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  1. That's where I saw it! Thanks for putting that together, it was an interesting read. I wish someone would do something like this for other systems.
  2. It is a prototype, but the screen shouldn't be flashing like that and the roadside buildings shouldn't be all corrupted. Here's what it should look like (I'm the one who first reviewed it): http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/turbo/turbo.htm
  3. No, they made a different manual for the us version that tried to explain the missing enemies. I think they had to because there are still references to them in the game. Somewhere there's a site that had both the us and cbs manuals side by side.
  4. Well it's not like Victory was a popular game. I don't think I've ever seen one in person, but oddly enough I do own the marquee. I doubt many people had seen one in person and like you said, probably didn't know what was missing.
  5. I love the Mac for just that reason. I've got a bit of a monochrome fetish.
  6. I remember getting it launch on my Mac SE from a boot disk, but I didn't get around to playing it. I'll have to try and see.
  7. Actually it would be closer to Adventure I think.
  8. First Curt and now Nukey. Things won't be the same without him.
  9. Since there isn't a way to discuss this article without bringing up politics I'm locking this thread. Please don't start another one about this article. No politics on AA.
  10. Well that didn't take long to devolve into a political shouting match. Politics aren't allowed on AA, but then you all knew that.
  11. I know they carried the Exidy Sorcerer because most of the games for it came out of Australia for some reason.
  12. My knowledge of the UK computer scene is somewhat limited, but I really did enjoy the movie. The guy they got to be Clive reminded me of Tom Cruise's character in Tropic Thunder, but after seeing some picture of Clive in 1980 it wasn't too far off. It's interesting that while Acorn won the the BBC contract that Clive may have ultimately won the war. The BBC Micro kind of strikes me as the UK equivalent of the Apple II while the Spectrum was the UK equivalent of... well honestly I don't know. I was going to say the C64, but honestly I don't know if the US had an equivalent of the Spectrum (well other than the actual equivalent the TS2068). Very interesting stuff. I also did not know that Acorn marketed anything in the US. Does anyone know more about this?
  13. What's going on with the 2600 version in your video? It looks corrupted. I can't believe that the there were only two released ports of Turbo. For some reason I assumed that the various computer systems got ports.
  14. It's also here http://macintoshgarden.org/games/temple-of-apshai-trilogy
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