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  1. That makes me chuckle. He used to claim Sony with the PlayStation and casual gaming killed original games. Yet GTA 3 (from which the template for GTA V and RDR were born from) started life on the PS2. FORZA was born from M.S needing something on Xbox to match Gran Turismo on PlayStation. Switch has been yet another glorious example of why Nintendo is where it is today and i say that firmly as someone who's only dabbled with Nintendo (SNES,N64, G.C, DS, GB, GBA micro) since loving the G+W era as a kid. We need strong competition and innovation and Nintendo time and time again catches it's critics unaware. Not a Zelda fan myself, but could never get into Sega's Story Of Thor either. Always a Phantasy Star fan Why does he need to define himself as an Atari fan? What does that mean exactly? The Atari systems play host to a multitude of cross platform games. Atari coin-op titles were converted to more than just Atari computers and consoles. If he had simply stuck to the above examples of daft behaviour it'd be one thing, but what's come to light is far worse than many of us could ever imagine.
  2. Think it was on RVG when he made the comment A8 Panther (Mastertronic) was so good it made C64 owners jealous. Now having been an Atari 800 XL owner, then a C64 owner and owning titles like Panther, Draconus, Zybex, Blue Max etc on both, i knew strengths and weakness the same of games on both systems. When i pulled him up on the comment, he went off on a tangent about playground wars at his school and i was like, you didn't reference that, you just made an absurd, sweeping statement. He'd refuse to believe the SID chip was better for music, where as POKEY was the more versatile of the 2 chips, both great chips. Kept calling C64 games blocky, then praise 7800 titles which ran in lower resolutions. Lynx was always the best handheld (as an owner of Lynx and Game Gear, again his inability to look at systems with any degree of balance used to infuraite me) Lynx was most powerful, hang on, subjective, in some areas yes it was, but Game Gear platform games had a much higher frame rate, machine could put more colours on screen (and yes Kieren, we know titles like Awesome Golf used coding tricks to get more colours on static screens etc) and ran in a higher resolution. There was no point trying to discuss or debate with Kieren. You always knew how it would end. Every time we found a new snippet of info on Atari, he would either dispute it or try and go one better.
  3. Never met him in real life (only dabbled in conventions, original Back In Time Live then brief stint of Movie conventions to meet n greet people from Aliens, Sons Of Anarchy, G.O.T, Predator II, Firefly,Terminator 3 etc, those alone cost a bloody fortune). Heard stories he is a very different person offline, some said very quiet, others that he liked to dominate the conversation and others, had a few wilder stories. But since i wasn't there in person myself, NOT my place to say. When i initially encountered him online, he seemed very passionate about Atari and Retro Gaming in general, quite knowledgeable, but as i soon discovered that knowledge was a collection of other folks experience and finds. There was always this pressing need to...how's best to say it? Prove he had made it to someone? That he was someone in his field of expertise? All the talk of being friends with A to Z of the industry, how he'd spoken with..from the industry, that was there in the RVG/RG forum days. But back then it was how he'd written an article on X for likes of Atari User Magazine or Pixel Nation Magazine. His condition got a hellva lot worse once he started freelancing for RG magazine. Hyper sensitive to critiscm (ran to Mods, fellow RG freelancers, magazine editor, Marty Goldberg etc) as soon as you flagged up inaccuracies in articles you'd paid to read. Mind you, you had same reaction from magazine editor himself whenever you pointed out mistakes in his articles. Trolling Hounding people Trouble maker. Kieren wouldn't dare give too much critiscm to other freelancers articles on the official magazine forum, but quite happy to do so on RVG. Just my take on it, but once Marty Goldberg stepped back from RG magazine and it became apparent the second Atari Inc book was in trouble, Kieren seemed to want to be seen as THE Atari source. A situation made worse by RG magazine editor describing him as their resident Atari expert. Talk about playing to an ego. But even that doesn't explain the clashes he's had with the Amiga, SNK, Amstrad CPC, Mega Drive communities. I still don't full understand the Vega scandal stuff, but judging by the reactions at the time, he seemed to put himself on a lot of radars. Horacegate just spins me out..what the long term plan there was with Octav1us is beyond me. Same applies to Digitiser 2000 Fusion books i just put down to a knee Jerk reaction to Chris Wilkins dropping him. Looks like i really didn't know Kieren at all. Why he hasn't just taken a period of absence and gotten professional help is beyond me All of this could of been avoided by simply admitting his condition was responsible for the behaviour, seeking forgiveness and a means to control it and prevent further harm. Now look where we are.
  4. For years he slagged off : The NES Amstrad CPC and GX4000 C64 (Brown and blocky graphics said he). The Gameboy The Game Gear Then the A to Z guides appear and he's an expert on them.. He had to expand into other formats as to grow a YT channel you need 3 videos a week. Your soon going to exhaust your resources sticking to just Atari. Anyone pointing out his claims or research was wrong, your a Troll, a trouble maker. interview someone from Atari he had not or make a find he hadn't, your a threat and your info proves nothing. Block him on Twitter and your a snowflake. The community endured this for years. But had we known what has come to light from: Galahad Digitiser 2000 RVG Kim Justice Fusion Books Octav1us Kitten I think most of us would never of danced with him as it were, he needs professional help and we had no idea how badly. Makes me uncomfortable just thinking on what's come to light in last 10 days..
