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  1. Neither works. If I use /60 DHCP can't find it, if I use /96 it times out. I suppose it could be my router somehow, but if my Atari can use DHCP so can my DOS box.
  2. I was explaining this to my wife last night. I don't get the appeal, but other than Sim City and Sim City 2000, I don't think I ever played a 'life sim' game. I guess I want explicitly laid out goals and story lines. But since half the country is currently playing it, it must have something going for it that I'm missing.
  3. Go right ahead. Looks like I'm going to have to wait on a Switch anyway due to them all being sold out. Oh well, I still have to get through half the Kingdom Hearts games before I can even think of Switch stuff.
  4. Golf! I love that game. I have an idea for Mach Rider. I'll try tonight and see if I can up my score.
  5. I'd have to unscrew all the cables, but if I ever have to do that for some reason I'll try it.
  6. I wonder if the modem cable with the null modem adapter would work now?
  7. That set the interrupt to 60 (0x3C). I assume we want it at 0x60 so maybe /I=96? DHCP now times out.
  8. I got it working! I had to disable DSR Logout.
  9. Like the Apple III with it's Apple II emulation.
  10. That's what I've read. Yes I'm using the Terminal Cable now, but still having no luck. Here's a summary of what's going on: 1. Using the Modem Cable with a Null Modem adapter I was able to get BobTerm and Ice-T to show all the MSS100 startup messages then allow me to type in connect strings, but whenever I connected to a BBS it got to the Connect 9600 message and hung. I was unable to do anything past that. 2. Using the Terminal Cable with a gender changer I get BobTerm and Ice-T to show me the MSS100 startup messages but after stating "Load Complete - Boot in Progress" it never gets to the next message which is: %% Lantronix MSS100 %% Ethernet Address: 00-80-a3-66-9d-5b Internet Address xxx.xx.x.xxx So I can never type the connection string in to see if it connects. If I push the A key (which is my Start Character) I can type one letter, but then nothing. I can keep doing this, but obviously it's not doing anything in the program. 3. I can connect to the MSS100 through Putty on my PC and connect to a BBS through that. So I know the MSS100 itself works just fine. I don't know if it matters but it's a Rev: B15 with the latest firmware. So that's where things stand right now. For some reason it appears that the Terminal Cable isn't allowing the MSS100 to fully boot up, and the Modem Cable with the adapter isn't allowing the final connection to the BBS. It's really weird.
  11. Ok let me try that. I ran a different driver and now the dhcp program is crashing. Something is in conflict.
  12. 30,630 WTF is wrong with this game? There's no difficulty curve, it just starts high and never lets up. It took me over an hour to beat the first real level. You can't go slow to dodge things or you'll get hit from behind and die, so you have to be constantly in 4th. But if you're in 4th the game spazzes out with the left/right curves coming so fast that it actually gave me a headache. The level design made me think of something you'd see at the very end of the game in the final few boards, not something you start at. Am I missing something here or is this game impossibly difficult?
  13. Hmmm... another one I've never played. This should be interesting. when I was a kid I always thought the game was called Ma(t)ch Rider for some reason.
  14. Ok that seems to have worked. Now I need to figure out how to set up MTCP. I can't figure out how to set up the packet driver. I need an address but I'm not sure what it is. My card has the following stats: Device Number: 6 Bus Number: 0 I/O Port Address: 5000h to 503Fh And the Packet Driver program says it the I/O Base is 20480 (0x5000) and the interrupt is 5 (0x5). The config file wants a PacketInt variable, but I'm not sure what that would be. I would assume 0x5. So in my config file I have: PACKETINT 0x5 HOSTNAME ATARIPC that *should* work, but when I run DHCP it says: Init: could not setup packet driver Could not initialize TCP/IP stack
  15. Thanks for doing these remasters. I'm really enjoying them.
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