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  1. Wishing to pay my respects to Curt and his family. My deepest condolences and extremely sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Curt.
  2. Hello Everyone, I feel it is time for me as both share my experience with Mr.Hawkens, I was originally not going to actual contribute to this post as I feel that my contribution would not have made any difference to the out come of what I've read over the last 8 pages, and for the record this isn't something I've waited to do for a long time here, I feel that it is valid to include the expansive reach of negativity that this one person has generated across the entire retro gaming communities and not been truly held for their actions and for those with the conclusion that Kieren is or will ever be sorry, this is delusional of you to assume this would be the case encase you have had no experiences with Kieren Hawkens until reading the above. My time with Kieren started back over 6 years when I came across a forum that to this day I am very much apart of and have made some amazing friends and colleagues a lot of people would give their right arm for, That forum and website is of course Retro Video Gamer hosted by Zapity (Jamie Battison) of which Kieren Hawkens (The Laird) was already apart of and like many was dead keen on sharing my interests of classic video games, movies and all that jazz, I can't even remember how I found this website, as I was a regular on Retro Gamer forums and had been there since 2008. With having a great love and passion for all thing retro gaming, I had started creating retro gaming related imagery over at Retro Gamer forum for the people, calendars and so on which was received with great reception and had mentioned this on RVG to which Jamie offered me if interested, would I like to help with the website imagery and so on as needed, I whole hearty agreed that i would love this, and for a long time me and all the people there including Kieren got along very well, new found family so to speak. I began to attempt and create exclusive stuff for RVG and migrated to Moderator and so on, until I moved to now positioned Administrator of RVG etc. With the ability to more or less create material on tap, Officiously Kieren recognized the quality of the work and gave great praise to a lot of the content I had produced at the time and even came up with suggestions and so on...so everything is great, new members joining all the time etc..we have a chat area and all that and with doing things at RVG and Retro Gamer previously I was one of the founding team members of a Retro gaming event held in the UK in 2009 which became Play Expo called "Retro Reunited" that I met a host of wealth of talent, the likes of Chris Wilkins, Archer Maclean, Andrew Fisher, Darran Jones and many more, it was a brilliant and nearly convinced Archer to convert IK+ to Apple Iphones back then too..lol..so had built a great re pour with everyone that was an up and rising status in the retro gaming scene in the UK. I was during my time affiliated with some great members over at Retro Gamer now, yet I'd never seen Kieren there as I predated his arrival, and actual began to work with a member there on a NES style fanzine publication called (NesBit) and it received a physical release and was excellent, fast forward about 6 months to a year, Kieren had a keen interest in Homebrew Gaming and not just on the Atari Jaguar, across all formats and He had the idea of producing potentially a magazine designed towards the subject a I don't think there was such a thing in the way I had produced NesBit, although you had Retro Fusion magazine from Chris Wilkins which was great etc..but didn't have my spin on it. So Kieren came up with a name. "Homebrew Heroes" I wasn't sure where this came from as I know Retro Gamer magazine have a section of their magazine called exactly this?, I just never maybe noticed this at the time, so we decided what we could do here and it was sugested by whom I can't remember (Kieren probably will think he did reading this) that we get the RVG community members to contribute which was a great idea and so we began the task of involving up to ten people I believe, with me on complete creative control duties and regular updates of preview pages of how it would look and boy it looked good, we even got mentioned in the news section of an Issue of Retro gamer magazine on Homebrew Heroes which was fantastic and Kieren opted to showcase the magazine at I think was he first Retro revival event hosted by Chris and Craig and this is where I firstly caught an insight to what and how Kieren beginnings of egoistical behaviour, His brother filmed the presentation of the magazine where by kieren introduces "Homebrew Heroes" as a project by him and his team? This was a giant venture between Himself and myself and was simply portrayed as the designer