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  1. When you look back at how the Saturn, 32X and 3DO were treated when it came to receiving conversions of Doom, we were among the lucky ones back then. Sure, Jaguar Doom could of been much more and Carmack himself has made no bones about it, but as he and others have already said he was coding a product in the commercial environment of that time. He converted Doom to the Jaguar rather than wrote it from the ground up for the hardware and Atari needed it out whilst there was still a viable commercial Jaguar market out there. I.D have said the sales for it and Wolfenstien were sadly well below what they expected and that ended Jaguar development. I'm probably a bit biased as i never really missed the PC MIDI music in Jaguar Doom. It was not until the Playstation version that I found the game had a soundtrack that really enhanced the atmosphere. Having the game running in a higher resolution etc would of been nice, but Jaguar Doom as it was, literally was a flagship title for the much maligned console. Anywho, this thread is about the absolutely stunning work done here to improve on the framework laid down by I.D. I don't really follow the Jaguar scene these days other than to read new interviews and see what talented people are still getting out of the hardware and you just have to respect what's being done here. My (sun) hat is doffed very much in the direction of all those involved who have made this happen. Outstanding work.
  2. I will add my personal experience of the C64 power brick to the warnings. I had heard a lot of talk about them being dodgy when my folks bought me my bread bin model 64 and always considered it mere talk... Until mine melted into a foul smelling puddle of black goo 😢
  3. Even as starved of Triple-A software as the Pal Mega CD was, there was no way i was touching this. Up there with Jaguar XJ220 and Wonder Dog as Core Design's weakest releases on the system. And when you look at the 3DO and 32X versions, you wonder why resources were wasted bringing a duff title to more powerful hardware and making it play even worse.
  4. The why no Baseball games on Jaguar? question is straightforward enough to answer. Hardball III was planned for the Jaguar, but it appears it was shelved and Atari wanted Hard Ball IV instead as it was the newer title. Due to the commercial failure of the Jaguar, Hardball just joined the long list of abandoned titles.
  5. And better than Saturn/Playstation i believe versions of: Return Fire Space Hulk Starfighter 3000 Etc.
  6. Returned to Resident Evil 2 Remake. . Encountered the Licker.. Unlocked the underground area and first fight with the boss. But i am really not feeling it. I'm playing on a standard PS4 on a 4K TV with HDR on and visuals look washed out. I hate the new voice Leon and him F-ing and Jeffing. It's hard to explain just why i feel so much apathy. Maybe it just took too long to arrive? The original games remake on the Game Cube blew me away and had they remade Resident Evil 2 back then in same engine, i would of been on cloud 9. I was not impressed by Resident Evil 5 or 7, nor any of the Revelation series, hated Resident Evil 6 with a passion. Maybe the series has run it's distance or my tastes have just changed.
  7. The UK seemed to have rumours and press coverage that went into more depth at times than the US coverage or so it seemed. We had rumblings of the ST console, then later more press coverage on the Panther. We had the brief but bitter war of words between Sir Clive with the Sinclair QL and Atari UK with the ST. Previews of things like 7800 Chronicles of Cute. Bizarre souped up 8 bit hardware trying to compete with the emerging 16 bit home micros (The SAM Coupe and Amstrad GX4000). From my own experience, nobody i knew was remotely interested in the XEGS or 7800. A few parents bough a NES for their kids.SMB 3, Mega Man, Duck Hunt having the appeal prior to the Turtles craze. The Master System fared better with Virgin especially doing a lot of magazine advertising and of course Sonic did wonders for the system. But people of my age group had eyes firmly on the ST and Amiga and bought consoles like the Mega Drive, Lynx, Game Gear to compliment them.
  8. The 2600 Jr was still very prominent in the Home Shopping Catalogues etc for as long as i can remember from that era and there were (again magazine) claims Atari gave UK dealerships a free 2600Jr for every ST system they bought (that would need to be independently verified mind). I can easily see the 2600 being the dominant player in the UK console market at the time due to it's low price and ideal entry level system for young kids. I just very much doubt the 7800 itself had a large role in making up much of that 50% market share, having limped out when it did.
