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  1. Thanks to all artists for this release!
  2. Congratulations to all the awesome game artists this year ❤️
  3. Well, the Netscape end-of-life was in 2008, and the windows XP end-of-life was in April 2014... maybe you can use your smartphone browser instead
  4. This is the Youtube-Link to the online presentation of the contest winners:
  5. On Saturday at 6:00 p.m. (MET) Sascha will present the contest contributions in a live broadcast on YouTube, while Holger counts the votes in the background to determines the winner(s), who Sascha will then present. You need a modern browser like Firefox, Chrome, etc. (The old Internet Explorer does NOT work!) Youtubelink: <tba>
  6. The ABBUC annual general meeting unfortunately has to be postponed! Hello dear Bitbyter, Unfortunately we have to postpone the online AGM planned for Saturday, November 14th, 2020! Due to the stricter anti-corona regularities that have been in force since November 2nd, 2020, we can not use the room with the needed technology for online transmission at the moment. We were hoping for a special permit, but unfortunately it has just failed. We will now check our options and give you a new date for the AGM as soon as possible. But we will certainly find a way over the weekend to announce the winners of the competitions. Stay healthy! The board of directors
  7. "outstanding marketing" practice lesson one
  8. OK, they spelled Yars' Revenge right. Congratulations, guys! But... is that the title screen of the Sinclair Spectrum clone "Rays' Reprisal" ? But - hey... they found the missing asteroidS...😃
  9. Thanks for this honest update, Atari SA Dev Team! Can't wait to play Moon Patrol, Pong, Frogger, Missile Command and many more... ...on my AMICO this fall!
  10. Very interesting. So IF indigogo removes the Atari campaign... ...THAN Atari could blaim indigogo for not being able to deliver the units to the backers whitout the Indigogo platform...
  11. oooohhhh fck. sorry 'bout that 🤣🤣
  12. i think, the Amico has got more than 12.600 Pre-orders - so it would have a larger user base than the VCS ... proove me wrong
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