commissioned behind the magazine, as expected I was not very impressed at all, when he should have mentioned that it was both himself and I that had produced this magazine with the help of the RVG community forum members, this was the first of it all. I had confronted him over via skype and he was claiming I was over reacting and that he had mentioned me directly which was of course bullshit. It was also agreed the profits from the magazine would be shared amount the contributors as well as contribution towards server costs to Jamie for maintaining the site, this didn't happen in the way it should have, We both knew that this magazine was something of a diamond in the rough for lots of people and also as a digital download I think priced at £3.99 and I can assume sold very well as it was hosted payment via Kieren's PayPal account, when I began to get suspicious about not only how quite Kieren was been about this aspect of the magazine, I began to feel that the donations he was offering may not be accurate to those who received payment for there work, I know Jamie got about 10 pound or so, I got about 20 pounds and I think one contributor got 10 pounds, and I believe this magazine sold fro a long time also with monies going to Kieren while claiming that the magazine wasn't selling well, This is when I started to believe something wasn't quite right with this all, as I only wanted those that gave their time to help with the project their rightful donation for their work. I began to distance myself a little at this point, yet still remain friends and so on but not entirely. Kieren begins to come up with an idea for something Atari Jaguar related and is in talks with a member on RVG that can code what appears to be some sort of codec playback routine on the Jag and decides that it should be all about lost or unreleased Atari Jaguar games, with no familiarity with the Atari Jaguar I think nothing of this or have any real interest, but Kieren approaches me asking if I would be ale to come up with so Cover artwork for the project, a DVD case image and an image fro the CD itself and come with the title "9 Lives" which is a host of video clips on a cd for the Atari Jaguar CD to whci hhe plans to donate a chuck of the money made from the extremely limited amounts of the release for a whopping £29.99 per copy with the promise of splitting some of the profits to pay me for the work and this other guy fro the coding of the playback codec, I say fine etc..and guess what? it never came even though I'd seen that all limited numbers had all sold out, he even asked me to include on the boxart a white box for the limited number he would write on the box, I also believed he donated nothing to this charity of his and pocketed all the profits and possibly continued to sell this release on his eBay account for many months suckering those stupid enough to purchase the product, which then leads to the dodgy content of fake video contained there in. Kieren had asked me at the time of production would I be able to extract game-play video from a demo of "Power Drive" to which only a demo disc on the 3DO existed and falsify it as Atari Jaguar footage but keep this to myself ? I said mate, this is wrong and you shouldn't include it, he said it would be okay, it was only to show what could have been?, i agreed to it unwillingly but he had asked as a friend so i did it, this game-play footage that is found on this CD is completely false and not at all footage from the Atari Jaguar 100% guarantee this, this was really the first time and only time I was connected to his deceptions. Atari Gamer magazine: Kieren was at the time I felt a dab hand at reviews. he had contributed a great many reviews across many formats and one that stuck out to me , being a colossal fan was the Atari 8-bit computer, which at the time I was lead to believe that Kieren himself must have grown up with this machine and could relate to the nostalgic trip down memory lane which actually wasn't the case at all, he was a Zx spectrum user and only ever migrated to the Atari ST scene maybe a year or two when that itself arrived, so he was no true Atari 8-bit gamer or lived through that time-frame. So unknowingly to me at the time assumed otherwise and notice he had a collection of reviews for the Atari 8-bit on RVG not really getting the attention they deserved, to which in hindsight was probably better going unnoticed in the first place which I found to be the case later one, So I began conception of the magazine idea for an Atari 8-bit digital magazine, against the c64 and Zx Spectrum getting all the love and so on, it was a no brainier for me and asked him if I could use his already written reviews for inclusion of the magazine, I so wished I had NEVER asked this now....He kindheartedly agreed and said he'd love to see what i come up with them, so again the same premise applied here, that donations from the