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  1. It's a good looking site, too! Thanks for your hard work, Milli.
  2. It will be a few more months, but when I get back into programming in CP/M I'm definitely going to give this a shot. Thank you for this!
  3. It's going too far, although I find it fascinating. I doubt too many people would want to mod their Adam like that, even if it gave them cool new powers. But I do like that you think outside the box (gawd I hate that term and now I hate myself for using it LOL)
  4. Yes, please do! Thanks to you guys we hopefully soon will be able to program graphics, sound and joystick controls in CP/M (and even better, Turbo Pascal), in 80 columns. I think that will usher in a new wave of CV games, and Adam software too.
  5. Did I say something disrespectful, or are you agreeing with me?
  6. Honest question here... have you ever played a game for fun, or is it only about beating it with a perfect score? Games are supposed to be enjoyed, not obsessed over.
  7. Autism comes in a lot of different styles.
  8. Looks too real! You need to have something near it to give a sense of scale, like a quarter for instance.
  9. Hmmm... He must have set that up after I got mine from him. I think mine was preset for a Hazeltine terminal (or something like that). I just remember having to trial and error it a fair bit (never did get it 100%).
  10. Ask Milli what the terminal settings are in TP, he helped me out with mine and it worked pretty great. I'm unable to look up those settings at the moment myself, sorry.
  11. After seeing what the TurboGrafix-16 (aka PC Engine) could do with a good video chip and an 8-bit processor, I'm wondering what the fuss is. Dual Z80 chips should be good for almost all 80's arcade games. Even 68000 games like Marble Madness had decent 8-bit ports, it seems like it comes down to the skill of the programmer and the VDP.
  12. Well, for a similar but somewhat different question: why can't the ST use bank-switching to increase memory? I always find it strange when an older design has more flexibility than something newer (ie. how the Atari 2600 has more colours available than say, the ColecoVision, when the TI chipset in the Coleco came out after the Atari came out)?
  13. Don't worry, Joe... I agree with you. I was just trying to sort out a few questions, and the OP answered all of them. I love the old physical computers. Been thinking of adding a 5.25" drive to my TRS-80 Model 1, just 'cause I miss the sound the drives made. There are many superior replacements available but the old way is foremost on my mind.
  14. No, not at all. I was really trying to find out what the OP's reasoning for this was, and what some of the hardware choices are. I still have my physical Adam, with quite a few add-ons as well. Having said that, I use emulation 2/3rds of the time because of ease-of-use. Where will I be in 5 years? Hard to say, depends on my options. This is one more option that I'm actually quite interested in.
  15. Strapping a Pi to the Adam certainly opens up a lot of possibilities, and it also adds a lot of philosophical questions about what makes an Adam an Adam. So instead of all of that, I'm just wondering why you want a MicroSD card as part of your card... why not use the one built into the Pi? Why have a modem port when the Pi can add WiFi to the Adam? For that matter, why keep the Adam at all? If someone made a keyboard/joystick interface, and a cartridge slot card for a Pi, and made it work with the Adam emulator, would I need to keep my aging hardware at all? Or even keep the cartridge slot, for that matter, considering every cartridge except for some homebrews have been dumped to image files. Just wondering out loud.
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