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  1. Yeah, been there done that, Id you are getting the "Application configuation is incorrect" crap I got, then you need to install the Microsoft x86 Redistributable for C++. that what I did. But you need a fast XP.
  2. What I meant by CPU, I meant that instead of have a ROM, like in other arcade machines they whipped up something and put on Windows XP. Think soon there will be a rom for this.
  3. Apperently, there was a movie based off of arcade games of the games 80's You know, like Pac-man, Space Invaders, Rally-X etc. This game however wasn't actually in the 80's. It's a replica. The name of the game is Fix-it Felix Jr. The movie was obviously Wreck-it Ralph. (the bad guy) But nobody really thought it was a playable game. Yeah, there were flash verions, but I am not talking about them. This game was coded in C++ by the Code Mystics (same people who helped in the Atari Arcade Hits CD-ROM 1 & 2 from what I know) the same year the movie was released. A handful of these Arcade machines sprinkled throughout Disneyland arcades. Only like 20 of them. The CPU unit was actually a computer (As I said C++) and making that the reason it was never MAMEable. (In other words, MAME, if you haven't heard of it, emulates real arcade games starting from 1975s "Gunfight" to the 2000s games) Getting to the point here, Someone who bought one of these game replicas for something outragous on Ebay, that would be 20K in the hole, looked at the inside of the cabinet, (If you didn't notice the cabinet was basically a Donkey Kong cabinet, that explains why no one in the movie made a reference to DK) and saw a computer. and gave us a link to the game You get to play the arcade version of Fix-it Felix Jr. Not a Flash. Here are the controls: C - Coin 1 or 2 - Players to start Arrowpad - Move Z - Jump X - Fix And here is the download: Fix-it.zip
  4. I like fade the silver box has. *click*
  5. My dream of playing SMB on Atari 2600 just came true.
  6. Woah, the title screen, looks just like the arcade game, and that awesome music! Good job, man! - -
  7. I do have to take Space Rocks, Juno First, Chetiry, and Thrust into consideration. I am pretty sure everyone has a more than one favorite.
  8. Hi, I was a bit bored today, so I just slapped this post on AtariAge. I like alot of Atari 2600 homebrews. I just thought this would be an interesting topic.
  9. It's not an html manual.
  10. I made some box cutouts and some manual pics for this game check it out! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/220437-the-angry-video-game-nerd-for-the-atari-2600
  11. I get this error: The application failed to initalize properly (0x0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application. can someone explain this?
  12. Well, I remember another one of my computers had a version of bB that wasn't DOS. Maybe something like Visual bB? Now I went to download it, all I saw was DOS related bB. How do I use DOS bB?
  13. When you click the download link you are downloading the game, box cutout, labels, manual, and bits/pieces folder.
  14. I see this as module with 4 inputs and 2 outputs that go into both left and right controller slot. Possibly like the NES Four Score?
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