sales of the magazine would go to RVG as well as himself, Bu tI even knew that this wouldn't be as popular as Homebrew Heroes, roll in one other exceptional piece to the puzzle "Lost Dragon" a.k.a Rogue Trooper to help assist me with historical facts and snippets of info that would make the magazine a must read and even himself wrote a contributing article about the Atari 8-bits piracy etc. So on hand you had Kieren donating the reviews and Ross donating this other content and me designing,so three of us, the difference here is that I kept Ross compartmentalized not to let Kieren Know what we where doing as I knew at this point that Kieren would probably have his nose out of joint, and shit..i was not wrong. At the point when Kieren was continuously asking me to send over a proof for what he believed he could also do was "Proof-read" lol..I would side step from. But when came the time to let Kieren know who was involved, I had sent over a copy before mentioning Ross's involvement.. Within minutes of the transfer Kieren is on Skype fucking livid with me, demanding why I involved Ross and I why I didn't mention him at all until he had seen what Ross had donated to the magazine, I explained to Kieren firstly this was my magazine, design, concept, production and presentation, he had donated the reviews, an interview and a cover spread on the 130XE and a selection of Homebrew games newly written for the magazine which did not entitle him to ask such questions at which point I was thinking this fucker thinks he's the partner in this? wtf?. I explain that no, your not the co owner of this magazine as I suggested to revitalize your dormant game reviews on RVG that where not getting exposure and in turn would produce something of notoriety for your work with the possible gains of been noticed and seen as someone that was capable of producing this content in potentially a commerce way. He then attempts to pull the a final death blow by insisting if I decide to include Ross's content in the magazine that he will pull all reviews from the magazine (now keep in mind we are supposed to be friends here) and I made a decision to which I actually regret to this day was I paid Kieren the sum of £25 pounds via PayPal for these substandard reviews and also gifted him with thanks before hand which truly boils my piss to say this, a copy of Curt and Marty's "Atari Inc: Business is Fun" which cost me £40, at this point I knew our time and friendship had come to an end where upon Kieren had no problem writing me off and everything else we had been attached too. The last thing I said to the guy was "I hope this now settles any ill feeling and that you will never mention or bring this up going forward" he agreed, which was a lie... The Pro(C) Connection. A great little created by Markus a true Atari 8-bit nut had great relationship with myself and he himself had a funny half ass'ed encounter with Kieren hawkens, against my advice , I warned Markus about Kieren and what he was capable off and not employ him in any regards as he can and is cut throat, Markus chose to have Kieren contribute to his mini magazine which I believe still going. only to have this come crashing down on him also. Markus loved the Atari Gamer magazine and approached me and wanted to actually release the magazine in a physical format by that came with a very high cost because of the full colour printing and page count which actually ended up costing to produce a whopping €17 + €10 for shipping of the magazine finding me having to redo the magazine for print, I was of course blown away by this knowing that if I agreed I could obtain my own copy of my own creation and loved the idea. So we made it happen and produce a very small limited number of copies (30 in total) so very rare now these days and they sold out as you would expect, well i never expected them too. So markus decided we could probably do another print run on pre-orders, again I was all for this. until one day Markus contacts me all upset and distressed? I inquire to what has happened here and Markus mentions that Kieren Hawkens has contacted him demanding a Cease and Desist order to the production of the physical version of Atari Gamer, claiming that the reviews are copyright to him and owned by him and this is illegal what Markus is doing and if you don't stop you will be in point for legal proceedings against Markus for part taking in this action. Firstly this dope lives in the UK and Markus lives in Germany whereby different laws are not aligned, secondly he sends Markus this Cease and Desist letter via a word document, I ask to see this and Kieren didn't even change the "Dollar" signs to the "pound" signs for wherever he copy and pasted this document from ..lol..I broke my shite laughing at how pathetic and desperate Kieren actually was.. and even had the balls to ask well you could have least sent me a physical copy of the