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  1. 79,400 First attempt, so I know I can do better. I actually died trying to grab a sip of coffee it was my own fault. I remember getting this game as a kid. I had originally grabbed Freeway by Activision but was so disappointed with it when I got home that I took it back (remember when you could do that?) and got Phoenix instead and loved it ever since. It's a really nice arcade conversion, but the background sounds get annoying after a bit. EDIT: you can turn the bird sounds off with the difficulty switch! That's nice. Hey ZilchSr, did you end up suiciding after getting a sufficiently high score or die naturally? I ask because I noticed the difficulty seems to cap after a few rounds (or it seemed like it to me), so if you can get a six digit score like that you have to have mastered all the patterns by that point. Interesting how you only seem to get one bonus life as well (or was it two?).
  2. Yeah I'm curious about that one as well. My understanding is that the original board was dumped but damaged so you could only play up to a certain level. Then I read that they either fixed the board or found another copy to dump but that's the last I heard.
  3. I just found out I've been spelling grey the English way all this time (the American way is gray).  Who knew?  Then again I also spell it sceptre instead of scepter.  Maybe I've lived too close to Canada for too long?

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    2. Tempest


      That's pretty funny.  I guess two different people did the coding for that part.  I have VS 2019 on my pc, I'll have to look at that.

    3. GoldLeader


      I'm usually pretty good at spelling and I wasn't sure on this one either...This has been an unusually helpful Status Update :)

    4. Eltigro


      I use "realise" instead of the NA preferred "realize."

  4. I thought it was done and location tested.
  5. After not having much free time for the past (looks at the date on posts) two and a half years, I'm finally going to get around to trying this over the holidays. I think I have everything I need (850, Lantronix device, cables, etc.), but I'm curious about which software to use. Ice-T seems to be the best since it supports 80 columns, but can I load it using the Incognito on my 800? Anything else I should know before I start?
  6. So why was there only part of the data? Was it just old data left on the disk or is it that the other disks that have the rest of the data are missing? I'm curious how come there's only a little data.
  7. The group stopped meeting a long time ago, but there are still some Michigan folks here.
  8. I believe the source code for Gremlins exists in some form (at least some of it), but the prototype is long gone.
  9. Centipede is this one: http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/centipede/centipedebeta.htm Frog Pond are these two: http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/frogpond/frogbeta1.htm http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/frogpond/frogbeta2.htm BTW if anyone sees something I missed, please let me know. So many of these have tiny changes that I'm sure I overlooked something in my marathon of reviews.
  10. Oh no!  An email I received said a 'hacker' has incriminating pictures of me and they'll ruin my reputation unless I send them $2,000 in bitcoin!  

    I hate to tell the hacker this, but my reputation certainly isn't worth $2,000.  In fact, releasing such pictures might even improve my reputation around here...

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    2. GoldLeader


      Now to be fair,  I believe you thought those ducks were dragons...

    3. jd_1138


      Dragons are very persuasive when they are horny.  

    4. DragonGrafx-16
  11. I don't think that was the case here. They fully intended to release the fixed version of the game and eventually the rom (at least that was my understanding).
  12. If the owner of the prototype didn't give their permission for the rom to be released, I think it would be a dick move to release it without their say so. While it's possible they're gone from the hobby for good, I think the proper thing to do is exhaust all possible venues for contacting them first. If that fails then I don't know, but surely someone must be able to get in contact with them? Just releasing the rom because they haven't been on in a long time doesn't feel right to me.
  13. Death lasers shoot the boat randomly. Try not to be under the boat very long. The longer you wait to give the item to the boat the less time the laser has to hit the boat.
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