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  1. Signed up and pictures sent. I hope they were what you wanted. Now to get all this strawberry syrup and whipped cream off me. 😓
  2. BK are you still offering this service? Any changes to the original post (is it still a Pie B, etc)?
  3. Lol, blame Rev for having a very detailed list on his site. Priority is definitely the Inteliigentvision releases and I have almost all of them already, so filling in the few gaps is priority #1.
  4. Ok, using the list of all released home brews from Revs site, I’ve compiled a list of everything I’m missing. For those that wanted to try to work out a trade, and wanted to know what homebrews I’m missing, here’s the list: 2600 connection : Go Sub Pumpkin Master Upmonsters Age of Atarius: Cartridge label set Alex Pace: Blockade Runner(box only) Game Factory (box manual only) Go for the Gold(Box only) MTE 201 test cartridge (box only) Sewer Sam(box only) Atari Max: Maxflash USB Cartridge programmer Blah Blah Woof Woof: Piggy Bank Collectorvision: Astro invader (purple box) Astro invader (red box) BC Quest for tires (Limited) Flappy Bird Mad Bomber Moon Sweeper Princess Quest Princess Quest (CBS) Space Raid Space Raid (CBS) Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril (CBS) Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe (Limited) Elektronite: Defender of the Crown (demo cart) D2K Arcade Special Edition (Co published with Homebrew inc) Hover bovver Hover bovver (half cut demo) Ninja Odessey Steam Roller Free Lancer Games: Atari soft unreleased (boxes only) Coleco unreleased (boexes only) Cuttle cart 3 (box only) Grand Theft Auto (box only) Imagic unreleased (box only) Parker Brother unreleased (boxes only) Intelevision trading cards series 1-5 Intelevision trading cards series 1-5 (box only) Free Wheeling Games: Desert Bus Good Deal Games: Blix Homebrew Inc: D2K Arcade Special Edition (Co published with Electronite) Lock N' Chase Collapsing Lupin Edition Intelligent Vision: Fight for the Cup Super Pro Hockey Ms. Pac Man Mystic Castle Super Pro Baseball Intellivision Revolution: Aardvark Air Raid (early bird special kit PRGE 2016) Beatem and Eatem Copter Command (Contest limited edition box set) Deep Zone Game Factory Cartridge Kit Go Sub (Co published with 2600 connection) Hotel Bunny Inty BASIC Showcase Volume 2 Jaw Crusher Jumpking Junior Lazer Sharks League of Light Melody Runner Medeors Moon Blast *Mouse Trap (CBS) Oregon Bound Robot Rubble Sea Venture The Secret Government Waffle Project The Secret Government Waffle Project (play through GC Edition) Space Beaver (Mattel Version) Tron Complete (Overlay Kit) Ultimate Pong INTV Extras: Blix (Manual/Overlay Kit) Elecktonite 2017 Catalogue Elecktronite 2018 Catalogue Fight for the Cup Super Pro Hockey (Manual/Overlay Kit) Inteligentvision 2016 Catalogue (Blue) Inteligentvision 2017 Catalogue (Green) Inteligentvision 15th Anniversary Catalogue IntellivisionRevolution 2016 Catalogue IntellivisionRevolution 2017 PRGE Catalogue IntellivisionRevolution 2018 PRGE Catalogue IntellivisionRevolution 2019 PRGE Catalogue IntellivisionRevolution 2019 RetroGameCon Catalogue Mystic Castle (Manual/Overlay Kit) Piggy Bank (Manual/Overlay Kit) Super NFL Footbal (Playbooks) Super Pro Baseball (Manual/Overlay Kit) Inty-Home: Ghostbusters Gyruss Quo Vadis Left Turn Only: 4-Tris (Original) Christmas Carol (CGE) Space Patrol (Reissue??) Lonely Carts Club: Blix (Box only) Deadly Dogs (Box only) Fight for the Cup Hockey 2017 (Box only) Piggy Bank (Box only) Lock N'Chase Calapsing Lupin Edition(Box Only) Mystic Castle (Box only) Super Pro Baseball (Box Only) Oliver Puschatzki: Reproduction Boxes set #1 Reproduction Boxes set #2 Wing Lore (Box only) P.Boland: Overlays 2.0 (Imagic) Sears Overlay Set Poster (Small) Sears Overlay Set Poster (Large) Schell's Electronics: Intellicart Steve Jones Box Company: 20th Century Fox Unreleased (Boxes Only) Activision Unreleased (Boxes Only) CBS Electronics Unreleased (Boxes Only) Pumpkin Master (Box/Overlays Only) Upmonsters (Box/Overlays Only) Sega Unreleased (Boxes Only)
  5. All PMs replied to. I've had several requests for a list of the homebrews I'm missing. Using the list on Revs site, I'll get a list together tonight of the ones I'm missing and I'll post it here. Thanks for the interest so far.
  6. Hey All, i am checking to see if there might be interest in any or all of the following: (Strong preference given to trades.) Stadium Mud Buggies - CIB Learning Fun 2 - CIB (this was recently posted on a couple of INTY Facebook groups, yes its the same one) Hombrews (all still sealed in shrink): Boulder Dash - multiple copies available Match 5 - 2 copies available Christmas Carol vs the Ghost of Christmas Presents - 2 copies available Space Patrol - 2 copies available Donkey Kong - (Carl Mueller / Intelligentvision version, not sealed, NIB was never sold sealed) DK Arcade - Multiple copies available DIIK Arcade - Multiple copies available Wanted in trade: -primary targets are Keyboard Component, PlayCable, homebrew titles I'm missing (it seems there are many) - possibly interested in upgrading quality of some of my 125 & variants Willing to put cash into interesting offers.
  7. I hope someone else chimes in that remembers this. Growing up in Canada I missed out on a lot of these tournaments for classic systems (like this one or the NWC) but I remember my father entering and winning a tournament for MLB, though it was just a local thing.
  8. Thanks for the inf, folks. @stupus I just went down a wormhole with the box protector thread in your sig, my goodness you sure did some work there! Thanks for all the research, I collect for many systems other than Intellivision so that info will come in very handy.
  9. I had mentioned that this was my experience on Facebook. My main email has been registered since the beginning. I was worried about the sporadic nature of the spam filter on that email account, so I registered with a hotmail address on Saturday, and my work email address on Monday. Invite emails came to work address first, hotmail second and my gmail account third. The time between first invite and third invite was only 3 minutes, but that was the order they were received.
  10. Hello All, Does anyone have a good source for volume purchases of box protectors for the Intellivision? i want to protect all 125 plus probably a hundred more homebrews, variations and doubles. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  11. I'm buying at least one of every Amico variation. I may do more than one, but minimum one of each. Cmart, how many FEs did you grab?
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