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  1. Ok... I asked some question but he did not answer. I try to make an offer anyway...
  2. The Quadrun pictures show all the same copy with the "A" written on the back of the box.
  3. There some Atari 2600 club exclusives on eBay like Quadrun, Gravitar silver and Crazy Climber. They were sold earlier this week, now he lists another set of those games like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Quadrun-Atari-2600-Rare-Sealed-Brand-New-in-Box-Atari-Club-Game-NIB/124082376940 Do you think this is an original release?
  4. Ok, thanks... I will try to win the game - really need the box for it.
  5. Yes, that's true - but it the game not available over here in Europe. So I have to look for one on eBay... The inside of the box is white - this is uncommon for vintage boxes. Does anyone own that box and can approve that this looks like an original box? thanks in advance
  6. There's a boxed Chase the Chuckwagon for sale on ebay. Recently some reproduction boxes were offered. Can anyone identify if the box in this ebay listing is original or a reproduction? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Atari-2600-Game-Cartridge-1983-Chase-The-Chuck-Wagon-Game-BOX-Purina-C/202225691602
  7. I am collecting (almost) all label variations in all box variations. I am not collecting those small differences in the pictures, but all the years and major differences like pic/text etc for Atari and regular/international/white/blue variations for Activision carts.
  8. I have a boxed Espial (PAL) by Tigervision for trade. Anyone interested? I am looking for other rare boxed Atari carts I do not own yet for trade: boxed Mr Do's Castle (box+manual only would be ok as well) boxed QBert's Qubes (box+manual only would be ok as well) boxed SQ Waterworld boxed Quadrun (box+manual only would be ok as well) boxed Track & Field (complete) boxed Up N Down boxed Chase the Chuck Wagon "boxed" Tooth Protectors some other boxed rare carts I also have some other carts for trade, if interested.
  9. Is a Mimaki CG-60 SR III capable of printing and cutting high quality label as well?
  10. Any news on these? Any plan to sell them? Photos?
  11. Yes, I have a list an can send it via PM, but I guess there is nothing really ultra rare like the OEM carts in my collection.
  12. I have about 120 boxed VIC 20 carts and some loose... but I do not have a single OEM brand cart. So if you ever plan to sell yours please make sure to send a pm...
  13. I am located in Germany - obviously I can offer quite a lot of German carts for trade, if interested, but also about ~100 different boxed and ~300 different loose carts.
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