank 2 bytes of ROM space left in bank 3 bytes of ROM space left in bank 4 -19 bytes of ROM space left in bank 1 segment: 1fd4 eqm vs current org: 1fe7 ctr.bas.asm (5036): error: Origin Reverse-indexed. Aborting assembly Errors were encountered during assembly. I've attached it just so you can compare. I'm happy to do more leg work tracking it down, if you have any more suggestions for me. CXR.zip
  4. Brilliant! Thanks for tracking that down.
  5. Good catch on the playfield. For me, sometimes those lines are way off to the right, sometimes split left/right, and sometimes somewhere in between. I suspect it has to do with wherever player0 and player1 end up at the point of pressing fire on the titlescreen? @RevEng, I might be missing other initialization values, but I do have player0/1 x/y and missile 0/1 x/y set at least. It's possible I'm missing something else though. Thanks all for the quick replies.
  6. Definitely - here you go, thanks! playproject.zip
  7. Somehow I've managed to get two stray vertical bars, guessing associated with player0 & 1 (which aren't consistently placed from execution to execution) when using the Titlescreen kernel before switching over to the most basic playfield/drawscreen kernel. Has anyone else seen this? If I skip the title screen (gosub titledrawscreen bank2) these don't appear. I'm sure it's something I've done incorrectly. :/
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