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  1. Sure they do! Combat for the VCS had 27 games. Space Invaders for the VCS had 112 games (aka variations). See where I'm going with this? 😂
  2. Looking forward to what you come up with next. This is really well done!
  3. Geez, just skip over it if you don't like it. Computer purists are boring. Seems like you're in the minority here.
  4. Yes, what Jetboot Jack said. I really enjoy your work, taking the simple VCS graphics and giving them a proper C64 treatment... lots of little details and embellishments! Looks wonderful. 😁
  5. Any way to trick it? LOL I hope they offer it at some point (soon!)
  6. Dumb question: has anyone updated the Mini using the Max software? I'm wondering how different the hardware actually is. I'm not gonna try it, I only have one of them... anyone not using theirs now that they got the bigger brother and want to tinker?
  7. LOL If you ever do a physical cart release, the box should say "Not bad for a hoax!" on it (credit to Mclaneit!)
  8. I'm not sure if its fair to compare an 8-bit computer keyboard to a Model M., so I'd prefer to categorize. On the 8-bit machines, I think my favorite keyboard is the Coleco ADAM. Worst is the Sinclair ZX80. On the 16-bit machines (not counting the obvious Model M), I actually liked the Amiga 500 keyboard, and the Apple //GS keyboard was nice. I liked the feel of the original Mac keyboard, but I'm particular about having cursor control keys so the Mac was a no-go for me. Sorry, Mr. Jobs, that was a dumb design decision. Worst of the 16-bit machines for me was the Sinclair QL. I thought I wanted one for the longest time, then I got to actually touch it...
  9. The founder of N.I.B.B.L.E. Magazine passed away today. Details here: https://www.callapple.org/vintage-apple-computers/mike-harvey-of-nibble-magazine-dies/?fbclid=IwAR0zulFMqw0as21cw0Tqmh6gW0t8zKp-y8Gm8CluRwNo5nMgoGUcdwREd_o
  10. It didn't bug me much at the time that it was Mac only, but when I finally took the rose-colored glasses off and saw what shite Mojave was, I am now 80% back in Windows land (still have one laptop and one iMac at the shop). I look forward to you getting the bugs worked out
  11. I know from talking to ex-salesmen that more than a few ADAMs were sold because they were positioned as cheap word processors (that could also do that other weird stuff, like games and programming). People paid more for IBM Selectrics and this gave them something with more power, so for Coleco the printer was non-negotiable. I have made my share of jokes about the printer over the years, but really my only real beef with it was you couldn't easily swap it out for a different printer--even if you did upgrade to a dot matrix printer, you still had to keep the old printer around. I agree about the tapes, bad choice but the timing wasn't right for floppies--another year, the price of drives came down a lot. Would our families have shelled out another $100-200 for a 5.25" drive instead of the DDP? The timing/price problem also extends to the printer as well. I also wonder if 64K would have worked better, but I still believe that having expansion possibilities beats having none. Would it have been better to not put in all those 6801 co-processors and just use some LSI tech, and base everything around a more simple serial bus (instead of ADAMnet)? Would it have been better to make it more like the MSX machines? Ultimately, all these quirks made the ADAM the ADAM. Would we still be talking much about a computer that was anything else? I think some of us stuck with it all these years because we liked being the underdog, and that's not so bad.
  12. I wonder if it would actually sell to people who never owned an Atari computer, always wanted to, but had all their money invested in something else like C64 or Apple or whatever. I know a few people who never owned a C64 but bought the Mini console. I didn't note which YouTube "review" I saw of the new full-sized unit, it was by one of the developers. It wasn't objective, but it sure showed off how to deal with some of the perceived issues. And the last third of the video showed that you could use it for development, even though you can't use an Action Replay cart on it. Also, of course these aren't as good as the real deal. Didn't say they would be. Makes me laugh how angry some of you are about it. Purists gotta hate, I guess!
  13. I've never used that, but I used HiSoft Pro BASIC pretty extensively back in the day. I seem to remember they're related. I used it because it was Microsoft QBASIC compatible. Trying to get any Atari VDI stuff working gave me migraines and I never got the hang of WERCS (I may be remembering the name wrong) which was their resource construction kit. But that was just for fun, my main thing was writing programs that could work on Atari and the PC. My Atari programs looked just as ugly as a standard text-based MS-DOS programs, though... but they worked great.
  14. I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with the full-size one (I only have the C64 Mini, but I've been seeing a lot of review videos). I know that the Atari scene is a bit smaller, but I'd totally buy an Atari version if it ever came out. I don't really care about having the ability to connect tape drives or disk drives, just give me a couple USB ports and an HDMI out with a proper Atari keyboard. Or even just make a USB Atari keyboard and a small replica case to put a Raspberry Pi into and I'm probably sold! I have almost every North American Atari model, but time is marching on and I guess I could just use an emulator and put stickers on my keyboard, but there's something so much cooler about having stand-alone hardware. So, anyone doing anything like this?
  15. When I saw this topic the first thought I had was "Cool, a Space Invaders game with a Tech Tree that you could advance thru the power ups" and now I want that game LOL
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