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  1. I have long heard about a "Rainbow" Easter Egg in Taito/Midways Space Invaders Part II I have never seen it. Can someone post or point me to a video?
  2. So after all that a fellow Atarian threw in a Journey cart with the Gemini system that I bought from him. My friend/boss was really excited about the cart, but I was disappointed to learn that he already had a copy, it was just missing a label. I thought I was so clever when he put a picture of his carts on FB and I didn't see that one among them. Not exactly a swing and a miss, but not the home run I thought it was going to be. Will call it a standing double I guess. LOL
  3. Well I downloaded Cool Edit 2000 (a stripped down version of Cool Edit Pro) but the help file is in a different format and Windows 10 can't read it. I'm pretty sure the "about the author" part was in that help file.
  4. So maybe someone could make a "homebrew" hack that works like XBMC and you can toggle between original and homebrew(?) I'm glad that I got my curiosity satisfied without the investment, it sounds like the payoff would have been quite anti-climactic. Very interesting posts! Thanks!
  5. I've only seen a few working ones, and it is a very challenging game. Could someone please tell me definitively whether or not there are cartoons between levels like other Pac-games? If the answer is yes, would someone please record them and post to youtube or similar video sharing "tube" site? maybe screen shots of the different mazes? Please & thanks
  6. Might have been Cool Edit 2000 now that I think about it. From Wikipedia "Syntrillium Software was founded in the early 1990s by Robert Ellison and David Johnston, both former Microsoft employees. "
  7. I read in the about file of Cool Edit Pro (before Adobe bought it and re-branded it as Adobe Audition) that the guy who wrote it got his start as a kid on an Atari 800. Does anyone here know him? Does he lurk here?
  8. I am on my 2nd one now, when I sold the 1st one I swore that I would never have another one. Then I found a working 5200 CIB with the 2600 adapter and a dozen carts for $75, and I got sucked back in. The controllers are a dead horse issue, they have their defenders, and I have nothing for love for the purists the refurbish them, but most of us agree that they suck. But controllers aside, the switch box is a piece of junk and the power supplies aren't much better. It seems that this system was just built to die. I love my new 5200 so much, now that it is tested, It is back in it's box and on display, unlikely to return to service. For me the 8bit computers are sooo much better, I really don't understand why anyone would rather play the 5200. OK, Countermeasure was cool AF, but the rest of the games were nearly identical to their XL/XE counterparts. There are a few 5200 games that didn't make it to the computers, but the 8bit library is much larger, just with games. The cartoons in Pac Man just don't justify the additional headaches to me. I'm not system bashing, I just want to understand what makes the purists prefer the 5200 to the 8 bit computer line.
  9. yeah, I sent my mom a deck of cards and a puzzle book media rate and it got searched and she ended up paying like $6 when it was all over in addition to the $4 something I paid.
  10. So by definition thumb drives aren't "media" either, presumably the same goes for SD cards since they are "chips" right? http://www.stamps.com/whitepapers/media-mail-rate-guide.pdf Looks like I am late to the party on this rant, there are extensive threads both here and reddit on the subject.
  11. You are right, you cannot ship cartridges via "Media" rate...... why the hell not??!?! Well never mind, I'll keep searching locally.
  12. You can't ship a cart "media" rate ??? That is like $1.50 tops. If I am patient I can find one for $1 at Retro Replay eventually. If I ship out 3 intellivision carts doesn't the shipping offset? How about wager me a Journey cart that I can't ship you a loose 2600 cart for less than $2.67? Granted it's been a while since I have shipped a single loose cart, but $2.67 seems steep. At least you aren't trying to argue the rarity or value of the cart.
  13. It never fails, if I wasn't looking for it I would have 3 of them, but since I want to give one as a gift to someone I can't put my hands on a reasonably priced one. I will pay $3 or trade 3 Intellivision carts for one loose "Journey Escape" cart. It costs about $1 to ship that is $2 for a loose common cart, reasonable. Someone in here is sitting on a couple, help me out! Also offering 3 for 1 Intellivison carts for TRS CoCo carts. Also not rare or particularly valuable, just haven't found any. But I REALLY need a cheap Journey cart fast. Help a fellow nerd out, it will come around! Please & Thanks
  14. How did the collaborative homebrew process work? I remember when you first pitched the idea in the homebrew forum, it was not an easy sell!
  15. Is this the appropriate forum? Just wondering if SD cards or thumbdrives could replace IDE drives when modding an original (2001) Xbox. Space, weight, storage, power consumption, heat, durability... Seems like replacing the IDE with an SD or Thumbdrive would improve all of the above. Please, thanks and sorry if this belongs elsewhere.
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