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  1. Ok I've just tried those programs.... AtariWinplus 4.0 still doesn't work and yes I've enabled the SIO patch but it just gets stuck on an endless long beep without writing any data on the CAS image. With Atari800, I can't even seem to get the application running. I don't know if it's because I'm using Windows 8 or something but it simply won't even start and go to one of the BIOS.

  2. I have an Atari 410 that is probably in need of new motor to run the mechanics. I did check to see if any of the bands had come loose but they were all in place. There does seem to be power going into the unit because it sends a garbled signal to my XE computer but the mechanics simply do not move to run the tape.

    Atari 410 test.mpg

  3. I have an Atari 2600 Darth Vader 4-switch model that's giving me a fuzzy picture. I'm using a gold Radioshack RCA F to coaxial M... Yes I have tried replacing the cable because it seemed quite obvious when I moved the wire the static patterns changed... However I clearly tried using a shielded RCA cable and no improvement; which was weird because the cable I used never gave me a crystal clear picture on my Atari XEGS... Then I tried the 2600 cable on the XE as well to see if it really was the problem... It gave a perfect picture on the console as well... Another thing would be when I plug in a controller into the 2600 and move it around, the static patterns change as well... Any diagnosis?

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