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  1. Wow, okay. Passive-aggressiveness aside... I've read things in the past about how unplugging a Jag's controllers mid-use can be more damaging to a Jag than say, a Sega Genesis. I just wanted to know if damage from this is a fairly common issue, apparently it isn't. I think back to when I first got a Jag, and that I'd discovered that a controller with a missing pin was causing the video signal to fail. These systems are just a lot more finicky with their controller workings than other consoles I'm used to. I just can't think of another reason I'd have controller issues one day, and a dead Jag the next.
  2. Hello all, I'd like to begin by saying that I am by no means a negligent/careless owner. I was never rough with my Jag. However, despite this, it stopped working a while back for reasons currently beyond me. The last few times I'd played it, it had serious controller issues; on Cybermorph, the T-Griffon wouldn't stop jetting forward and moving upward, while on Tempest 2K, I couldn't stop shooting. Not long after these incidents, my Jag failed entirely, and won't even power on. All I know is that these consoles are very sensitive to electrical mishaps (shorts, overloads, etc.), and that something to do with the controller inputs failed/shorted out, and this somehow eventually led to total failure. Yet if that is the case, wouldn't that mean that one of my controllers is defective and causes shorts? I've no soldering skills, and even less of a clue on how to find the replacement parts necessary for this system, so the chances of me fixing this are slim. For the meantime, I've purchased a new Jag system (I shouldn't have to explain how expensive they've become), so I want to ensure that this doesn't happen again. The main things I want to know are: *What caused this? *Is this (cheaply) fixable? *What can prevent this? Sorry about the long post, but as a long-time Atari fan, I just want to ensure the fun doesn't stop here. Please feel free to ask me anything you'd like to know.
  3. Hey guys, I picked up yet ANOTHER Working Heavy Sixer! But this time, it came with some extra goodies! The first, was a Tele-Games Game Center storage system! it's pretty worn, but it serves its purpose well. It also came with about 20 games, a large variety of controllers, and the original grey A/C Adapter! As for the condition of the system itself, it's far better then the previous one that I had, almost perfect in fact! Now for the best part, all of this was only $30.00! Anyway, now it's finally time for the one part of this post that's related to the topic! The serial number: 41894L (No Channel Select Switch)
  4. Thanks! At first I thought it was a bit steep considering that it came with literally nothing but the attached RF wire. But after looking up more info on it I can see now that it was well worth the investment! Now if only I can remember what happened to my spare Atari 2600 AC adapter... I really want to test this thing out!
  5. Just got my first Heavy Sixer in the wild for $20.00! I have yet to try it as it did not come with an AC Adapter but it appears to be in okay condition and I'm confident it will work once I get my hands on a cheap power supply! Serial #: 98401E (Has no Channel Select switch!)
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