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  1. Hi everyone! I think I'm going to try to replace the TIA chip (the one next to the cartridge slot). I still get a black screen after tediously cleaning everything. I was going to get an oscilloscope to measure what frequencies where coming out, but I saw that it is cheaper (much cheaper) to just replace the 3 main chips. I need a co10750-03 I saw one on amazon, but they wanted $10 for shipping! Yikes. Where do you all buy your chips when you need them? Phaedrus32
  2. Thanks, Zylon. On mine, it's 4.9 volts. I guess it's good. I can see my power is good now. I believe my next step is to change out the TIA chip. Mine is co10750-03. Anyone know where to get one of these? I saw one on amazon for $9, but the shipping was $10! Where do you all get your chips? UNLESS... there is something I should be doing first. My power supply is working. I'm using an RF to coax adapter. the RF cord is intact. I believe I need to start switching out chips. Do you all agree? (my appologies to OldSkoolSoldier for hijacking this thread) Phaedrus32
  3. Hey Zylon, I'm having the same issue. What is the "3rd leg"? I have a multimeter so I can test it (if I know what it is). Thanks! Phaedrus32
  4. I'm going to get a mulitmeter to test some of the components. Anyone have a good guide to use (or videos)? Phaedrus32
  5. Sadly, the cleaning didn't work. Any other ideas? Below is the link on youtube where I took a quick video of what the screen looks like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NZi4gvs2XQ&feature=youtu.be Any thoughts would be appreciated! Phaedrus32
  6. I am having the same issue with a 2600A i picked up over the weekend with 8 carts. Your video is EXACTLY like what mine did last night. I'm going to try cleaning the cards and VCS tonight. I'll let you know what happens. I am optimistic! Phaedrus32
  7. Hey everyone, I picked up a 2600 and I can't get any games to display on the screen. I can see the power is working because it is "trying" to put something up, but nothing recognizable. I've tried 8 different games and they all have a similar result: Thick vertical bars. Seems like different games put up different color bars... not sure that is a clue or not. No sound come through the TV. Where do I start? I really want to make this thing work. Surprisingly, it looks like it is fantastic condition cosmetically. I took the board out and checked the RF cable. It does not appear to be kinked/cut. There are no obvious "burned" parts. One last tip. It didn't come with a tv/game switch, so I got one of those F connectors to coax that I'm using. My appologies if there is already a place on this forum for this type of thing. Any help/leads you could give would be very appreciated. Thanks! Phaedrus32
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