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  1. It's the shorthand reference to the Atari 8-bit line. 400/800 XL/XE etc
  2. Not personally heard of reliability issues with 3DO hardware, to the same degree the Jaguar CD gets reported on, nor did it suffer the same loading issues and FMV skipping the first generation Playstations suffered due to the plastic lens holders warping. The Jaguar itself suffered in the area of texture mapping compared to the 3DO. As you say, it was marketed as the most powerful system on the market, but that didn't go anywhere near explaining it's actual shortcomings.
  3. CIV 5 (and getting my ass kicked by it, only previous CIV experience, CIV Revolution on PS3). TOKI. Purchased as used to love this on Lynx. Put a few hours in, but safe to say my gaming tastes have changed a lot in the passing years.
  4. https://metro.co.uk/2020/08/03/hellpoint-ps4-review-dark-souls-space-13077126/ Developers still pushing out D. S clones? Like the idea of trying the core gameplay in a sci-fi setting, but this appears to fall down in several key areas.
  5. I'd like to see Argonaut's canned Third person shooter game based on Alien Resurrection (game nearly finished when work was abandoned and Game written from scratch as a First Person affair) but done on the Saturn or Dreamcast as a platform exclusive Aliens title.
  6. It's in this thread and reading it, it is your typical magazine speculation piece, being passed off as news. The piece itself reads like utter nonsense and the writer brags of having the inside story, yet started the piece by talking of the designers at Atari.. If you can't name sources, the news has no real credibility. The game he (?) then goes into claim, should be truly revolutionary, but details are sketchy, Atari are keeping tight lipped about it..so far it's just a concept on paper within Atari. Next thing we see, the writer is detailing the games plot, gameplay mechanics etc etc, The actual update to Pong on Playstation seems to have turned out ok: Just needed paddle controllers.
  7. Sounds awful. I had Pitfall 3D on the Playstation and it was a time killer, but it never had anything like the impact the 2600 original had on me. Chalk up yet concept to reinvent a brand for a modern games market, best left on the drawing board. Attempts to modernise Spy Hunter, Robotron, Defender on Playstation were hit and miss. Breakout 2000 on Jaguar seems to polarise opinions as well.
  8. Wasn't that a news item claiming Atari were reinventing Pong where the game would now see you controlling a boy made of rubber? It sounded like something pitched at a focus group meeting and best hastily abandoned 😊 Or would it of been the title Francois Yves Bertrand planned to do after F. F. L or a separate title again? Seem to remember him briefly mentioning artwork being done for it, but if that went beyond concept art, i have no idea. Turning Pong into something akin to a platformer would see it stray far from it's roots and you'd end up in a Battlezone 2000 type situation, game deviates so far, rename it and have it as a totally new title.
  9. Chinny does great work. Watch his channel for my 8-bit trips down memory lane and more so to learn about games on systems like the MSX and Amstrad CPC, which i have very little experience with.
  10. The likes of yourself and BTB with The Jag Bar, are for myself, the only constant go to YT channels i frequentl these days to be reminded of my Jaguar owning days. You both know your subject material, give honest and entertaining breakdowns on the titles and how they stand up by modern standards and openly question media coverage of them from back in the day and more recent times. Second Opinion Games was highly entertaining as well. For my Sega Fix, it has to be Sega Lord X.
  11. Originally slated for the Sega CD in fact.. https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/2012/02/in-unreleased-game-space-no-one-can-hear-alien-trilogy-scream-a-games-that-werent-for-the-sega-32x/
  12. @jenovi: GTW have done the write up on Space Junk if you plan to feature it in a future video. https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/2020/07/space-junk/
  13. Whilst i await the GTW book to be released, stumbled across some European Lynx press from the day. Rolling Thunder 720 Cabal All mentioned, screenshots for first 2 in the article. Article not in my native tongue and doubt it is anything more than brief description of each game, but passed into GTW and UNSEEN64 to see if they can decipher the text and glean anything new from it.
  14. Your a brave soul my friend 😊 Thanks for clearing up who the source was.
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