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  1. Quite a bummer. Glad I got to see them live at least once, on the Snakes & Arrows tour. RIP Neil.
  2. This is amazing! A few of us always hoped to see Robotron or something similar on the Inty for years now. A dream come true. Thanks for hooking us up with some demos! \m/(>_<)\m/
  3. Absolutely incredible! 😮 Hope this Quietly gets released somehow.
  4. I'm so glad this finally came out.. A must buy!!! Congrats to the team involved!
  5. Excellent work! I'd definitely love to buy one if any become available.
  6. Are you shooting for June now, as far as early access shipments?
  7. Please make another run of Death Chase/Nox! *fingers crossed!*
  8. Nice work! I might try something like this with my LED strips.
  9. Good luck. It's very difficult finding new, regular sized/styled Coleco cart shells, unfortunately. This is probably due to some assholes counterfeiting homebrews a couple years back, so I doubt CollectorVision will come off any. You might get lucky and score some regular, black ones somewhere, but as far as any colored or translucent shells , forget it. I just dealt with this recently myself.. I simply wanted to rehouse my ultimate SD cart in a translucent shell and had a helluva time tracking a couple down. Pkk's shells wouldn't work for my particular project but they might work for whatever you're trying to do. Good luck!
  10. I'll probably end up getting a CIB copy Intellivision Inc. w/ punched overlays. I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure I don't have this game yet.
  11. Saw the video for this a couple days ago. Looks very impressive! I'll definitely buy a copy. keep up the good work!
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