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  1. Luca :Unseen64 was after him for further info on Unity (G.C) But used the coverage from Edge Magazine etc instead. I found him talking about his Panther work via various sources,so that was put to rest. He was Tweeted and kind enough to reply that he had never touched the Lynx, let alone Ultra Star Raiders and i since found interviews with him explaining Llamasoft was too small to do any Jaguar development and Atari UK were showing no interest in him bringing ST Defender II to the Lynx. Scott Stilphen passed on the D2K documents. So whilst it was a case of the long road taken,we did piece together everything we wanted in the end. B-)
  2. I was told via someone who had contacted various sites etc i have contributed to over the years, whilst looking for me (like i say, you will not find me on Twitter or FB) that the individual in question was linking people to this thread in order to prove i was A) A writer and B) In partnership with Greyfox. Hence why we have had to put statements here in order to stop the time of good people on other sites being wasted with this nonsense. Dealing with the latter first: As brief as i can put it, Yes you will find 'content' in Atari Visual History i had a role in, be it interviews for the book or Q's Greyfox submitted on my behalf in interviews he carried out. I sourced the books introduction writer and found a coder Greyfox was looking for. I was a contributing individual, as was Fred_M who allowed use of various Cover Scans. Greyfox and others Wrote the book. As for the aspect of myself being a a Writer.. :-)) Ohhh come on. My forum posts are horrendous. Just ask the likes of Scott Stilphen or staff at Classic Console Magazine or Frank Gasking of GTW or anyone who has used any of my 'interviews' i gave freely.. They spent a damn sight more time making the things readable than i put in conducting them. Do you know many writers who don't even own a PC or any wordprocessing software? Regarding claims i wrote chunks of Atari Gamer Magazine: Again here i sent over a period of weeks, misc triva and general crap to Greyfox to use in any features he planned for the magazine and he wrote them up. I believe i am credited for Taking A Look At..? Which indeed was the case. I looked, thought that might be of interest/use and sent it over. Our relationship during Atari Gamer Magazine was different to that of Atari Visual History, so cue myself being credited. If anyone has been sent here from Twitter.. Hi. Not much to see really. Sorry for your time being wasted.
  3. Necrobumping due to individuals wanting to play social media experiments. .. Once again in the interests of full transparency. .. My involvement in this project was to Forward over to Greyfox a lot of misc bits of A8 triva, soundbites etc. This was done over a period of weeks and very time consuming. Greyfox then WROTE these into various features, crediting myself due to the time i had put in sourcing them. I would of been bloody hard pressed to write ANY features for ANY magazines as at that time i did not own a PC in any form. I have zero involvement with Greyfox. He is free to do whatever he wishes with any material i submitted to AtarI Gamer-ST Gamer Magazines and Atari Visual History. I took no payment for roles in any of the above.. He wrote the publications with reviews etc from others. There is clear blue water between myself and all the above. Any misc research i do now is minimal and for the general community. I am not..nor have i ever been a writer or historian.
  4. I have had a few people contacting me suggesting it is being claimed on various Social Media sites that i WROTE ST Gamer Magazine. As well as large parts of Atari visual History. As i have no FB or Twitter account, i am unable to trace the source, but please let me be 100% transparent here once again. Starting with ST Gamer Magazine: My involvement was strictly limited to providing interviews with: Darryl Still Peter Johnson colin Porch Dan Clapson And i passed on misc triva for, but did not write, The Believe It Or Not sections. Reviews were done by: Marc Johnson Darren Doyle Jason Caraway Jeff Mitchell Chris Swanson. Proof Reading by Mike Mee. I wish to apologise to all the above if they are under the impression i am trying to take credit for their work. And once more for clarification on Atari Visual History: I provided: Misc Exclusive interviews for the book Put a few misc Q's in interviews conducted by Darren Doyle as did he in interviews i carried out on the books behalf. I allowed the use of an existing interview of mine. I sourced the books foreward writer but he wrote the foreward. . I found and passed on the details of The Lone Raider coder. I would of been bloody hard pressed to do much more.. Not being in the possession of either an Atari ST or 800XL for over 20 years, nor owning a PC to run Atari Emulators on. There clearly are some very odd folk out there with far too much time on their hands. If the above makes me a writer or responsible for anyone elses publications... Please look forward to my upcoming masterpiece... I call it...The Shopping list aka..want anything down the shop..
