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  1. Jr. Pac Man, please! 🙏 It would be great to play the non-bugged version on the Lto Flash. Thanks for your generosity Rev, no matter what you decide to release! 😎
  2. Most favorite: - 80's Arcade - Racing - Shooters/Shmups (space, FPS, etc) - Platformers - Adventure/Action - Pinball Least favorite: - Card/board games - Game shows - Sports (w/some exceptions) - Cutesy, kiddie games - Turn-based RPG's/Strategy - Point & Click - Math/Learning Games - Puzzle Games (ie. - Sudoku, but I LOVE Tetris) - Text Based - micro transaction/mobile You get the idea.. 😜
  3. So let me get this straight.. It's a physical, CIB game? & it's a 'special' Coleco style cartridge that only works on the Phoenix? Does that sound right? I'm a bit confused as to exactly what this is, but that's what I gather so far, at least from what I've read. I placed my pre-order months ago and initially thought it was just a Rom at first, but I'll be happy to know it's a CIB release.
  4. Ah, rats! ..I didn't even think about that part. My bad! 🤦‍♂️ Still though, it could be any number of games, so I don't think I revealed too much of anything. Guess I should renew that AA subscription so I can edit my comments. 😕 Anyways, as far as playing CV games by non-traditional means, I'm a hardcore original/real hardware guy, through & through and prefer to play my retro games that way. However, I recently started a job where I'm working nightshift, which has lots of downtime, so I figured I'd download some emulators and transfer some of my roms to my phone so I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone - getting my retrogaming fix while at work, all while killing some time. 😜 Using touch screen controls does suck big time but I'm considering buying some kind of controller to hook up to it. It's not ideal solution, but it's better than nothing and at least I can play some retrogames while away from home.
  5. It's a great game and have been thoroughly enjoying it, but I wish I could get it to dump properly, so I can play it on my Ultimate SD cart and keep the cart pristine and in the box. So far, using the 128k MegaCart w/ EPROM format via Atarimax USB programmer & CV adapter has worked the best, but the flower sprites are missing on the bottom. Weird! There's no EPROM in it as far as I can tell, since my high score disappears after I power down the console. 🤔 🤷‍♂️
  6. Standard version is fine with me. Deluxe packaging takes up extra room and it's all about the game itself for me I suppose. I tried to order Bomb n Blast 2 but I wasn't able to pay for it yet, since it's on backorder. 😕
  7. Cool! I'll definitely order a copy of each when they pop up on the website. 😎
  8. I've been trying to spread the word for you, Rolo. I mentioned it on the ever popular Vectrex Fans Unite facebook group, which is very active. I instructed everyone there to state their interest here in this thread, so hopefully enough are interested so that another batch made. Fingers crossed! 🤞 BTW, here is mine, in its latest incarnation. Twin stick, w/ a spinner.. An all-in-one controller was the goal. However, I'd like to go back to using only 2 cables instead of 3 though, wiring the spinner up to a switch, toggling it on/off between spinner & regular player 2 controls. 😎
  9. That would be a nice option but unfortunately homebrew authors aren't very enthusiastic about selling roms, at least currently. Most people want CIBs but there are a few of us that would gladly purchase a Rom instead, depending on the game of course. On the flip side, lots of roms are made available for free, but I don't ever recall having the option to buy one. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Good points mentioned above.. Definitely treat the volume/power with some DeOxit D5 contact cleaner if you haven't already. You'll have to remove the rear half of the case again and lay it down on its screen to get underneath the motherboard, where the pot is located. Squirt some in where the small hole is on the back of the pot and rotate the knob back & forth a couple dozen times. Some people even take it a step farther by injecting some dielectric grease into the back of the pot afterwards. This always usually clears up volume/static issues. Otherwise, try checking connections or replacing the AY chip. Good luck!
  11. Hey, Rolo! Good to hear from you. I'm in for 2 kits, if another run is made.. I'd love to make another, 'improved' analog twin stick controller. 😎 Even if I could just get an extra analog thumbstick PCB with 1 kit, that would be fine since I tie the player 2 buttons into the 1st. 👍 On my last controller, I used your kit and made my own protoboard type PCB with the 2nd thumbstick on it. Anyways, welcome back and thanks for considering more kits! Hopefully others will sign up.. I'll certainly do my part to help spread the word. Cheers
  12. Aww, no Color Line re-releases at all? There's a few I missed out on and was hoping to scoop up at some point. 😕
  13. Gotta love the NES. 😎 It's an iconic design, and as an added bonus, it also makes for a great hiding spot.. I used to stash my 'doobie snacks', cash, etc inside there as a youngster. 😂 It's nice to be able to stack other consoles and /or carts on top of it as well. 👍
  14. Sounds good! I was going to contact you about buying a few other Inty roms anyway, so I'll hit you up soon. 👍
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