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  1. ian: Yeah, there are books and there are BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS nom nom nom. If TI or C64, these wouldn't be going up. Media mail is pretty cheap for these. About $3 each I think. Frankly, for the few dollars more, I would usually go with Priority Mail to avoid delays. I do offer Media Mail in case anybody really enjoys the "anticipation". (Also, media mail isn't sealed against postal inspection. USPS wants to enforce their requirements for the lower rate, and if Big Brother benefits from knowing what people are reading, well, ha ha, we never thought of that, but now that you mention it...*innocent whistle*...the point is, there is somewhat greater chance that Media Mail will get opened and inspected, than there is for Priority Mail. Apple manuals aren't exactly contraband, but frankly I like to seal my packages like they were going to the MOON, and I don't know if I trust the postal inspectors to take the same care when resealing. Still, for a book, the major issue here, again, is the delay.)
  2. Folks: Hi ho, Apple users. I have a few Apple programming guidebooks which I am putting up on Ebay. Some are already up, some more are going up today/this week. I play around with TI and Commodore, but not Apple, so I don't have a whole lot of use for them, though they are great books. Putting most of them up for around $10. Not really trying to make bank on these, just picking up a little cash for a few toys Santa seemingly forgot to bring. ^_^ I also have a random Tandy 1400HD power supply and a Vtech LCD Talking Baseball game up. Tandy PS is tested and working, but having no Tandy 1400HD, etc etc. Talking Baseball is ubercheese but the voice cracks me up. Auctions: Beginners guide to Apple II assembly language eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013141026 Nibble Expresses -collected snippets and code for Apple from Nibble Magazine, 150-200 pages each eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013138578 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013136901 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013074044 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013308513 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013307938 More Apple Secrets from nibble eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013311895 (Edit - More added) Applesoft BASIC Toolbox eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013314361 Basic Apple BASIC (Integer & Applesoft FP) eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201013312998 I'll be adding a few more books to the above in the near future. Tandy 1400HD power supply eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201006101600 Vtech talking baseball eBay Auction -- Item Number: 201011770776
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