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  1. Eckhard, I've used both versions. I figured out that 78ctrl38 required the -c1 switch from reading the usage. It seems that hole three is connected to the other side of the board, I've added a small amount of solder to the hole and tinned the upper side of the pad better to ensure connection. Using the command line "78ctrl38.exe -c1 splat.bin" still does not work with my RAM cartridge, yet it does work with the internal RAM when specifying -w1800.
  2. Just replaced the cap and attempted to transfer Splatform to the RAM cart using both versions of 7800ctrl. I've used both the original pin 3 and pin 2 placements on the back of the cart board. The transfer times out every time.
  3. Eckhard, I've successfully uploaded Splatform to the internal RAM by using the following command: "7800ctrl -w1800 -tSEND splat.bin" using the -f switch does not work at all. Took Mitch's suggestion and used the identical command line with my RAM cart (bar the -w switch), did not work at all.
  4. Tried uploading a 4k game, Color Bar Generator, times out every time. Command line used: "7800ctrl -w2000 -tSEND cbg.bin" Perhaps this is where the virtualization is going to completely fail?
  5. Setting these didn't make a difference, binaries cannot be uploaded to the cart still. I might as well give up, I'm at a loss what is wrong with it.
  6. I didn't notice that. Wait... the jumper pads make a difference? What are they supposed to be set at?
  7. Just checked the voltage going to the chip, it was 4.94V so that seems fine. Could it possibly just be a bad SRAM chip?
  8. I've checked them over several times now, they are fine. I am using a Hitachi HM628128LP-85 SRAM chip. Are there supposed to be any other resistors or capacitors on the board other than C3 (0.1uF)?
  9. I am using the instructions for the 48K RAM cart from "devkit2.zip" the board's P/N is C100339
  10. Just to avoid creating another thread, I got my SRAM and 74LS02 and Hat Trick cartridge today. I followed the directions in the document, however, 7800ctrl reacts as if there is no cartridge in the slot when I have my devcart in. Could the problem be that I am using a NTSC Hat Trick game? I double checked all my connections and they seem fine. Also, I wrote a really simple program to automatically fix bad ROMs by a process of elimination. It work very well.
  11. Using the -a option of that 7800ctrl does help quite a bit. I was able to rebuild a working dump of Juno First by making five dumps of the cart, comparing two of the files, and then working out the correct bytes to replace the incorrect bytes with from the other three dumps (which took about 2 hours). It ended up with a working dump, just for a proof of concept that in theory this can all be accomplished with virtualization and PCI parallel cards.
  12. It has a Moschip MCS9805 From manufacturer website: The MCS9805 is a printer port controller with PCI bus interface. MCS9805 fully supports the existing Centronics printer interface as well as PS/2, EPP, and ECP modes. The MCS9805 is ideally suited for PC applications, such as high speed parallel ports. The MCS9805 is available in a 128-pin QFP package. It is fabricated using an advanced submicron CMOS process to achieve low drain power and high-speed requirements.
  13. Where can the newest version of 7800ctrl be downloaded? Your site only has v0.2.
  14. Both motherboards are made by Gigabyte, and both have the same pinout outlined in their respective motherboard manuals. Therefore, it will work properly. Couldn't a MAX232A be used to convert TTL to RS232?
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