  5. The Atari Story Of..info seemed to come from Curts Museum and other areas when it came to the Super XE system He got the tech specs for that wrong and for the Amiga 1200 when he did his Atari Falcon hardware review. Galahad pulled him up on ST vs Amiga piracy. He upset the MSX and Neo Geo community as well by not having a clue about the systems covered. Claimed to know more than Digital Foundry about Blast Processing on the Sega Genesis Claimed things like Activision were doing AVP for the Atari 7800, they only held the home computer license at the time and never developed any games using it, laird puts up screen from C64 Aliens:USA as proof. Thankfully he never covered the Panther console, his article for Pixel Nation Magazine was torn apart by Leonard Tramiel. We could be here all night, going back years..
  6. Shouldn't that be FOUR? The Caspain Software Vs Telegames and Atari UK, ahem script with Matthew Gosling gobbling off, was word for word from the now defunct Justclaws interview with Gosling. If a real script were written by Kieren, he'd of sought out others from Caspain and got Darryl Still 's viewpoint to offer balanced view points. He didn't and thus had his pants pulled down as a result.
  7. "His" ( and i use the term very loosely here) channel consisted of. Top 50 games for various platforms (using other people's footage it has turned out) The Story Of..docu-style videos looking at Unreleased hardware etc ( videos consisted of old TV commercials, press clippings, material from others websites and speculation) Book and magazine reviews (including his own) Walking tours of Retro Events. Music from Atari systems Lost Atari system games (usually screens and footage from other systems, press speculation etc) There was other stuff, but that's the meat and potatoes.
  8. Always found Captive to be the better title, but purely based on personal tastes. Great shout anyway.
  9. Mean Machines staff did explain the inital GX4000 coverage, don't quote me as going purely off hazy memory here :-)), but i seem to remember talk of expected advertising revenue as Amstrad were putting one page magazine adverts out for the hardware, Ocean advertising it's games. Games magazines can live or die on advertising revenue. The 5200 was annouced to replace 2600 here in UK originally (some home shopping catalogues even had in in their collections) but the US crash put paid to that. 7800 then annouced, shown at London show, games and hardware prices etc. We waited, then Bob Gleadow annouced he'd convinced Atari bosses in USA the XEGS was the right system for us. 7800 finally limps out at budget price here in UK to join 2600 and XEGS, sold ok according to Darryl Still in less effluent areas and via Home Shopping Catalogues. But in real terms, minimal UK share. Good few of the promised conversions of aging 8 bit computer titles to it never appeared. That's the reality of the UK 7800 in a nutshell. Kierens views differ ever so slightly :-)) His inability to offer honest and level headed appraisals of games on all the Atari systems, has been a major grind for many of us. The Atari version is the best version, is the superior version,always thrown out. That's fine in a good few cases where the A8 version offers faster 3D and more vibrant colours or Lynx version makes a mockery of the ST or Amiga versions.. Stun Runner, Pac-Land etc, but you apply it enmass in the manner Kieren has and people just eye roll and you've the devil's own job convincing them of the merits of the Atari systems as a result. Kieren does need professional help,clearly has for a good number of years. Until everything came to light, i don't think any of us really appreciated just how badly he needed that help. All we can do now is pray he realises this and gets it.
  10. The claim about Atari holding key % of UK market came from a small piece in the console section of RAZE magazine (the same publication that claimed an Atari 7800 version of Turrican would be playable on Atari UK's Railway Carriage promotional tour :-))). The quote was: "Atari often quotes a Mintel report that states the 7800, together with it's older brother, the 2600 accounts for around 50% of the UK Console Market" Now given that didn't break down the market share between 7800 and 2600 and one would assume, also included the XEGS system, on sale at the same time, it's questionable from the off. Nobody as far as i am aware, let alone Kieren, has actually seen a copy of said report. He recently presented the claim to Julian Rignal, ex-Mean Machines and C+VG journo, who described the claims as "Whack" and didn't tie-in with the market research EMAP magazines did before launching Mean Machines and deciding which formats to cover. Kieren took offence the magazine (initally) covered the Amstrad GX4000 console and not the Atari 7800. There was more chance of Mean Machines covering the Commodore C64GS than the 7800 :-)) For those unfamilar with Julian Rignal: Editor of Zzap 64 and C+VG magazine after starting off as a mere reviewer. Launched:Mean Machines and Official Sega Magazine. Was at one time the UK and World Record Holder for highscores on:Defender,Pole Position and Crossfire Coin-Ops. Very credible source. I've also seen comments on YT that Kieren was arguing with Leonard Tramiel over events at Atari where Leonard was present, Kieren wasn't... Yet he takes Martin Hooley's (Imagitec Design) claims at face value, when 13 seperate sources now from Imagitec Design dispute said claims. There's just no logic to any of this.
