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  1. Note: since the number of characters for the topic title is limited, I used "PS5", although officially, Mark Cerny is calling it "the next-gen console" for now. Rest assured though, they're not merely talking about a further upgrade of PS4, this will be "PlayStation 5". With that out of the way, here's the article. EXCLUSIVE: WHAT TO EXPECT FROM SONY'S NEXT-GEN PLAYSTATION https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/
  2. [video=youtube;HJclcGp8K_4] Links: https://www.cnet.com/news/google-reveals-site-for-its-gdc-2019-game-streaming-service-announcement/ https://gamerant.com/sega-new-console-google-2019/ https://variety.com/2019/digital/news/new-google-video-shows-company-set-to-unveil-vision-for-future-of-gaming-at-gdc-1203161443/ https://www.thegamer.com/rumor-sega-google-console/ https://www.kitguru.net/tech-news/featured-announcement/matthew-wilson/google-working-on-its-own-gaming-console-controller-design-appears-online/ Resetera and NeoGAF discussions: https://www.resetera.com/threads/google-gdc-2019-teaser.104899/ https://www.resetera.com/threads/so-google-is-making-a-console-to-compete-with-nintendo-sony-and-microsoft.104439/ https://www.neogaf.com/threads/google-release-teaser-video-for-gdc-2019.1473462/ https://www.neogaf.com/threads/rumor-sega-possibly-partnering-with-google-on-next-gen-console.1473408/ https://www.neogaf.com/threads/google-patent-shows-possible-controller-design-for-its-game-streaming-service.1473345/ Some people think this could be a cheap device and a controller that plays games by streaming-only. Others think it be a real, physical console hardware. Or both. Thoughts? I'd be interested for any exclusive Sega games, whatever Google's effort turns out to be.
  3. Bumpin' this thread because I wanted to post this video I came across last night. I think it's really cool they mention the Gradius II articles from EGM.
  4. Some more thoughts - In my alternate timeline for consoles of the mid 1990s to 2000 The Sony PlayStation - Sony works with Evans & Sutherland and Namco on shrunk down version of the Namco System 22 board with the E&S TR³ chipset and a 66 MHz MIPS CPU. It's able to handle perfect ports of System 22 and System Super 22 games. Tekken is a System 22 game instead of a System 11 game, and Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer 2, Rave Racer, Alpine Racer, Air Combat 22, Tokyo Wars, etc are all on PlayStation and without downgrades. Sega scraps the original Saturn design which started in 1992, released in 1994/1995. They commission LMC and Hitachi to design a REAL3D-100 and PowerPC 603 based console to crush Nintendo Ultra 64 (and 3DO's M2). (pic of an unfinished Real3D-100 board) Namco releases a System 33 arcade board in 1997 that easily beats MODEL 3. Not with PowerVR chips, but with one of Evans & Sutherland's REALimage chipsets, the direct rival of Lockheed Martin's REAL3D family of chips. i.e. Sega/Lockheed Martin work on a next gen console that will push north of 30 million polygon/s using a next-gen "REAL3D-500" GPU, in addition to a MODEL 4 arcade board. We'll call it the Sega Raptor (after LM's F-22 Raptor!) to avoid confusion with Saturn / Saturn 2. It looks a lot like this! Sony, Toshiba, Namco and Evans & Sutherland work out a PlayStation 2 spec. No Sony in-house Graphics Synthesizer, but instead a next-gen E&S REALimage graphics processor that's massively parallel and feature rich. (Rival workstation chipsets, rival arcade boards, rival game consoles with state of the art mass produced GPUs, both from the military-industrial complex, just like the rival stealth fighter jets from Lockheed (YF-22) and Northrop (YF-23) (We should have had both planes BTW) Ahem.. Nintendo - ArtX never splits off from Silicon Graphics. The Nintendo 2000 hardware has the full development resources of SGI and MIPS. The console ends up being more powerful than Project Dolphin/GameCube. Microsoft doesn't enter the console space with XBOX until 2003 or later.
  5. Okay, the Diehard GameFan stuff on a number of Sega's potential 64-bit plans, including Lockheed Martin REAL3D-100 And 3DO / Matsushita M2. and related things. Virtua Fighter 3 . Model 3 (2x REAL3D/Pro-1000s) Also, interestingly, Namco's never-releases System 33 arcade hardware using multiple first-gen Vidologic/NEC PowerVR chips. Most of this was printed in their Other Stuff column (GameFan's equivalent of EGM's Gaming Gossip / Quartermann) and Q&A Letters / Postmeister and Random Access (press releases, news, etc) and Japan Now. More detail on the REAL3D-100 chipset from EDGE in July 1995. Note: REAL3D-100 is more powerful than the following different pieces of hardware. *The Sega / Martin Marietta designed MODEL 2 arcade board. *The final 3DO / Matsushita M2 console (and arcade board used in Konami coin-op games). *3DFX Voodoo Graphics *PowerVR first gen PCX1 and PCX2 cards *Intel/Real3D project 'Auburn' which became the i740 integrated graphics chip, also used in the REAL3D Starfighter gaming cards released in early 1998. REAL3D-100 is less powerful than: *MODEL 3 board that used two REAL3D/Pro-1000 chips. *Dreamcast / NAOMI hardware using the custom second gen PowerVR2DC Now back to early/mid 1997 - Lockheed Martin is out, 3DFX is in the game with Sega, and quickly out of the game, as NEC / Videologic wins the deal with Sega to produce what is eventually the Dreamcast.
  6. Here's where that text in EGM came from (February 1997) Also, I have quite a few bits from Diehard GameFan that'll post soon.
  7. I think Sega should have either scrapped the final Saturn design or upgraded it. Then instead of Dreamcast in 1998-1999, release a much more powerful machine in 2000,
  8. And yet again, I just realized I did not include a page (the third page) from EDGE magazine's Neo Geo CD UK launch article
  9. Personally, I was far more impressed with the early original Neo Geo MVS/AES coverage in 1990-1991.
  10. So it seems between EDGE UK magazine and U.S. Next Generation magazine, I missed some of the Neo Geo CD articles, even though at least one of them is pretty much identical, since the UK and U.S. publications shared content on a regular basis. With that said, here's all of the EDGE / Next Generation articles I could find, posted in order of publishing date.
  11. EGM and Diehard GameFan on Samurai Shodown 64 And Samurai Spirits RPG (Neo CD, PSX, Saturn)
  12. Humble beginnings - Neo Geo CD coverage from EGM and EGM2
  13. Seeing the Neo Geo CD front loader reminded me of the article in EDGE magazine when it first released in Japan in 1994. Also, an early mention of SNK's 64-bit Neo Geo hardware in EDGE's sister publication, Next Generation. Note, the date is December 1995 And nearly 2 years later, the October 1997 issue, a full article on Hyper Neo Geo 64.
  14. Found some CVG articles on Samurai Shodown 64 and Roads Edge for the Hyper Neo Geo 64, including an interview with SNK, all published around autumn/fall 1997.
  15. I would've been disappointed if this was another KoF game. I'd been hoping for a new SS game and was pleasantly surprised it happened.
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