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  1. I may have missed it, but Any progress on the Zimba 3000 (or whatever it was being called 😜), Kevin? I know there's the MISTer but I'd really like something more "console" like, that covers a multitude of different systems, similar to the NT Mini (which sadly doesn't look like there's any more being made, at least that's affordable - keep the fancy aluminum case, use plastic and save money). Just curious!
  2. Glad you're working towards the Retrotink compatibility. You say those of us that already purchased your kits can send our boards back to be reflashed with new firmware when it's ready? I have one of your kits, which I haven't installed yet, but I definitely want the Retrotink compatibility, so I'll wait.
  3. Title screen looks fine to me. It's centered pretty well.. I would advise leaving it alone if I were you. Don't go poking around in there if you don't have to. Yes, a persistent white dot in the center and vectors emanating from it means it's a hair too bright. Simply turn the knob back a touch.
  4. I like this paragraph here. 😒😅 " EBAYS trust and safety department has been contacted and briefed on this item By our Attorneys."
  5. I thought I already joined, but apparently not.. However, I just filled out the form, so hopefully it works this time. 🤞
  6. Aww yeah! I plan to order soon a few games soon. 👍 Don't drink too much Fireball! 😁
  7. My new favorite upscaler.. The Retrotink 2x-Scart! At least for Scart stuff.. Looks great on my RGB modded N64 (Voultar kit) and Intellivision (Sears SVA). Besides that, I use the OSSC v1.6 for everything else. 👍
  8. Man, I couldn't agree more, on some of them at least.. Spot on. 👍 I always hated the Jag power button issue too. Psyched me out a couple of times.. Thought it was broke. Didn't expect it to only light up when a cart was inserted. 😅 Same with the ColecoVision.. What a PITA! 😖 Luckily, I know how to rebuild them though. I've replaced them all together on a couple units. The NKK switch mod was probably the best thing I ever did there. The Genesis and N64 power buttons never bothered me though. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I guess some of my favorite ones are the Vectrex, Intellivision (Sears SVA) and NES.. Always satisfying turning those on. 😎
  9. Let's hope! I missed out on the Super NT too. I really want one though. My Mega SG kicks ass, so I'm sure the Super NT does too. Really wish they'd release a stripped down, plastic case version of the NT Mini.. Never could quite bring myself to spend the $500 on a fancy aluminum case one.
  10. Contact David at arcadeartshop.de
  11. Yessir, that's what I'm using & what's pictured - an Lto Flash. I did notice a little flicker (for lack of better words) when scrolling through the menu, but it wasn't game breaking or anything like what you described. Seems like there is something going on with the timing/sync when going through Lto menus though, I won't deny that. However, based on your experience and my own, what I'm noticing is it seems to all boil down to how your TV handles these signals.. Some work better than others. I hate this Vizio d43f at times, but it's been great as far as handling old school consoles and whatnot. I'm curious how these other RGB mods work though.. I'd like to try Emerson's at some point and I already have the KrayonKing kit. Just need to pick up a spare Inty or two.
  12. Finally scored a Retrotink SCART and I'm happy to report the Juice/Fred K RGB mod looks great through the Retrotink, in to my Vizio TV. No issues yet, as previously mentioned by someone else. Surprisingly not as clear as the Chinese scaler though.. noticed a touch of 'color bleed' (noticeable with Reds) but at least my RGB N64 looks amazing.. Blows the OSSC out of the water on that, particularly with the "smoothing" filter setting on. Fake Scanlines look pretty good too, though a touch too dark for my tastes, but still nice nonetheless. I'll probably continue to use this for now on, at least with anything running Scart. Guess I can finally retire the Chinese upscaler.
  13. That's so rad. Wish I was closer & had that much extra dough. I'd MAKE room for that bad boy! 😜 Best of luck!
  14. I'd love a rom too.. I have the buggy cart. 😕
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