  11. Kieren... For the love of dear god, PLEASE JUST GET PROFESSIONAL HELP. Creating yet more fake YT accounts that were set up 3 days ago, which have posted only 1 comment and it's in response to today's video that went up.. See sense man for the love of god see sense. Look at this: Cods Wallop I agree. This is a disgraceful attack on a very vunerable man it seems. If you really wanted to help you would reach out and do so, he certainly doesn't seem hard to find. I'm guessing you haven't seen the Caroline Flack story in the news, because that's exactly what this is turning into. Look how absurd the comparison is, if nothing else: From the BBC NEWS SITE regarding Caroline::She stood down from the dating show after she was charged with assaulting her partner in December and was due to stand trial next month. As well as presenting ITV's Love Island she had co-hosted The X Factor and won Strictly Come Dancing in 2014. Different sex, completely different circumstances. You cannot undo what you have done. You cannot contain reports flooding in. Apologise. Seek professional help. Stay off social media. Your doing yourself and your loved ones immeasurable harm with all of this. Either you are creating these accounts or someone on your behalf. Every day brings a new chapter of this on going tradegy of affairs. The community just wants to heal now.
  12. Not that it matters as it's completely and utterly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but that extremely creased and worn page from Gamesmaster magazine, is the one i lent to Kieren all those years ago on RVG forum. It's poor condition effectively watermarked it as mine :-)) The real story behind why Freelancer 2120 was canned has been explained in private by certain credible Ex-Imagitec Design sources. As long as people are aware the screenshots used by Gameamaster were taken from the PC CD version, not Jaguar version,that's all i care about. If people are using those screens as a basis of what the Jaguar was really capable of, they deserve to know the truth. It was covered here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/224556-jaguar-cd-review-ultimate-future-games-march-1995-issue-4/ As for AVP II again, what is there left to explain? Beyond Games were in negotiations with Atari to do it,when Atari pulled the plug on the Jaguar, Beyond had drawn up some storyboards for it,that was it. Rebellion over stretched with existing projects, didn't bid for AVP II, Beyond did, Alexandria games who were behind the sub-standard conversion of Return Fire to the Jaguar CD (never finished) also put in a bid. Martin Hooley doesn't like to be honest when it comes to explaining deaths of Freelancer or Space Junk. He told one version of events at the time to Ultimate Future Games and then another years later to RG magazine, neither of which involved the games producer he assigned. If JSIII really want to go off PC screens as proof of what Jaguar was truly capable of, more here: https://www.abandonware-france.org/ltf_abandon/ltf_jeu.php?id=1487
  13. Any talk by Kieren of "groups" and "Ringleaders" is straight up paranoia. We simply all share one thing in common, our personal experiences with Kieren have been most unpleasant. Reboot/CyranoJ/Atari Age Games:I don't own a Jaguar console,have never bought any Jaguar Homebrew Games Chris Wilkins/Fusion Books:Purchased 2 books, first i wasn't that impressed with second i loved. Never had a FB account No Twitter account So i cannot be part of any elite groups on there. ChinnyVision :watched and commented on a few of his videos that brought back childhood memories (seeing him struggle with multiple versions of The Last V8) Never been to any Retro Gaming event, so no alliances there. No disrespect to any of the ZX Spectrum people, but until you rocked up to add your voices on here, i had no idea who you were and still trying to fit you all into the much bigger jigsaw. Galahad:Saw your comments on a few YT videos correcting Kieren, RG magazine mentioned your work in securing Putty from System 3, but being an ST owner who only had an Amiga 1200 for a few months once he got into Retro, again zero connection. I wasn't part of Jaguar Sector II My connections to Kieren stem from RVG and RetroGamer Forums and fact we both worked on Atari Gamer Magazine in differing roles for Greyfox. When i looked at some 50+ posts on Chris Wilkins FB page, i recognised a few familiar names: Chris Abbot from C64 Audio.com, (whom i have not spoken to since some very heated email exchanges during my exit from Atari Visual History), a few RG posters (Markopoloman, Toxie Dog), Roger Dean also stood out, but the rest? Never heard of them. It's honestly mind-blowing that a single spoof video of a single A to Z Guide out of over 40 Kieren has produced, has been the catalyst that has seen so many individuals step forward with their allegations, suspicions and personal accounts. It's becoming clear this has been bubbling away beneath the surface for many for years and now the mountain really has blown it's top. I was taken aback when people came forward in large numbers about Jane Whittaker, but Chris Wilkins FB page has over 300+ accounts from individuals. The sheer scope of all of this just makes my head spin.
  14. Virgin Media are certainly a very popular Internet provider.. Other Internet providers of course are available and i bring the below up out of pure coincidence... The Laird Re: Virgin Media Came To Town. Quote Post Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:12 pm I've used them for over 10 years now and would never change. You get the odd problem but they usually sort it pretty quickly. For me it comes down to speed most of all and nobody can touch Virgin on that. Even on the most basic package here I can have 120mb, that's over twice as fast as what BT offer! My Digital Books | Laird's Lair | XEGS Podcast
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