  5. Very sorry for the Necrobumping but.. I have had a few people contacting me suggesting it is being claimed on various Social Media sites that i WROTE ST Gamer Magazine. As i have no FB or Twitter account, i am unable to trace the source, but please let me be clear. My involvement was strictly limited to providing interviews with: Darryl Still Peter Johnson colin Porch Dan Clapson And i passed on misc Triva for, but did not write, The Believe It Or Not sections. Reviews were done by: Marc Johnson Darren Doyle Jason Caraway Jeff Mitchell Chris Swanson. Proof Reading by Mike Mee. I wish to apologise to all the above if they are under the impression i am trying to take credit for their work. There clearly are some very odd folk out there with far too much time on their hands.
  6. Again there with Battlewheels, it's been a case of trying to pick through quotes and scattered bits of information others have found, to try and discover what really went on. Someone acting on behalf of Unseen64 was told development only got as far as creating 3D models for the game and then it was canned. You can find Beyond sounding muddled about how best to do it and a lot depended on the size of the Jaguar user base, availability of the Catbox and game might go the straight shooting route or have RPG elements or be more adventure based...they just didn't seem to know. How they planned to bring Jaguar titles to the 3DO..including Battlewheels But there is also talk from them that Atari simply weren't showing that much interest in having them bring Battlewheels to the Jaguar (Atari being described as non responsive to proposals ) yet it was one of the titles on the back of the Jaguar box. This might be down to low sales for the Lynx version, Beyond putting those at around a mere 5,000 units.
  7. Mental looking back at what was given credibility just because it appeared in a rag put out by likes of Future Publishing.
  8. You might want to look through this thread: http://retrosprite.proboards.com/thread/6?page=1 Ultimate Future Games and X Gen Jaguar cover. It gives you an idea of just how absurd Jaguar reviews,let alone news had become. Hoverstrike 18% Super Burnout 31% Ruiner Pinball 23% Missile Command 3D 30% Ultra Vortex 21% and 15% yet Dragon:Bruce Lee story pulled in 80%, Kasumi Ninja 38% and Double Dragon 5 23% I am far from an U.V fan (i would of much preferred Beyond had cracked on with Jaguar Battlewheels) But scores like those imply the game is borderline unplayable, which is a nonsense. It was an era when Future Publishing had the same Freelance writers doing same Jaguar reviews across multiple publications of theirs.. Cue The Rev Stuart and his open hatred for Defender 2000 and scoring it 3/10 in one magazine, 33% in another. I would not be at all surprised to find Future used him for reviews in U.F G as well,looking at the above.
  9. I http://www.atarijaguar.co.uk/2013/10/jaguar-quake.html?m=1 There you go. The single biggest load of nonsense the magazine printed. Mortal Kombat III on Jaguar 89% complete, Quake 30% complete. With Quake they admit they are basing their speculation on the EARLY PC screens that have started to appear, so Carmack etc still having a huge amount of work to do on that version. Nobody from the development team even spoken with, just pure speculation article. Lazy paid for work. Why couldn't they have simply reported what was being said? "In all likelyhood, there will be no port of Quake to the theJaguar." Shawn Green (Project Manager) We are not working on any more jag projects at the moment (Quake ist aking up all my time). We gave Atari a lot of our time and effort and we are now in a “wait and see” mode. If they hit their sales projections, we will probably do something else late next year. Wea re probably going to license the jag DOOM code to some other companies though, so you might see a similar game before that. John Carmack Atari did not come anywhere near hitting sales projections, even after they revised them downwards.. Both Doom and Wolfenstien 3D sold far below expectations According to Atari documentation the Jag DOOM Engine was given to Imagitec Design, which ties in with Andrew Seed talking about it being planned to be used for Jaguar Freelancer 2120 It,along with the reports of Jaguar CD drive being single speed, a Jaguar CD unit "blowing up" (it simply stopped working), Atari looking at adding extra chips to Jaguar CD Drive to improve Jaguar texture-mapping and one of the Tramiel family being at a press event here in the UK, when in fact he was on the other side of the Atlantic at the time, just reflect what passed for credible reporting at the time.
