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  1. I'm really hoping that my inheritance money comes through before you sell out. It was my Mom who decided that I was getting an Adam for Christmas instead of some other brand, so in a way it's fitting that I spend part of the money from her estate on this. Of course I would want the Adam version.
  2. I sold a few of the Radio Shack version back in the day. The reason it seems low-tech was... because it was. Portables were either still bulky beasts with decent power/storage but the size of a lunchbox, or smaller like this, no hard drives and slower. This was one of the first I'd seen with a battery, for instance. It had Deskview in ROM to make life with a floppy easier and to stretch out the battery life. Also, I believe low-powered portable CPU's were still a few years away. So all things considered, it really wasn't so bad.
  3. Tommy, that podcast interview was incredible and really sold me on it. I was previously pretty blah about the whole thing, saw the latest commercial, got a bit more excited, heard the podcast and now I don't just want one, I want the SDK now! Four player Moon Patrol where the other players who are waiting their turn to be the buggy control the aliens instead? Genius! But I think that the one thing that sets you apart and needs to be emphasized in the advertising is the handicapping system. Holy crap what an ace-in-the-hole. No wonder that Candace was crying...being able to play with your family like that is more powerful than I previously imagined and I can't wait to try it with my own family. PS not kidding about the SDK...how can I get it?
  4. Can someone please just say who those two guys are? I refuse to click on the links as I don't want to give them any kind of a analytical boost.
  5. I'm happy for you. Sad though, because its one of the few machines on my "want" list and you just got the deal of the century. What a sweet score!
  6. I love my SX-64, but one of the hinges (or whatever you call it) holding the arm onto the unit is broken. Any idea where I can get a replacement?
  7. It's a good looking site, too! Thanks for your hard work, Milli.
  8. It will be a few more months, but when I get back into programming in CP/M I'm definitely going to give this a shot. Thank you for this!
  9. It's going too far, although I find it fascinating. I doubt too many people would want to mod their Adam like that, even if it gave them cool new powers. But I do like that you think outside the box (gawd I hate that term and now I hate myself for using it LOL)
  10. Yes, please do! Thanks to you guys we hopefully soon will be able to program graphics, sound and joystick controls in CP/M (and even better, Turbo Pascal), in 80 columns. I think that will usher in a new wave of CV games, and Adam software too.
  11. Did I say something disrespectful, or are you agreeing with me?
  12. Honest question here... have you ever played a game for fun, or is it only about beating it with a perfect score? Games are supposed to be enjoyed, not obsessed over.
  13. Autism comes in a lot of different styles.
  14. Looks too real! You need to have something near it to give a sense of scale, like a quarter for instance.
  15. Hmmm... He must have set that up after I got mine from him. I think mine was preset for a Hazeltine terminal (or something like that). I just remember having to trial and error it a fair bit (never did get it 100%).
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