magazine..lol.. I shit you not..he actually asked for this. I told Markus to continue on and ignore this gobshite and he did, having the magazine released to those lucky 30 people whom hopefully still have the magazine. He had failed yet against to command any influence or status over something that was not his in the first place..insane.... So Kieren hoped up on to what he does best..his Facebook Page sighting that he has been scammed and ripped off, claims I screwed him over and never paid him for his work, I actually have the snapshot of this paypal transaction and when I'm on my desktop I will include it here as proof of purchase, and portrayed me as public enemy number one to the whole 5 people that would listen to him over there, His malevolent behavior actually attempted to have be me ousted out of commercial work with author "Derek Staton" producer of the "Atari 2600 Encyclopedia Volume One" Private messaging the guy when I was helping promote the book where by dozy Kieren though I had written the book proclaiming that it would be full of grammatical issues and so on and would recommend anything I do...support..contacts him via PM claiming that "he shouldn't pay me for any work as i will rip him off and do a legger with his money and not to be trusted and so.." Now call me whatever you like, but when you are been slandered in this manner whereby livelihood is involved you have to go nuclear and was exactly what I had done, i had written a huge post in relation to Kieren about Homebrew Heroes on my Facebook page calling out everything he had scammed these people out off in reticulation back in 2015 and whenever given the opportunity even when I had produced the Atari Visual History book to ridicule and belittle the project he did. In the end I believe I dodged a bullet with this person and had the ability to raise above his garbage behavior a lot more than most and have so much moved away above and beyond to height Kieren will ever only dream off, that for a shill of a person to have caused some much negativity has to go down in the history books of the retro gaming communities and this thread be pinned for prosperity for those that remotely have any dealings with him or can be pointed to this thread. Apologizes for such a large body of text, I hope I was able to convey what my experiences where with Kieren and for those unaware, this guy is dangerous and I really mean this, he will go to any length to arrive at his means and fuck anyone irrelevant under the bus or to the side. Have a good one Darren.
  3. I can double up on this..Just for the background on Lost Dragon as mentioned above is completely correct Lost Dragon was as mentioned provided links to the interviews present in my magazines and did not write any part or whole for the ST Gamer magazine series, This production was and entirely part of the involvement of the people mentioned above, the social media propaganda was fabricated by Kieran Hawkens aka the laird across Twitter in order to sight review removal of his amazon books with plead citing Lost Dragon as a rival writer. this is simply not true, Lost dragon has never contributed with any form of written articles or features in any of Greyfox digital magazines or books. @The Laird, for you exclusively here, if you read this. I can completely hold my hand up with the statement that I wrote 97% of the Atari Visual History and not just a designer as you put it. Lost Dragon did not provide any written words, we both have gone our separate ways sometime now due to difference of opinion, so please stop spreading lies and rumours of information of people you are eager to debunk on your twitter platform. cop on to yourself and grow up ffs. Darren.
  4. Hi everybody, Just wanted to drop by and say thank you all, for those of you that believed in the project and supported it. With over 665 backers strong and incredible support from a great many factions within the retro gaming communities and focused digital marketing and social activities have allowed this project to be realized and be extremely successful Even though it's received a lot of negativity it was nice to see most of you have pledged for the book and thank you all again and for those you that have shown glowing concerns from day one. All concerns raised or observations although most of them without foundation, will be getting addressed, rechecked and redone accordingly, I set out to produce a nice book and that is what is going to happen and everyone that has supported the book will get it and will strive to make it a roaring success after the book has been released. I've asked for this thread to be closed as it is no longer relevant to the project now. I won't be returning to Atari Age like a great many that themselves have left recently and after this project is completed there will be no further Atari related products from myself or Greyfox Books Kind regards Darren.
