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  1. Are you satisfied with the issue? I guess we should not wait that long for another one, right? So we are already on the first thoughts for #15...
  2. @Farb Just PM you, did not received any email. The data Highway was too long I guess Just see your inbox and let me know...
  3. The first batch of all payed issues are ready to go... Expect them soon fellas...
  4. Finally the printery delievered ... This was a journey... We start shipping now during the weekend and send all out as soon as possible... The book looks amazing! Expect it soon...
  5. Awesome collection, love these games - they remind me on the good old days
  6. Hallo mighty dear ATARIans... this is Markus. Hope you are well. The book is at the printery at the moment. Please pre-order meanwhile the book if you may interested in it to come as close as possible to our costs we got But what you can expect? PRO ( C ) ATARI - Issue 14 Softcover Book Edition containing 108 pages in total filled with TIME FOR A QUICKIE (Crystal Raider, Tagalon, LA Swat, Loops DX, Little Devil) NEW GAMES FROM JON WILLIAMS (Baby Berks, Berks 4, Major Blink) ENGLISH's SOFTWARE SMASH HITS VOL. 1 (1985) (Jet Boot Jack, Firefleet, Dan Strikes Back, Catain Sticky's Gold, Hyperblast!) BOSCONIAN RGB ULTIMA NEMEZYRO FINDING RANDY NEW ATARI GAME DIMO's QUEST IN ABBUC LAND SECRETUM LABYRINTH: KING'S GOLD HOW NOT TO LEARN ASSEMBLER (A Trilogy in Infinity Parts - Part 1) ATR IMAGE REPAIR MY HISTORY OF A8 AND RAM UPGRADES COVER-DISK WITH 36 IMAGES AND SOME WORDS INTO THE MAGAZINE Also we got this time a new shirt with the cover of the magazine. You can order seperate or just order a discounted bundle... Click and order here: www.proc-atari.de
  7. Hey fellas... thank you so much for the already placed orders. Usually the books should arrive last week here, but the printing machine is defect and we got a small delay with it. But believe me, the wait is worth I setup a new threat with the official news and thanks for all your believe and trust... Atari 4ever!!!!
  8. Hallo Fellas... I got meanwhile a lot of feedback from all readers... Thank you so much. Just to blow it into the world: How do you like the new format? Cheers Markus
  9. Listen to trbb We are collecting at the moment and EVERY contribute is welcome. So if you got any game review (new, old) any nice story Atari related (meetings, remember anything cool story)... Please send to trbb or me here in PM and we got it for the magazine. As soon we got filled another 100 pages we go to the printer with the new issue Cheers mates Markus
  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya all... Hoep you had a great start INTO 2018... ...an hopefully the post service brought you all meanwhile the orders.
  11. Update: All orders which are placed until NOW are shipped. Hopefully postal way is fine and smoothy so must of you can have it before x-mas
  12. I guess the first already got their "books" I am still in shipping which will be finally handeld for all pre-orders until monday... So as expected: You will have the PRO ( C ) ATARI in time as present down your x-mas tree Looking forward your thoughts on the first sight...
  13. I am still processing the pre-orders and incoming orders... But all will be shipped until tuesday latest... All future issues will be this way! It makes more sense, as most issues goes outside Germany and so the postage for the customers for the small magazines is too high for a small single issue. And believe me; To hold this small "book" in the hands is amazing
  14. We already started shipping the issue's... Due the amazing pre-orders we have a lot to ship. So we still into shipping the orders... So you should have it any day... Waiting for your feedbacks
  15. Amazing! Thanks to you all for these massive pre-orders. We never had that much pre-orders in any issue yet. The books will be delievered this week by the printery. I try to mail them out latest 1 or 2 days later... keep you updated here! cheers markus
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