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  1. I noticed this mod on the atariage website is out of date and references the euro controller. And it also seems that Graham Percy's geocities site is long gone. I have the updated (2004) version on my computer from that time period that covers where to put the resistors for the american version of the nes controller. There were some people asking about it on the facebook group and figured this would be an easy way to get it online again. nes_7800.txt
  2. This thread made me think of this old website with the never ending falling sound http://www.fallingfalling.com/
  3. I sold a Jaguar Gorf quite a while ago for 400+ Should have held onto it, it was a great version of Gorf.
  4. I have many d pads and buttons sitting around since I have converted hundreds for atari nes controllers over the years. I've got a good supply of spare parts. If you need the rubber pads that may be a problem, they are the part that goes out first.
  5. The silk-like ones like that are kinda rare, they were only given to atariservice dealers i think. I had a friend back in the day with a couple and he always said they were worth like 100 each, but I would put it on ebay for .99 and let the market tell you
  6. How about 100 shipped for the multicart And 30 Shipped for the Thrust Any offers?
  7. i've gotten stuff re-shipped to me in the "lootcrate" boxes. If the crap they send in the boxes are of as good as the quality of the boxes, might not be a bad program.
  8. i believe it should boot even without the card and come up with a message "no mmc found" clean the contacts?
  9. bjk7382

    WTB: AtariVox

    I have one I bought when they first came out, so it doesn't have a label. Works, I was just playing "man goes down" last night. (<----- no matter how you type it it still sounds dirty)
  10. These are ending today, I guess I should have put a little more space in between them so people could react if they didn't win the one they wanted. They are 3 min apart it looks like, sorry bout that.
  11. Gonna have to sell these here since ebay pulled both the auctions. Sean Kelly v.2 multicart with 60 games 120 shipped I can't get the table off from this page on here to show all the games http://vectrexmuseum.com/collection/vectrexgame-SeanKelly-MultiCart.php Thrust - 40 shipped
  12. Thrust. Every time I get my atari out, this is the game I end up playing. There are still levels on this game I cannot master. Each game is usually about a half hour. That and Subterranea, great game.
  13. I look at buy it now as bargain shopping (just got to find it cheap when its first put up, before everyone else sees) I see auctions as being the more unpredictable way to buy, and sometimes overpay when you want something. But as a seller I set most of my auctions at .99 cents and let the market tell me how much its worth.
  14. Kind of ironic that AOL shipped cds nobody wanted for years with little to no protection and they all got there. And the one that you want gets broke...
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