  5. Hi everyone, As with the majority of you in the dark on this, I need to come forward with what has been ongoing here in regards to the imagery of the book both presented at the beginning of this thread will not be the final presentation of the book as I've stated in my previous post and have seen this in an attempt to keep the coals burning on this matter. I will be making the announcement of the cover change at my discretion and to my backers in due course which is of no concern to any of you at this time that are not backers of the project nor will I be subjected to any further ridicule on a public forum by stance of individual opinion to which has now been a massive regret for coming to Atari Age with an Atari related project or be obligated to explain myself in this manner unless you are a backer of the project which will receive further information within the updates for "Backers Only", the remainder of this imagery that has been presented in the animated Gif posted yesterday is what the Kickstarter marketing imagery has been up until it finishes to avoid 1. Confusion to why the imagery will be changed, which it will I can guarantee will happen and detailed explanation given in due course. The marketing is as it stands won't change until the book is either funded or cancelled by me. So nobody here calls the shots. I do..thanks 2. From what has been raised here with a concern of the problems faced with the book via a collective of people here has been reworked in explanation to what I will do is my decision going forward, again this will not be posted here as my obligation is to the backers in this matter not to Atari Age members. I have managed to approach the author once more and that actual publisher of the book permission granted as a homage to their product and Atari art style in general or this will be declined for permission. This is not obtainable as I've now sent about 6-7 emails to them from my workplace so assuming that emails are dead or these people are the imagery is been changed and the decision made regardless of the outcome a new book cover will be, thanks to the people here that have called it out for what it is. This will and has had zero impact on the project or its funding, I've admitted my wrongdoings and have take steps to ensure that this is all addressed and I am not obligated to showcase this imagery here other than to my backers in due course. You'll just have to wait and see what happens, won't you? So before the majority of you begin stirring it up from what you have read above, have at least some factual presentation to what you're trying to influence here, thank you. If you had or any of you have contacted me (Fred_M has) I could have explained this to you rather than presenting it in a convoluted manner to the extent that it has completely derailed the purpose of the thread and people taking their own assumption of potential outcomes that couldn't be further from what it actually happening. Also I have tried to contact Lost Dragon via email to which it was bounced back and have attempted to PM him here to address our issues to which he now washes his hands of the entire project thanks to way things have taken place here and I don't blame him for this, I would have done the same. But thank Lost Dragon, your request has been taken on board and apologises to you for the way you've been possibly treated here at Atari Age, you've brought many radical and informative research to the Atari Community to which I'm sure many are in your debt, I included. @Fred_M : your above post of further investigative ridicule is a wasted one, as I've stated in previous posts these are preview pages to which content has been placed to signature written content and is there for placement purpose of body of text, Wikipedia and interview material are placement during research purposes and have been completely rewritten , but I'll give you this, you have an eye for this detail , you should consider becoming a private investigator. Kudos. So with that, I have to now draw a final line under this thread and any further projects will not be promoted at Atari Age as I feel that this project has taken a proper thrashing, which I guess goes with the territory on all things where applicable. I wish to thank those that have had faith that I will honour this project with everything that has been mentioned be corrected, I don't wish for any ill feelings towards anyone here, you've kept me on my toes I'll give you all that. I strive to make something that people will enjoy and everyone that are fans of this great machine continue to do so. I will be no longer posting to this thread, even though I've been dragged back into doing so. This will be my final stand, if you all wish or care to find out what happens next, it will be elsewhere. Thank you. Darren.
  6. Hello everybody, I'm at work at the moment and will reply to everything that has been passed here and try to explain what's been happening and what's going to happen. Thanks. Darren.
  7. As this is going in another direction and has been mentioned that JoSch being a part of the book or the project is not true, I have never spoken with JoSch personally or here on the forum and is not affiliated with the Atari Visual History in case this as perceived as such, I appreciate his input here as well as many others that have voiced their opinions. The previous post was to be my last, but felt I needed to straighten the record on this belief if exisiting Thanks Darren
