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  1. Wow! So cool. Uber rare, No doubt. First I've ever seen. 😎 Thanks for sharing!
  2. TBH, no, not really.. All I truly care about is getting homebrews for the Mattel Inty and that's about it.. That's all I really need. If it was at the original price point, then maybe, but we know that won't change.. as it is, I think I'm good. I wish them luck though.. I hope it succeeds. “¯\_(ツ)_/¯“
  3. Ok, I'll check it out.. It probably got buried in my inbox. Lots of spam.. No wonder I missed it! 😬 Cool, I'll keep on the lookout for a video. Thanks Rev! 👍 BTW, hope it didn't come off as such, but I wasn't griping at you. I'm only mad at myself for missing out again. Haha, it's all good though, I'm sure I'll land a copy someday.. All in due time. 🤞
  4. Goddamn it, I can't believe I missed Intellivania.. Again! 😵 I was going to order that & Pony. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I have no idea what Ni Felter is though.. Really wish there were some screenshots, a quick gameplay video, or even a description. 😅 Depending on what that is, I might pick that up too, but we'll see. Think I'll wait until I can snag all 2 or 3 at once though.
  5. I saw the post a couple days late and missed out on all 3. Doh! 🤦🏻‍♂️ I really hope they make more copies.. Please consider it. 🙏 I will definitely buy all 3 games! 🤘 @retroillucid
  6. Wish I could revise my post.. I now recommend the OSSC over the Retrotink 2x-Scart. 😅 I played around with it some more and on the 5x, 4:3 generic profile it looks way better than anything I tried before. Whether it's hooked up through Component cables (YUV/YpbPr) or Scart, it looked amazing either way. 👍 I'll probably stick with the 8-pin XRGB style Scart cable over Component though. The Sega 9-pin Scart would work too, if I change out the port to match. Pretty pleased with it for the time being!
  7. Not my auction, but I've dealt with them before and it's always been fair. I kinda doubt it will go high. It'll be lucky to sell at all this time around.. I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time I've seen it listed. Still, not a bad price though, especially for eBay.
  8. Huh? 😅 You guys might want to rethink things, considering it's only $9.95 more than what it sells for at Rev's store. In fact, it would be $68 with shipping (at least whenever I bought games from Rev), so I don't think anyone is getting "screwed" here. Plus it looks like it comes in a boxprotector, so that's pretty much right on par. I don't think it's available anywhere else and you don't feel like waiting for a restock, that's a hella fair deal if you ask me. Hell, If I didn't already have it, I'd be all over it! “¯\_(ツ)_/¯“
  9. Hopefully more copies will available in the IntyRevolution store in the near future.. I wouldn't mind a copy of this. 😬
  10. I hope I didn't offend anybody or anything like that.. Haven't tried Yannick's, but I'd like to and I'm sure it's right up there with TCK's. Again, it's great that there's multiple options & RGB mods available from different creators. You can never have too many, imho. It's a good time to be a Inty fan! Whether you're in Europe or North America, everyone's covered. Open source is definitely a good thing too! Big up's to both of you guys. Finally got the YPbPr portion of the Baked Potato v5 mod hooked up, but really couldn't tell a difference compared to Scart... Honestly, they looked the same on my setup. 🤷‍♂️ Oh well. It's still cool having more than 1 output option available, if I need it. That said, I think I'll just stick with Scart. It's more convenient for my setup and is more of an all in one solution vs a bunch of Component/audio cables dangling there. Plus, I'm already setup for Scart with some of my other consoles. I forgot to mention, I've been running the OSSC in 5x mode. I definitely agree that is the way to go. So far, the Generic 4:3 profile still seems to be the clear winner, looking much better than any other profiles used thus far. I don't think I'll bother trying to tweak it much though.. Honestly, it looks perfect as-is. Before switching profiles, I was getting a lot of noise here & there, plus a little bit of color bleed on Red mainly, so that's why I favored the Retrotink at the time, but all of that is now gone. Weird. On the Retrotink 2x-Scart, I noticed some slight color bleed on Reds too, but nothing extreme.. You really had to look for it. Otherwise, I didn't experience any artifacts or noise at all. Now that I have my OSSC dialed in, I think I'll use it with my Intellivision(s) from here on out and only use the 2x-Scart for some of my other RGB modded consoles (N64, etc). BTW, the main TV I've been using for testing is a 43" D series Vizio, model D43F-E1. I do have another smaller HDTV and some CRT's packed away, so maybe I'll try some of those in the future. For the time being, I'm satisfied with this current setup. 👍
  11. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. If I was one who was creating that mod, I'd certainly strive to make it the best available, which I think the crayon king has accomplished, IMHO. Not to knock Yannick's work or anything either.. both gentlemen have done a fine job. I just think it's down to personal preference at this point, though I prefer the TCK's mod, who seems to win out on compatibility/features at this point, plus the possibility of expansion(s). Anyways, it's a blessing to have options either way and on both sides of the pond to boot! Cheers, fellas! Hard work certainly pays off. BTW, I'm finally installing the YUV side of crayola's mod as we speak, so I'm looking forward to testing that vs Scart/RGB. Speaking of testing, my prefered scaler, the Retrotink 2x Scart stopped outputting sound earlier today (which I later determined to be a faulty HDMI cable, so it's back up and running with a different cable) and so I fiddled around with the OSSC some more, which I actually got to look better than the Retrotink 2x Scart. Using a generic 4:3 profile instead of one of my saved profiles from before on the OSSC did the trick.. it now looks a lot better than the Retrotink. Whodathunk?
  12. Just RGB mod your Inty model II and you'll be set. All you'll need besides that and your Lto Flash is an upscaler of some sort.. I recommend the Retrotink 2x-Scart, but a cheap Scart to HDMI Amazon/eBay scaler will work fine too.
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