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  1. I'm complying to the TI maximum of 127 files and 114 sub directories. Must add extra bells and whistles for that. (not impossible though, I add this to the list).
  2. Do you mean the <ctrl-x>, <ctrl-e> keys (which is allready there) or do you mean the real <PG UP> and <PG DN> keys for that functionality? btw, just noticed that <PG UP> equals fctn-6 and <PG DN> equals some other fctn-? (4 maybe). May I must get rid of that command (fctn-6) mode and use page-up/page-dn keys for what it says it is. This version has a 4Kb circulair buffer for storing directory names while copying/moving/deleting files. Let me know if it is enough for letting Gdm2k handle your directory structure ! ... ow ... you allready did I see in the above message. Thanks for montioning it. Fred 🙂
  3. For all Geneve owners ... there is a Gdm2k available at www.ti99-geek.nl in the projects section. This is a native MDOS version of DM2k but with two file lists. This program is finally finished after a pause of 12 years. Don't ask me what happened ... I guess there was to much fun TI stuff to do
  4. I choose the >8x code because when developing the IDE DSR many ears ago I also used superbugger and placed jumps directly into superbugger from my test DSRLNK. To prevent to first single step through the HFDC and SCSI DSR's to find out that the device name IDE1 is really not there I decided to use some other code instead of >2x. This speeded up the development of the IDE DSR. (I also thought back then that if a card has CRU address >1100 the low level code should be >10 and if the CRU address is >1200 the low level code should be >20 etc. But this idea failes when the CRU address can be set with DIP switches. I just left the low level code >8x for the IDE DSR and >9x for the HDX DSR because debugging and development is so much easier this way IMHO) Fred
  5. Normally the version of a DSR is also in the header: AA02 is version 2 and AA03 is version 3.
  6. Hi GDMike, Dm2k can format floppies, just press ctrl-f. A special (new/updated) version for the Geneve is coming soon, there was a slight delay of 12 years ... I don't know what happened
  7. New version available of Dm2k v3.2 Fixed a problem with loosing the CRU address of the source device after copying a file to a device with a different CRU address. See www.ti99-geek.nl
  8. Thanks for finding these problems. I will dive into this Problem solved. This was a part of code where I was allready struggling to determine if the CRU address of the SRC device was allready defined or not. There was some uggly hack wich backfired. Now it is clean code 🙂 New versions can be downloaded from my website https:\\ti99-geek.nl (Dm2k v3.2, flashrom / finalgrom collection and EA V r8) dm2k_v32.zip
  9. What is the advantage of using TIPI instead of DSK0? The CRU address change is a "rather strange phenomenon". Hope you can catch this error so that I can fix DM2K.
  10. I don'w own a TIPI myself but how is it used? Do you copy to TIPI and is the device name TIP with unit number 'I' which is >19 ('A' is >11) and low level functions start from what? (DM2K doesn't like unknown device names) Or do you copy to DSK0 and the device name is DSK with unit number >00 and low level functions start from >10 (like TI disk controller) Device names and (first) low level function is hard coded in a table in DM2K. Wanted to make this dynamic (scanning DSRS) but the Myarc harddisk controller has two names and (WDS and DSK) and also two low level function codes >20 and >10 and the Geneve super DSR makes it even worse ... so the only option was a hard coded table.
  11. I don't have this version of CF7A+ so I can't know if it will work with Ti99Hdx server. The previous version had a spare CRU bit I could use in Cf2k to turn the bus arround (Read or Write) I really don't know if that (same) CRU bit is still availalable in this version. There are different components used so I really can't tell if this newer version is working the same as the older versions. You also need a real parallel port on your PC/Laptop. It doesn't work with a USB-Parallel converter. If you don't have a real parallel port then you could try the Arduino Parallel to serial converter mentioned on my website here http://www.ti99-geek.nl/Projects/ti99hdx/ti99hdx_cf7a+.html Fred
  12. Hi Beery, The "original" TI file system can handle a maximum of 127 files and 114 subdirectories (==241 names) per directory. The VDP memory is allready used to buffer pathnames while copying directory structures. Fred
  13. Ti99Dir version 8.1a of august the 1st 2020 is available for download at ti99-geek.nl I did some bug fixes but there are still some left to solve for another version (thanks for doing some testing InsaneMultitasker 🙂) New option is that a IDE/SCS hard disk image can be created and it is also possible to manipulate files and directories on these images. Previous versions of Ti99Dir could only read and extract file from hard disk images. Ti99Dir is using a Ti99HdImg32.dll for this. This DLL is a TMS9900 assembly to C-code converted version of the IDE DSR version 14. Another new option is that PC text files can be converted to Ti Basic / Extended Basic program or dis/var 163 in the TIFILES format. For this option Ti99Dir is using the LibXBTKN32.dll written by Stefan Bauch author of TiCedEd. Ti99Dir like the DLL's in the same directory as the Ti99Dir.exe. Fred
  14. In 40 column mode the tab key (fctn-7) can be used to show the remainder of the commands. I have not put any documentation of the editor on my website because it is still the editor of the editor/assembler module. Documentation is in the Editor/Assembler manual. What is documented on my website is the extra function keys I haver added. Fred
  15. Doesn't matter Wolfgang ... Always interesting how this works; For years everything is fine and then suddenly there is a problem that pop ups. The problem was always there but nobody had noticed it. So it is true that that there is always one more bug!
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