  8. Hello everybody, Apologies for not writing back here on the thread, I have been recently having internet issues with my broadband provider that I needed to get it sorted and properly evaluate everything that has been raised here by all you guys and wanted to finally try and address everything in the best possible and honest way I can, So I think the main reasoning for this post is to discuss the Book cover firstly, I wish to say it was unprofessional of me to utilise and copy a cover design of a publication that was plagiaristic and unfair, but I repeat, I did attempt to contact the author in relation to doing this type of design about 6 months as I wished to seek their permission to use this design style as a homage, not to steal or pass off as my own original work and felt it fitted the book brilliantly, but was inappropriate to have it there and I hold my hands up this, and to straighten the record here, I did not begin work on a new cover original to smooth over the fact people claiming I was caught out or "something was off" this is pure bullsh!t in my opinion and incredibly pedantic comment to make, I am not bad person or somebody trying to make a buck off some bodies else work, it was a misrepresentation I have admitted to honestly and sincerely. The book cover has been more or less now redesigned and is better for it and hope people will see the direction I've taken with it and be able to put that behind us. Secondly, The Game spread and the artwork used, To answer questions of why did you use this cover art and not that cover art, well this is very simply at the time of producing the spreads, these covers were simply not available to me to be able to use them, but the one that was incorrect example fo this "Zaxxon" have been found, remastered and replaced to that game and many others that were incorrect. I have cross referenced the origins of the covers and their territories from the likes of AtariMania and host of other sites and I need one possible original cover art in high-resolution to change if I can find or obtain it, then it will have to stay in as is. The game reviews themselves were to be designed to be light reading demonstrating a screenshot of the game, the box or cassette art across two pages and aim at both Atari fan and people not so familiar with the Atari 8-bit machines, and although many people don't like the layout and scheme of the work here, this is perfectly fine as I mentioned it's not for everyone, This is to be seen as a pick up and go style book, I would have loved to include all the extras like disk images and cassette tape art and manuals, but I simply did not have access to such a resource to which could be used or incorporated into the book mainly due to the page count of the book, this would have meant far fewer games to be included, high resolution imagery lite correctly and extraction work would have made the creation of the book unviable for me to make and would have taken possibly years to do and if I'm been honest here only for the few people that helped me get to where the book is now, I've had very little help from the Atari Community on this project which was quite disheartening personally. I attempted to reach out with a previous thread no one showed interest in mid-last year The preview images used in the Kickstarter where simply just that, it doesn't mean the written content was wrongly placed on the page from one game is the same in another, I used Lorem ipsum text as a text holder and in some cases used text from previously game reviews, that have all be written over the last few months, so these are not typos or visible errors or concerns to anything only that representations of the game spreads. I have taken on board some of the issues raised about the games spread and have addressed them, but I will make one point here from the outset, The way the book was intended will remain just that, i won't be making the alterations and in some cases, unrealistic changes asked in the thread. I had a vision of the way I wished the games to be done and presented. And to respect certain things have been raised here in relation to them to try and please people to which I could have ignored, find some common ground here. Now to the Grammar of the book, I can declare that a professional technical proofreader has been commissioned by me to oversee the 50,000 plus words in the book by the name of Sean Townsend the programmer of the Atari 8-bit version of Chuckie Egg and has when above and beyond with helping in this department to wish I am eternally grateful for. Thanks Sean if you see this thread. So I can assure you all that this has been being taken care off. This is the very first venture into a creating a book of this type and in publishing and I won't even try to discuss what was done over the last few months behind the scenes of impact on my personal life, work life and working on the book for some 400+ hours designing, writing and producing something to appeal to everyone, but sadly hasn't been the case from what you all have said and I'm sorry you all feel this way, I would have hoped for quite the opposite in this regard. With the Kickstarter itself, I have learned a tremendous amount of what when wrong and how this wasn't what it should have been. i know I nailed the marketing aspect with possibly needed more networking in that department which has great room for improvement and with only 9 days left to go with the crowdfunding I have been extremely optimistic in the hope that it would fund, but this is now unlikely to take place, which I'm fine with, I realised where it wasn't priced correctly across all areas of the fundraising and will be re-evaluating this over the next few weeks/months I will be actioning for cancellation of this Kickstarter over the next few days unless a miracle can happen The copyright issues possible facing the book will also be re-enforced as I and Lost Dragon during the very first stages tried to reach and get permission and of those that we did get in contact were delighted that somebody was willing to take up the time to acknowledge their work and did not feel that I was overstepping the mark or anything shady or un-towards their games and amazing work they had produced on the Atari 8-bit machines and that alone was a fantastic experience. I hope I have answered the majority of the concerns here, I can't say when and if the Atari: a Visual History will return to a crowdfunding platform as I need to take time out and see what is possible and what is realistic for the book and to answer while I'm thinking of it, somebody made a statement of investing your own money in the book, I did..€4,000 of it!. This will be my last post in this thread, I want to thank all of those that supported the book here at Atari Age, I will be forever in your debt. Thank You so much. All comments good or bad have been taken and hopefully one day the book will become a realisation. But until then I wish you all the best. Thanks for everything Darren.
