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  1. Seeing the family trying to get their XBox 360s on the network, creating enough XBox Live accounts for everybody, downloading updates, and so forth, all for a multi-player Call of Duty session, makes me feel like I'm on an alien planet. How do modern gamers put up with this? I'm from the old-school LAN party days, and I don't remember it being anywhere near this much trouble.

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    2. Keatah


      Because they are told it's a normal thing and don't know any better.

    3. RamrodHare


      I remember Doom on the Playstation with 2 consoles and 2 TVs. Most fun I ever had. We had the TVs back to back, so we could see the expression on each others faces, but not their screen. Much better than split screen or online play.

    4. xucaen


      DOS Doom LAN party there was always that one player without a configured network card. And back then it was all about getting your IRQs and Addresses set right. So there was usually at least one pc mostly in parts on the table. :D

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