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  1. I'd be interested in 2. Please put me on a list for a next run
  2. I received mine today also. I wasn't expecting that title!
  3. Here is some of the haul from today at the Con. Had a great time, lots to see and do (and buy)! More pics from the event will follow.
  4. I’m going to have to check mine when I get home. i think i have Mattel shells but now I’m curious!
  5. If love to get to that one. I’ve been wanting to get to one of these for so long, used to covet doing to CGE in Vegas when the Digitpress guys were doing that one. Is PRGE the big one now?
  6. Not a Buffalonian, from Ottawa Canada but have seasons tickets to the Bills (12 years now). This works out great because I’m heading through Syracuse on my way to Buffalo anyway, so I came down Friday night, I’ll hit the con, then on to Buffalo Saturday night.
  7. In Syracuse w/ the family and can’t wait to hit the con tomorrow. This is my first big con, can’t wait to check it out. Ill be leaving with some Inty goodness for sure!
  8. Wow, a game con that is reasonably close! i have to drive through Syracuse for the Bills game on the 3rd. ill be there on the 2nd for sure.
  9. Still kickin buddy, how are you? Happy New year Chris!
  10. Sorry I missed this, if any more sales fall through please let me know. Thanks
  11. Very sad news. The Intellivision was my introduction to gaming as a child and the reason I began collecting games 25 years ago. Keith is obviously a huge part of that history and has been the driving force in keeping this brand relevant all these years later. Keith was one of the few guys of the original heyday that were still around today to share anecdotes and enthusiasm all these years later. Sadly I never got to meet Keith, but we shared a passion for the Intellivision and I've gladly supported the brand with each new product release. RIP Keith, 61 is far too young.
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