  9. Thank You Lost Dragon, You've been an amazing help on the project and all that has been mentioned will be taken under advisement and that the book will come out regardless of what happens next. Thank you. Kind regards Darren.
  10. Sorry you feel that way UltraSteve, Again I'm willing to set the wrongs to rights here and from the overly hostile-vibe you've sent out from the outset, I really don't know what your issue is with me and my work here, I think it's best that you either add me on block here on the forum? I will leave this up to you. I have already posted that I am addressing the issues raised here. Kind regards Darren.
  11. I have already begun preparing something of a new cover that removes all traces of the previous design with it being 90% changed and no Plagiarism to be seen, All will be revealed after this campaign in the direction I wish to take it, but again many thanks to everyone that signature-ed their thoughts and concerns. Kind regards Darren.
  12. Hi Jeff, This was a great spot, I did indeed copy that cover and used elements from it and have no problems admitting this as I really liked the design of it and felt it fitted the concept for what was intended with the visual History book, I have taken a great amount of time from the comments here on the forum and have moved accordingly to improve many of the suggestings put to me here. If the cover is seen as plagiarism then I put my hand up to that at no point did/do I attempt to hide any form of deception and have answered everyone here honestly, I did myself attempt to contact the author of the "Atari Color Graphics" by Joseph W. Collins myself having no joy here and even spoke to somebody that was friends with him in the hope of reaching out, but the design of the logo was recreated in photoshop and not a simple copy and paste. With wanting to make this the best possible presentation for Atari fans, If people are uncomfortable with the front book cover of the book, I am open to suggestions in this regard. @Fred_M This part of the title design has been corrected since you brought it up a couple of pages back. With only 11 Days left, I am optimistic that the funding will hopefully take place and if not, then I will be rebooting the book with a considerable amount of cut back in order to reduce the overall cost of everything including printing, shipping and reduction in costs that may not be releivant to the project at its relaunch later in the year making it more manageable to those that want to see the book with alternative ways to bring everyone what they expect for a visual history book on Atari's third-party software, As this is my very first time into producing a book like this and the whole crowdfunding thing I am completely new to it with researching printers, perks and the likes and have learned a great deal from this fantastic experience and have acknowledged everybody's concerns. Thanks for everything so far. Darren.
  13. This is very fair and respect your opinions and your permission to use the scan within the publication. Thank you Fred_M for your response on everything so far
  14. Hello everybody, I just wanted to say firstly, many thanks for contributing to this thread for the Atari: a Visual History book, and wished to address some of the concerns and comments made here and didn't wish to shy away from some of the criticisms given here and also wished to thank everyone for the points raised, it good too see discussion on what people think and is valued to a certain extent that I can improve upon. As I can see that the book will not be for everyone, with that at least it has achieved some great interaction from many avenues across the world and social media etc.. When the book was initially conceived I reached out to many people in the Atari communities including Atari Age itself, one been Paul aka (Mclaneinc) which he thought at the time was a fantastic idea but strangely doesn't share this approach now and was offered a chance to contributing to the book but due to his own personal reasons he was unable to commit which was perfectly fine. And Fred_M was very nice to share his private Atari 8-bit cover archive and is mentioned within the book's special thank you section and has allowed certain cover art to be present inside the book and wanted to thank you both for your time. So to address some issues you guys felt are present at the moment. Firstly we don't make a touch on a comparison to a bookazine magazine of reprinted articles with maybe a lick of paint throughout was not the intention for a book of this nature and we didn't wish to have followed that style of work and wasn't designed to be vastly in-depth in the making of scenario cover specific games on the Atari although this would have been great to include based on the page count, we couldn't include that type of thing in this book due to the number of games featured in the book. I also have not really mentioned the interviews also present which take up to 40 odd pages worth, or the system profiles to over 10 pages. So an existing Bookazine from a major magazine publisher that don't need to go the Kickstarter route simply is a ridiculous comparison for this style of a book. But again thanks for the input here and also to note that that type of content is readily available and if it is