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  1. I have the same problem with my FInalGrom99. When the TI is switched on then I have to do a lot of resets, reloads, switch of and on. Sometimes the system halts in the menu, sometimes during loading the module and sometimes after loading the module. When the system is warmed up the problem seems to be gone.
  2. I never made a backup of my MFM hard drive to floppies ... I had a second MFM hard drive as backup instead (and a file-by-file backup on my pc using Dm2k). Now also owning a DREM creating a backup is much easier these days, just creating a copy of the had drive image file from the DREM's SD-card to my PC. Fred
  3. All characters are allowed except a '.' (dot) and spaces in a TI directory or file name. The '.' character is the device - directory - file name separator. In the beginning ( before 1990 ) I used NAME;SRC NAME;OBJ NAME;LST (sometimes also NAME;TIB and NAME;EXB) but AFAIK there is not really a convention about file extensions.
  4. - IDE DSR v14 is available for download. A bugfix, one change and adding support for the BQ4802 clock chip. - Dm2k V3.0 is available for download. Added some direct commands instead of the fctn-6 method, lowercase characterset, possible to add the CRU address of the device before the source and destination path (like Force Command). Special feature for those people with different kind of storage devices in their system whith all the same device names. Now you can skip over the first one that is always found. If CRU address is not entered then Dm2k functions as before. Also DSK0. is now allowed. - Ti99Dir v7.2a is available for download. Converting all selected files now between TI <-> PC instead of one by one. Showing the file header in the editor window when viewing a file hexadecimal as requested by Beery. See www.ti99-geek.nl
  5. Ti99Dir v7.2a is available for download. - Conversion option for PC files to TI files is used for all selected files - Conversion option for TI files to PC files is used for all selected files of the same type also posible for all selected files - Conversion of PC files to DSK image and Cf7a+ or nanoPeb DSK image also posible for all selected files - Copying of PC files to a DSK image or Cf7a+ or nanoPeb DSK image also posible (jumps to conversion dialog in this case)
  6. Here you are ... in a mix of c99 and assembler. This is a part from Cf2k. It is wat it is mentioned in this thread before: Read the CF id. Offset 14 (long value [4 bytes]) is number of 512 byte sectors (capacity) Divide by 1600 to get the number of volumes that fits on this CF- card. Upper half of the sectors are wasted. crusrc=CF7CRU; /* Set CRU address */ cf7id(DATSCN); /* Read CF id, lcpyl(srcsec,&DATBYT[14]); /* copy long value to srcsec */ ldivs(srcsec,1600); /* divide by short value 1600 */ CfTotVol = srcsec[1]; /* number of volumes, apearently <= 255 ?? */ good thing you asked ... now I know/found why it is <= 255 in Cf2K Fred Cf2k8.c99
  7. Okay, also made a note of this.
  8. I've made a note for this feature. Fred
  9. For a permanent mount the volume number(s) must be written to the first sector of the CF-card: Offset 20/21: Value >AA03 Offset 22/23: Volume number DSK1 (16 bit value) Offset 24/25: Volume number DSK2 (16 bit value) Offset 26/27: Volume number DSK3 (16 bit value) But should also be set in VDP RAM while the program is running (and want to use the last mounts): >3FF8 = >AA03 >3FFA = Vol# DSK1 (1-x) >3FFC = Vol# DSK2 (1-x) >3FFE = Vol# DSK3 (1-x) (last version of Cf2k is from 2016 btw) Fred
  10. Be careful not to make the same mistake I did many many years ago. When my new TI-Basic program failed to load I got the bright idea to use my brothers stereo system. Turned the amplifiers volume to a high level and everything went fine ... until I saw smoke coming from my TI99 console. I quickly disconnected the cable from the amplifier. After some investigation I found that only one of the opto-coupler was a bit thicker than it used to be and had a little crack in it. But it stil functioned properly after this but my little basic program was lost anyway. I must have used a bad tape. Fred
  11. Yes I meant the BQ4852 clock chip. This is the one with the internal RAM so you don't need the Vout and the RAM chip. I have one IDE card running with this clock chip for year now. But it is true that when the battery is empty then there is a problem and some external voltage supply for the RAM chip must be created.
  12. In Thierry's design the RAM chip M68Z512W get its power from the clock chip BQ4847 chip (pin #1 Vout) . See also schematic in my website http://www.ti99-geek.nl/Projects/idecard/Files/ide_sch2.gif When using the other clock chip BQ4842 you don't need the RAM chip ... the DSR can be stored in the clock cips memory. If the RAM chip is added anyway then yo have to disable it when using this clock chip. In the data sheet of the RTC-65271 I don't see a voltage output for some external device. If this clock chip is going to be used some batery backup for the RAM chip must be created. Fred ;-
  13. If I'm correct with my previous statement: Brain wave alert: You can also create a little board with an extra 3V battery (and the transistors\resistors\diodes as I did for the HDX project) and use this as backup for the RAM chip and place it at one of the other clockchip locations. Fred
  14. There is no 3.3 volts available on the original IDE card design!!!
  15. Depends on what you want to do with the IDE card and this clock chip... but a quick look at the datasheet told me that this clock chip has 128 pages of 32 bytes, that is a total of 4096 bytes. I also don't see a pin that can supply a (backup) voltage to the RAM chip like the other clock chips do Thierry used/mentioned. IMHO this is not the correct clock chip to go for. BTW: The size of my DSR for the IDE card is about 8Kb +9*4Kb = 44Kb Fred
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