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  1. 18 or something like that I think.
  2. Could it be a Colecovision cart?
  3. So are you saying that the existing rom for Castles & Keys is a WIP and this new one labeled FINAL is most likely the final version? Why are there WIP versions of games on ROMOX ECPC carts? Is it possible that some of these other titles that have dates are WIP versions of games?
  4. High Score: 299,250 Low Score: 760 And I just thought this was funny. Can't cut it closer than that!
  5. All my protos are backed up in multiple places. Years ago I lost a valuable email archive due to a hard drive crash (all my late 90's/early 2000 programmer interviews), so I learned my lesson.
  6. By far. I wanted to cover the game thoroughly because I can't release the rom. Hopefully it gives everyone an idea of how it plays.
  7. It only took me five years. Enjoy! http://www.atariprotos.com/7800/software/toki/toki.htm
  8. My review is up: http://www.atariprotos.com/7800/software/toki/toki.htm
  9. Just the PAL proto. The fixed NTSC version is a hack of the proto so it doesn't fall into the scope of my page.
  10. That's one of those protos that I need to know more about. Was it actually released in Europe on disk? Is the proto that's out there a disk to cart conversion or a real prototype? The history behind that one is murky.
  11. No, but a few of us were given the prototype rom for various reasons (bug fixing, reviewing, etc.) with the explicit instructions not to give it out to people. He may not own the rights to it, but I'm going to stand by his wishes as they were part of the price for having access to the prototype. Although in reality I'm almost 100% sure that he wouldn't care if the rom was given out at this point as it appears he'll never do whatever he had planned for it. That being said, my Toki review is coming along quite nicely, I hope to have it done by tomorrow. Since I can't give it the rom, the review is more of a complete walkthrough than a simple review. I hope to give people a sense of what the game is like even if they can't actually play it.
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