a case of a wider range of imagery and design choices then perhaps the "Future Publishing" bookazine is for you and maybe suggest approaching Future Publishing and ask them if they plan anything similar now that they own Retro Gamer magazine?. Now let address the questions in relation to pricing structures and how I arrived at this value, following is the breakdown I feel I shouldn't actually have to declare, but I wish to be completely transparent to those that feel I'm buying an island offshore or creaming my backers or those purchasing the book. The Book breakdown: Size 229 x 152mm Portrait (Standard 9x6") Page Count: 420 pages @ 300ppi Spec Cover: POB; Litho printed, End Papers: 2 x 4pp; Unprinted, Text: 420pp; Litho printed. Proof We to supply a Blank Mock Up & Inkjet proof(s). Printing Cover: 4 colour process + Seal one side only. Text: 4 colour process + Seal throughout. Endpapers: Unprinted Materials Cover: 150gsm Silk (FSC Mix), End Papers: 170gsm Black Uncoated, Text: 130gsm Silk (FSC Mix). Finishing Anti-scuff Matt laminate outer cover, fold text, collate, sew, line, trim with printed endpapers, case printed laminated cover with 3mm greyboard, board hollow, affix head & tail bands. Pack into cartons. The above is not from a Print on Demand service but a very professional Print House based in the United Kingdom and due to being based in Ireland, I have to pay in Sterling for both printing and shipping to all over the world that has taken up a vast amount of the fees from the crowdfunding stages as this is based an order of 600 books fully complete to the backers of a high polish product that has been estimated to fund the book, secondly the Pledges are also been handled by another vendor based in the United Kingdom on a final tally of orders submitted for all merchandise that may be in smaller or bigger numbers making the pricing fluctuate and this excludes shipping from them too. So based on the amount. Then this is followed beforehand of Kickstarter's 10% take of the final total of the €34,000 / £30,000, so also to take into consideration of books and possible pledges not arriving at backers due to been lost in the post etc. I will be also taking the hit on the replacements of them as they won't become from the Printers. So yeah..I'm going to RIO real soon with all this money To address the comment of "lazy Graphic design" next..well okay this again is down to the eye of the beholder, I can't really see what you are addressing here?, I previewed the book back in 2017 as a concept and throughout the majority of 2018 to an audience of hundreds on social media and the Atari Age forum and find within this thread, the first to ever time to mention this? to me and I'm sure many others sounds like a cheap blow to the book and to those that simply want a publication that celebrates the software of this wonderful computer and is an insult to 11 months of remastering cover artwork, screenshot capture, layout design of the profiles, interviews and whatnot and the amount of writing of over 50,000 words, I can't see what was meant by this comment? the premise was simple, each game gets its own presentation of a remastered cover art not found anywhere on the internet other than in this book in the fashion they have to be cleaned etc. the background plate of each game has been used included extracted sprites for the majority of the spreads. The written word is those of the contributors with their own memoirs and facts about the games are in here as well, so I don't see what the questions of research or profiling fit the criteria other than to be seen in a teardown of the book?, maybe I should have included this in the fundraiser text? I have over 15 years in graphics design, I'm also the creator behind a selection of digital magazines (7 to be precise) with a majority of Atari Age members have enjoyed over the years here. I personally feel this is an unfounded remake to make and be honest a blatant insult to not just to me, but to everyone that has backed this book so far. But again if this is something you feel is a product you believe to be substandard then that's your single opinion based against the 300+ backers now supporting the project. As mention previously the Book, of course, was never intended to be everything for everybody, the fact it's even been done for the Atari 8-bit Home computer is miraculous as the Atari 8-bit platform goes completely undeservingly ignored compared to other 8-bit home computer books. Yet the product is been ridiculed in the last couple of posts without any real substance of relevant in justification of semi-negative commentary but subjective to the advice that I have found constructive. Again I wish to warm heartily thank everyone for their input bad or good and those that have supported the book, I can guarantee you that the book is going to be fantastic in all it's intended purposes to those that love the Atari 8-bit and to those of you that won't be getting involved, this is all good too. but please all I ask you is with everything addressed here, please consider not derailing the thread, I have answered all key points to this product, so there shouldn't be any lack of clarity and have taken all adverts of commentary on board. Kind regards Darren.
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