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  1. I could put all the homebrews and conversions I've found into some zip files and post them here if people want. All the homebrews I've found were free downloads so I can't imagine there would be a problem with it. As for the games I requested for conversion, Qix would be my number one top request. The rest are just 'would be nice'. I honestly don't know how hard it is to convert them. All I know is addresses and control schemes need to be changed.
  2. Did someone fix the controls on Q*Bert? Is that rom available somewhere?
  3. The area around the power supply is pretty warm, but I think that's par for the course on an Intellivision. I wonder if the diagnostic cart can detect a bad chip? I didn't notice any game playing oddly or doing anything weird before they crashed, it was just suddenly 'bam' they crashed. I'd think if a chip was damaged or bad the game wouldn't play right up to that point.
  4. My Intellivison has developed a problem. It appears that after a random period of time (could be a minute, might be ten) whatever game I'm playing will crash. If I'm using the LTO flash it will go back to the menu but if it's a regular cartridge it will just crash. I've tried several different games from Burgertime to the Test Cartridge to various demos and they all crash after a time. Sometimes the crash will happen several times in a row in a short time (seconds) other times it might run for 20 min or so. I'm at my wits end trying to figure this out. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the RGB mod I just had installed, but it happens through composite too. I suppose it could be a power issue, but the person who installed my mod said he had it running for several hours with no issues. Any ideas?
  5. Personal preference I guess. Everyone says the 5200 version of Qix is the superior one but I like the 8-bit version better. Like I said, they're the versions I grew up with so that's what I'm used to.
  6. There are two accepted ways of pronouncing 'Caribbean' yet Billy Ocean managed to find a third.

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    2. Tempest


      Well you can pronounce it Caribbean or Caribbean but Billy Ocean pronounces it Caribbean which is sort of a cross between the two.

    3. doctorclu


      I thought this was a fun video that the Star Wars fan in me loved....



    4. retrorussell


      Whenever I think of "Caribbean" I always think of "Carrageenan".  I hope someday there will be a stolen shipment of carrageenan, so I can excitedly point out that the thieves were "Pirates Of The Carrageenan".

  7. Those are the 8-bit versions, I need the 5200 proto rom
  8. While going through my 5200 prototype roms I noticed that I'm missing Behind Jaggi Lines (RoF) form 2-13-84. I had it at one point as I reviewed it, but somehow it's not in the folder. Does anyone have this rom? http://www.atariprotos.com/5200/software/rof/21384.htm
  9. Huh, and I thought that it brought up basic at least without a cartridge. Well I hope that's the issue then after all. The only cartridge I have on hand at the moment is a home brew called Copter Command. When I plug that in it appears to bypass the ECS. I assume this is standard behavior for a home brew?
  10. I can try rf tomorrow. It didn't show up over composite though.
  11. The ECS just adds a sound chip and some RAM, it doesn't do anything with video. The Intellivison should see it like a cartridge called ECS and bring up the title screen and then go to a screen that lets you select Basic or a cartridge. Im hoping that even if the screen doesn't show up the ECS games will still work. I'll know more on Tuesday when my LTO flash comes.
  12. Have you tried using an ECS through RGB? I can't get mine to work either with the composite mod or RGB mod (Yannick's board). I don't know if my ECS is just bad or if there's something weird it's doing that affects the video output. Unfortunately I don't have any carts to test it with other than one homebrew (which works but appears to bypass the ECS screen). I think it's supposed to display that ECS selection screen even without a cartridge plugged in and I'm seeing nothing. Oddly I swear it used to work before I got my RGB mod, but it's been years since I tried it.
  13. I tried Combat, Air Sea Battle, 3D Tic Tac Toe, Star Ship, and Bowling. None worked.
  14. Has anyone tried running 2K 2600 games on the Concerto yet? Other 2600 games seem to work just fine, but any 2K game either gives me the rainbow bars or my TV just loses sync and it blacks out.
  15. Has anyone made conversions of these 8-bit games? Qix Space Invaders Centipede Dig Dug I know there are 5200 versions of each of these, but the 8-bit versions are different and are the ones I grew up with so I'd like to see them on the 5200 as well.
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