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  1. there are disappearing posts again on indiegogo. especially when backers wanted to know a shipping date...
  2. Only 10 days and they will break their "weeks not monthS"
  3. I think Atari has changed the wording in the campagn description. Has anyone made screenshots from the original text?
  4. but - other than Atari SA, they were a HUGE success in germany (see that video got 26 million views...)
  5. Got my Atari bomb diggity today... 20 Euro (22$) all together. Atari returns to my living room: Game, Stream, Connect Like Never Before. Today!
  6. 🤗🤗🤗 MADE MY DAY !!!! 🙂
  7. No, E.T. did not asked for a refund now… He felt his money he gave to Atari would be good invest. It was one Dollar - well spent money to be kept entertained for such a Long time... The real invest for a "VCS Collector's Edition" plus additional controller was cancelled AND refunded before the money collecting time was over… E.T. had seen all the red flags Atari was showing while collecting the money… 😎
  8. Atari has refunded E.T. and kicked him out of Indiegogo campaign… i think, his posts were probably too uncomfortable for Atari...
  9. @TankedThomas - Thanks for this detailed investigation 🙂
  10. meanwhile on indigogo, someone seems to do the deleting job again...
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