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  1. Thanks for the compliments @jgkspsx, much appreciated! And always happy to help someone else's 'addiction'!
  2. Thanks bud! Fantastic dealing with you as well. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Ah, sorry, photos got themselves out of order. Fixed now. Thought I might have put up some racy pics or something!
  4. Added Gamecube console, games, and Dragon's Lair/Q-bert board games.
  5. So, during the perpetual cleaning the household seems to be going through, my wife has found some boxes of stuff that I had forgotten we had, for systems and such that we no longer have. Long story short: I did a purge sometime ago, and guess things got overlooked. I'll list stuff as I have time to after work and such, and will do my best to respond to anyone asap, but please bear with me, as this is my first time listing on here (been around for awhile and have dealt with a few members), and I'm sure I'll muck something up. Everything, unless otherwise stated, is being offered as is and untested since, for the most part, I no longer have any way of testing anything. All prices in Canadian funds. I accept Paypal (F&F or buyer covers the fees), and buyers are responsible for covering the shipping. Contact me for shipping quotes on any individual or combined items (please include your Postal or Zip code and what you're interested in). I will ship to the USA and throughout Canada. Shipping is from Toronto, Canada and Canada Post is used. Services within Canada are Expedited shipping, and to the USA there's Tracket Packet (small parcels and fairly decent pricing considering the unreal shipping prices these days), and Expedited USA for larger items. All services come with insurance and tracking. So, here we go for now and offers will be considered. And sorry for my amateurish page formatting. Nothing for now...stay tuned.
  6. No worries, and yeah, thought about that later, that a permanent fix might not be where you were heading. No experience myself, with a sd2iec, but figured more knowledge than me would chime in, and get you set up, and look...it happened! Glad to see!
  7. I think it might be mentioned in the owners manual, if you have access to that, but here's an on-line mention of how to do it: http://www.atarimagazines.com/compute/issue50/221_2_READERS_FEEDBACK_Commodore_Disk_Drive_Device_Number_Update.php
  8. Quick follow up. Seems it's a family member running the business now, as (according to some folks on other forums), Dean7878 has had some serious health issues as of late, so there's some new info to use as you like.
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