  10. Found the team defending Flip Out: A couple of items in defense of FlipOut!: 1) Replay Value: You can always go back to an earlier level that you prefer once you've past it. If you've made it to the Fluffy Encounter, save your game and play the Planet Pigskin level for a while on Psychotic. You'll be able to try different strategies since the Aliens are chosen randomly. 2) Ease of play: An interesting historical note is that Cheese Level 11 on Psychotic Mode was originally the first level. Also, your mileage may vary depending on how well you pick up the game play. Many people do not immediately get past cheese level 11 on Normal. 3) Low frame rate: Well, it was only a two meg cartridge. What can ya do, really? And...we could say that for FlipOut perhaps 40% of the code was not written fora ny processor at all (it was instead used to include the graphics into thep rogram). It's a lot of code on paper, but that doesn't mean that if we" optimized" that code that it would make a whit of difference to thep erformance of the game.
  11. The marketing B.S for Ultimate (Future) Gamer Magazines: One video-game trade publication describes itself as the games Bible [NEXT Generation/Edge]. Introducing the New Testament. Ultimate Gamer is aimed at you, the older, wiser, cooler game player. No more lame jokes, pathetic kidspeak or insane rumors. Just enjoyable, uncompromising, essential video and computer gaming facts." Well :-)) aside from the Jaguar Quake and MKIII claims, they went onto claim the Jaguar CD was a single speed drive... The editorial ("Plugged In") claimed the magazine was not written for industry insiders and developers, focusing on games that won't be out for years... Utter fallacy.
  12. Ahhh. I see. No, i was well aware where the rumour had started as i was buying the rag at the time,I just wondered who was behind it,writer wise and why it was being used by some as concrete proof, when magazine claims are very unreliable so often and this one in particular wasn't even quoting Green or Carmack. I've used magazine scans as starting points myself over the years, tracking down Richard Barclay, Core Design highlighted how bad a source the press can be. When he's telling them the screens for Tomb Raider are fakes and specific systems the game is planned for are still to be decided and they pass them off as in game and list formats such as the 3DO and Jaguar CD, you as a paying customer are onto a hiding for nothing. Atari User was one of the worst..show report where writer swore blind he had played Adam Caveman on the Atari 8 bit.. https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/gtw64/adam-caveman/ Tracked him down a few years ago and asked for further information on that report (long shot he could remember that far back), no response. Sometimes it's simple speculation by magazines that because a coder converted Game A to a system,it stands to reason they will convert Game B.. Sometimes Publishers lie to them Sometimes they simply make it up.
  13. Unless I am ready it wrong (very possible) i am a little confused here. I thought you had found the Journalist or staff writer who had written the Jaguar Preview feature for that awful UK games rag, Ultimate Future Games. They were over the top when it came to putting down Jaguar games at review,many scores suggested games were borderline unplayable, which was a nonsense. The magazines claims about Quake and Mortal Kombat 3 being X % complete were never backed up by any sources or concrete proof. The entire magazine was bloody awful. Think when it went under they sent me copies of Video Gamer Magazine (just as bad) until my subscription expired. The UK had some of the worst reporting this side of EGM and DHGF Magazine on the otherside of the pond. Mega Drive Advanced Gaming stated the Sega Mega CD had no custom chips ,(it was just a dumb storage device) to assist with sprite scaling etc. Try a second and 5Mhz faster 68000 CPU for starters.. IF Ultimate Future Games had spoken to John Carmack or Shawn Green they would of known all Jaguar Projects were on hold as Atari had failed to sell as many units of hardware or Wolfenstien 3D and Doom as expected and PC Quake being finished was the company focus.
  14. Not sure if you have seen these, will put them up on your YT vids as well as here: Jeff Braun at Maxis said he is "noodling around" with a Jaguar development kit, but won't commit his company to the expense of writing a game until more machines are sold. "You can assume a machine is viable once it sells about 500,000 units," Braun said, a goal Atari must hit in Christmas 1994, before competing machines get established. Braun's assessment was echoed by Alam Miller, CEO of Accolade Inc. in San Jose. Accolade has licensed five popular sports games to Atari. But the cost of adapting those games to the Jaguar hardware will be borne by Atari, and Accolade will not write new software for the Jaguar until sales climb. "You have to weigh the estimates for success against the amount to be invested," Miller said.
  15. For anyone still unfamiliar with Head Over Heels: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-08-07-the-making-of-head-over-heels
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