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  1. My soldering skills are non-existent. Especially for small stuff.
  2. I don't think I can do all that soldering to the circuit board for the keyboard cable. If I got one of these I'd have to send my TI-99 out and have someone else do it for me.
  3. I have a few of those laying around. Did I misunderstand what Shift838 was saying? Does he have a interface for the TI99 that will take a USB to PS/2 dongle and allow me to use my PS/2 keyboard with it? How hard are these mods to install? I haven't had the best luck opening up my TI-99 as it always seems like a puzzle when trying to get to the board underneath. Also, assume all of these mods disable the original keyboard?
  4. No, it needs to be to PS/2 style so I can use it with my KVM.
  5. Any more progress on Tutankham? From what I'm reading it sounds like more of a hardware issue than something that can be fixed in software.
  6. I was thinking the other day (a rare occurrence for me) that if I could use a PS/2 style keyboard with my TI-99 things would be a lot easier. I never really cared for the cramped TI-99 style keyboard so anything that could expand it out a bit would be helpful. I did some googling and saw that back in 2015 there was such a device made, but I can't find much info about it. I'm guessing that it had issues or for some other reason didn't take the world by storm. Is anyone still making something like this or is the idea dead?
  7. On cartridge no less (they also released it on disk for Tandy 1000 computers). There's also a version of Microsurgeon but it's pretty rare.
  8. Yeah the PCjr version is really good. Too bad most people never got to play it.
  9. I never played CCC but I had the pseudo sequel The Movie Monster Game on my Apple II and loved it. MM was a lot more action oriented rather than strategic like CCC.
  10. Tempest

    GDEMU Questions

    Ok I just got my GDEMU installed, is there a good guide for setting up the SD card? I have a bunch of GDI/track files but I'm not sure how to add them to the SD card so the GDEMU menu sees them (I hear there's a program that can help with that). Any help would be appreciated. BTW I can do this in Windows if I have to, but something that runs in Linux or in Wine would be best. EDIT: Ok I figured out that you need to put the GDI files in sequentially numbered folders. That's going to be a pain to do manually. Hopefully I can figure out that program.
  11. And I love the 2600 port of Tutankham, but that doesn't mean they're not the worst ports available.
  12. The only thing I hated were the driving segments as the steering with the pad was terrible.
  13. I keep hearing great things about the first one, but honestly I don't really need another 'by the numbers' RPG with crappy acting. I put up with that sometimes if if it's a classic I love, but there are so many new RPGs out there I don't have time to play them all. I just spent 200+ hours with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so I'm a bit burnt on RPGs at the moment anyway.
  14. Thank you. I was actually just searching for this thread to post that you had responded. You beat me to it.
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