  9. My viewpoint will of course be very subjective and specific to myself as I am anEx-Jaguar owner, who loved it's best titles at the time, had a soft spot for some others hate 😁 But other than dabbling as i did in lost games research for it at 1 point, something the likes of yourself and Jenovi do far better than I these days..I don't follow the scene that much. For someone like myself (a casual) the machines legacy really has been the stunning investigation work you good people put in to this day... The fantastic and vibrant homebrew games development community bringing titles i would of killed for back in the day... So the Jaguar has in that regard had a very lasting legacy. On the flipside it's still a format that draws very polar viewpoints on social media and having heard some of the unjustified critiscm laid at your feet over what was a great podcast, you still find the weakest dogs barking the loudest whenever topics like this are brought up for discussion.
  10. @mr_me: It was a snippet in Raze magazine claiming Atari via a Mintel Report, liked to say the 7800 along with it's older brother the 2600, accounted for around 50% of the UK console market at that time. The XEGS was not mentioned but only Atari could have 3 8 bit cartridge systems competing for the same limited market share here in the UK at the same time. And it needs to be made clear that during the time period Atari refer to, the console craze as it was refered to in the UK had yet to really hit it's stride. And without independently verified and specific sales figures for the 7800, Atari's claims are meaningless. As for Raze itself..this was the publication telling it's readers if they visited the Atari UK Railway Carriage Tour, they would be able to try out 7800 Turrican. Where on earth that claim originated i never did find out.
  11. Consoles were doing 3D long before the Jaguar. The stock Mega Drive had a number of polygon 3D titles (including a number of ST and Amiga ports) before the SVP chip based Virtua Racing and the SNES SFX chip games. You can go back as far as the Commodore C64GS and Battle Command for the crude and early attempts. The Jaguar controller was just a surplus design from an earlier failed Atari platform, so I have never viewed it as something designed from ground up,for the Jaguar. It and the overlays were attempts by Atari to get developers to bring more complex titles to the platform as things like flight sims has previously always struggled on.console when developers tried to map controls designed for keyboards onto a limited button controller set up. I would never hate on your opinions, the very fact your encouraging adult discussion should be appauluded. It's just the subject material has been covered so many times over the years now,it's hard to bring anything fresh to the discussion.
  12. This has been.covered to death time and time again but... People still seem to forget that Airolasoft were originally intended to be the UK distributor for the Sega Master System, until they pulled out of the deal. Rumour being they felt UK gamers would be unwilling to pay the prices Sega were setting for 8 bit cartridge software. And your unlikely to find UK 7800 sales figures as Atari lumped the 7800 in with the 2600 and referred to the market share both consoles had captured,rather than gave specific numbers for the 7800. Even now Ex-Atari UK staff like Darryl Still can only give vague statements like the 7800 sold well enough via home shopping catalogues etc..it did well in the less affluent areas..it never gained the consumer traction the 2600 did.
  13. If I could order it via Amazon.Co.UK then yes,i would be very interested in buying it. All the very best on the task before you.
  14. Cleared another boss (wet nurse) then just thought WTF am i doing?. I literally play nothing but Bloodborne. I need to break out of the cycle, so wrapped up my NG+. Didn't bother with optional bosses or finding and eating all the cords, just got same ending as my original game. I really need to try and get into Resident Evil 2 Remake or that's good money wasted. I have ordered Sekiro, big risk i know but I am hoping i can take my head out of Bloodborne fighting mechanics and adapt as i did going from DS III to Bloodborne. From Software seem to be getting all my playtime other than Souls-like games. Sekiro comments to go in a different thread?
  15. One magazine at least seemed to like the CPC version: https://archive.org/stream/Computer_Gamer_Issue_23_1987-02_Argus_Press_GB#page/n31/mode/1up
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