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  1. Yep, the Sega Chihiro arcade hardware is based on the orig Xbox with more RAM but basically the same Since our conversation was arcade related I didn't think it was necessary to differentiate between other emulators At the end of the day it doesn't matter, the gun has to be recognized by Coinops (emulators) My guess is that it is and that you can find references to that if you google Coinops and EMS Topgun together I already know that Coinops recognizes the actual Xbox lightgun which is great but of course that does not work on anything but CRT ... it would not be too much of a leap to assume it works with the EMS I just can not confirm it as of yet
  2. You just contradicted yourself "MAME" By definition is an emulator and Coinops has the MAME core in it so if you want to play MAME rail shooters you need it to be compatible with emulators Also virtual cop 3 I believe is an emulated version on the Xbox no? Or is it just that it runs better on the 128MB ram ? Regadless the question remains the same and the orig Xbox does a much better job with MAME and other arcade emulation than the PS2
  3. One thing I notice right off the bat is the EMS II has the Xbox plugs I'm willing to bet they didn't carry that over to the EMS III depending on when it was orig manufactured I'll do an eBay search and see what I can find for a reasonable price
  4. $70 is more reasonable And yes that is an Xbox input with some sort of plug on it So yeah that looks like how it works Don't know if it works with emulators tho
  5. Woahhhhh doggie $250 ??! WTF If I can find the v2 for the price listed on playasia ($58) I'll go for it but man... $250 is crazy
  6. Ahh ok, shoulda listened those links in the first place 😁 Cool. Well I'm gonna get one from eBay Not a huge fan of playasia's website I'll let you know if it works or not with Coinops et al
  7. I don't see anything about orig Xbox on the playasia page at all so I don't know what you mean by "look at the contents inside the box" I'm on the mobile site so maybe it's missing info You don't need drivers for the USB dongle only if you run Linux on the Xbox
  8. Hmm, the features section of playasia don't mention orig Xbox support How does it plug in? It seems like you would need several orig Xbox USB adaptors if the racketboy post is correct Does anyone out there have experience with this light gun ? I also don't see how to be sure it is tue Orange tipped revision you spoke of
  9. The racketbot post def is talking about it on an orig Xbox so that's promising The question is: does it work with emulators ? I'm gonna get one myself and I'll let you know You may be able to google the answer to see if it works within Coinops
  10. I'm going to have to grab one of those and try t out in order to answer you question I didn't know they made one with an orig Xbox input Are you sure when they said "Xbox" they didn't mean Xbox 360 or Xbox One ? It's my understanding that the gun is a USB device There are USB adaptors for original Xbox but they are USB 1 not USB 2 which is not that great when it comes to peripherals like USB light guns or USB controllers I'm gonna go check out those links and see what's up
  11. It's version 6 boards because you can't install custom firmware without a mod chip. But you can install extra ram if you use a modchip Coinops and some of the other emulators have been updated to make use of extra ram Comes in handy with N64, PSX and arcade/MAME emulation the latter of which is what most of my customers get these for due to the advances in orig Xbox emulation over the past few years
  12. Having only used Ultimarc's video adaptor for the original Xbox (no longer available) that i use to connect my Xbox to my real arcade monitor, I've never investigated any other options for video output There is a ton of info available (google-able) for orig Xbox custom firmware ... I don't recall seeing anything about that but it doesnt mean it can't do it. Barring that there are video down/up-scalers on the market for use with everything from arcade monitors to HiDef TVs
  13. I have no clue but wouldn't a normal A/V cable that is composite video work ? That's the regular video on an Xbox at mayaman: it's coming along bro! Slow but it's coming I'm going to prioritize the Xbox orders this week and get them it the door but I only just got the Coinops updates which are worth the wait, trust me 👊🏻
  14. Greetings! We take great care in sourcing our ram chips and diligently test our hardware after installs are done We also guarantee our hardware for 90 days I know that one of the things that is often overlooked is that all XBEs have to be patched to work on a 128MB RAM Xbox We can of course get you set up with anything you want to play. But what concerns me is that you said you're looking to play lightgun games on an HDTV .. I assume this is a flat screen? An LCD or LED? (Not a CRT) I don't think you can get light guns to work on a non CRT TV unless you know of something I don't. Is there an original Xbox adaptor for the new light guns that have come out ? I'm not aware of any and if there are, please post a link here Lastly, I do not provide game lists because it is easy to find what is available and talking about ROM use that way is frowned upon in this forum. For the rest of the subscribers to this thread: I'll be updating the main thread here to show that we're updating Coinops to V8 R6 and also offering the Hyperspin-esque Coinops 8 GEMS as well as Hypervison 5 GEMS (which is Visionary 5 in a hyperbison menu style) I'll post links to videos in the first post soon but you can all just google it to find tons of videos out there We're also updating a lot of the stand alone emulators to all the latest versions and we of course make sure everything is patched and working if you get 128MB RAM My pace on Xbox mods is very slow at the moment because I've been hired to build a custom four player arcade machine... and I am also hard fast at creating a huge ISO database and archive of everything related to modern emulation on classic devices & modern devices including the Raspberry Pi ... part of the cabinet design will include a Sega Naomi 2 with a Net DIMM board and RPi3, a multi Capcom 2 board & a multi Neo Geo board as well as console and PC MAME capabilities so it will truly be a hybrid of amazing proportions ... oh and the 4 player control panel is modular so each set of controls is separate and the thing can be configured for 4, 2 & 1 player so when you're playing solo you can stand in the middle 😎
  15. That's a huge price shift on those Must be because of the flash carts... that's a new or really recent price drop . They were never less than $65 or so on that site. I know because I bought one last August from the same site ... dif vendor, but I sorted vendors by price when I searched for it based on the chart below They're probably trying to unload them I have two different multi carts but as I said, quality ain't so great on some. If you get them that cheap it's worth getting the capacitor/transistor fixes done on them to fix glitches . The Neo geo forums are full of tutorials and videos that show what sort of glitches exist, why & how to fix them This chart tells you which carts have which games http://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/MVS_Multicart
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