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  1. Is this an original game or is it a pirate of an unreleased game?
  2. Does this work on the PowerPak as well?
  3. Ill let PingvinBlueJeans answer those questions, that's more his area of expertise.
  4. That's what I concluded as well. It's the only thing that makes sense.
  5. Might have grabbed the wrong one. Try this one: COBRA.bin
  6. Sure, they go for a bit on ebay, but the market is pretty small. No idea what current prices though. I'd these but only in trade.
  7. Too bad it isn't complete. Oh well, at least you can screw around with it for a while.
  8. This proto is new and falls between the 1/3/84 and 4/5/84 (WIP 16).
  9. Thanks to the efforts of Ken V. (Dutchman2000) we have access to a former game developers personal archives. In this archive were many WIP versions of games from many different companies. Some of the versions are completely different than what was actually released, some are very early single screen demos. Check out all these new and interesting protos or play them yourself with the attached roms. Expect more reviews shortly. This is just the tip of the iceberg. And if you find something I missed (which is quite probable), please let me know. Cosmic Swarm Infiltrate Kangaroo Mr. Do's Castle Omega Race Popeye Star Wars: TAG Super Cobra Protos.zip
  10. Yes, that and the extra memory. The proto is from 1983, not 84.
  11. I can only say that I ordered from Brad many many years ago (well over 10) and he was nice enough about it, but even back then you had to follow his rules or he got snippy. Some people are like that though, they have a system and they don't want anything to go outside of their system. I had better experiences with B&C though, and bought much more from them over the years. If someone truly is buying out B&C, I'd be curious as to what they find. Bruce told me years ago he has a ton of prototypes somewhere and some of them were unreleased (like Matmaina and Ninja Golf for the 8-bits). He just never had the time to go find them, and I guess didn't care about it too much. I really hope whoever buys his stuff takes the time to release some of that stuff.
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    2. BydoEmpire


      I always liked Infiltrate.  I think it's a cool game.  Is there actually a prototype version of it?  This seems like a review of the commercial game.  Apollo made great stuff, btw, Space Cavern is awesome.

    3. BydoEmpire


      Nevermind, I see "Released = yes" in the description.

    4. Tempest


      Might have a Space Cavern proto as well.  The rom is currently not working though.  Need to look into it.

  12. Ditto. It's nice graphically, but it was way too ambitious and given that the other parts of the game were never completed, it's also quite pointless. From what I understand there's no ending in either of the two parts that were released, all you're doing is leveling up your guy for no reason. I think some versions even had different things enabled, like some had guilds and some didn't.
  13. It's slow on the Apple too. It is quite the looker, and one of the first games that made me say "WOW" when I saw it, but that doesn't change the fact that it's really really shallow gameplay-wise.
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