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  1. There will be a WUDSN assembly course at the fujiama this year. (sorry, the spoken language will be german) Title: WUDSN assembly course: Programming a game via cross-assembly on PC / Mac for Atari 8bit home computers lecturers: Ingo Boller (1NG) and Thomas Schulz (8Bitjunkie) Content: We will work on a (very) small, simple assembly game and we will completely explain and discuss it line per line in every aspect. We explain the commands of the 6502 micro processor as well as the operation of the WUDSN development interface and of course the features of the Atari. ("Player / missile", character set, joystick query, music, interrupt, etc.) The participants can deepen their acquired knowledge in their own exercises after each lesson and may fall back on the lecturers. The aim of the course is that the participants have completely understood the small example and can program their own extensions. You need: A reasonably up-to-date notebook / PC running Windows or MacOS. (please do NOT arrive with an old Windows 95 computer) Required prior knowledge: It would be nice if you know already how to hold a joystick correctly... But you have to understand german language. Events: Monday, August 26th, 2019, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm: Preparing WUDSN on your laptop incl. short function test and general introduction to the instruction set of the 6502. Tuesday to Friday: One lesson each from 10:00 am to 12:00 am. After that free practice in the afternoon. Greetings 1NG and 8Bitjunkie ________________________________________________________ An now in german language: Titel: WUDSN Assembler Kurs: Spiele Cross-Programmierung auf PC/Mac für Atari 8Bit Heimcomputer Dozenten: Ingo Boller (1NG) und Thomas Schulz (8Bitjunkie) Inhalt: Es wird ein (sehr) kleines, einfaches Assembler Spiel vorgestellt und komplett von vorne bis hinten erklärt und besprochen. Dabei werden sowohl die Befehle des Microprozessors 6502 erläutert, als auch die Bedienung der WUDSN Entwicklungsoberfläche und natürlich die verwendeten Eigenschaften des Ataris. („Player/Missile“, Zeichensatz, Joystickabfrage, Musik, Interrupt, etc.) Die Teilnehmer können nach jeder Lerneinheit ihr erworbenes Wissen in eigenen Übungen vertiefen und auf die Dozenten zurückgreifen. Ziel des Kurses ist es, dass die Teilnehmer das kleine Beispiel komplett verstanden haben und eigene Erweiterungen programmieren können. Benötigt wird: Ein halbwegs aktuelles Notebook/PC unter Windows oder MacOS. (Das uns da aber keiner mit ner alten Windows 95 Mühle oder so ankommt!) Benötigte Vorkenntnisse: Wäre schön, wenn Ihr wisst, wie man einen Joystick korrekt hält. Den Rest vermitteln wir Euch dann… Termine: Montag, 26.August 2019, 15:00 – 18:00 Uhr: Vorbereitung WUDSN auf Eurem Laptop inkl. kurzem Funktionstest und allgemeine Einführung in den Befehlssatz des 6502. Dienstag bis Freitag: Jeweils von 10:00 Uhr bis ca. 12:00 Uhr eine Lerneinheit. Danach freies Üben am Nachmittag. Viele Grüße 1NG and 8Bitjunkie
  2. cool, thanks, Poison :-) will there be a physical release on CD?
  3. PG, you are awarded by emkay. He always searches the best in one category and then tries to drag him down... so, best to ignore him and don't feed the troll boy :-) (Btw... many german Atari user call him "Mr. Tinnitus")
  4. Uhh, well, as far as i know: Dimo's Dungon public beta is final. Dimo's Quest public beta is yet to be fully tested, but it Looks not too bad... I think, we could finalize this at fujiama meeting (last week of august) (and maybe, just maybe, there well be another new story of Dimo be told)
  5. well, Mclaneinc, i just popped in to read the whole thread as a whole story... ...and somehow i thought... could "JoSch" and "emkay" possibly be the same person?
  6. happy new year to all .and many thanks to all artists who contributed to the NYD2019 <3
  7. Yes. here: (just for filing, you know that already ) http://atariage.com/forums/topic/273197-beta-testers-wanted-for-ntsc-dimos-quest-dimos-dungeon/page-4
  8. Hello Neopiru, Thank you very much for the lovely lines, I am always really happy when I hear that the Amiga Dimo was played :-) How far did you come then? To the castle? And yes, I'm planning more games for the Atari, though no direct demakes at the moment. First, however, Dimo has to e finished with 16 megabytes of module for the Atari, with tons of voice output and sung title song ... A handheld version would certainly have something, you should never never say well, if you are interested in further background knowledge of Dimo's Quest … (all german) https://media.ccc.de/v/vcfb2014_-_2_-_de_-_medientheater_-_201410041130_-_demake_eines_computerspiels_-_thomas_schulz https://media.ccc.de/v/vcfb2015_-_19_-_de_-_raum_009_-_201510031130_-_programmierung_eines_8-bit-atari-spiels_-_thomas_schulz https://www.heise.de/tp/features/Tanz-nicht-mit-den-Monstern-3224554.html?seite=all
  9. maybe you find it interesting, that there is a slang expression here in (my part of) Germany: "Ihr seid doch nicht mehr ganz taco" which word-for-word translated means: "You are not quite taco anymore" but really means: "You are mentally ill"
  10. Hello supporters and followers, we want you to know where we are now: As you know - and we said more than a year ago - the Ataribox VCS is "years in the making". Now it's time to show you what we've achieved: We have this beautiful empty plastic box with a few LEDs and a battery in it and uh, yes, two controllers that do not work. Aaand, um, aaaand - oh yes - and your money of course! Thanks a lot for this. We are all so excited to spend your money on tacos and beer ..
  11. Maybe we can go back to topic and discuss the games of the contest... Can we have pictures / videos please? What can we play this fall?
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