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    400 - NTSC
    SuperColourCPU card
    48k upgrade
    Svideo mod

    800 - NTSC

    600XL - PAL
    64k internal memory upgrade
    UAV Video board

    800XL - PAL
    Antonia internal ram board
    UAV Video board

    1200XL - NTSC
    Ultimate 1mb internal memory upgrade
    S-Video mod
    New keyboard mylar membrane

    130XE - PAL
    320k/576k external memory upgrade
    Ultravideo XE S-Video mod
    New keyboard mylar membrane

    XEGS - PAL
    128k internal ANTIC mod

    65XE - PAL
    128k intenal ANTIC mod
    Ultravideo XE S-Video mod


    1050 mini speedy disk drive - green mod
    1050 happy disk drive - green mod
    1050 disk drive - "old b.o.b." - resurrected & USDoubler'd!!
    XF551 - HyperXF ROM
    Indus GT disk drive - revived & new ROM
    LDW Super 2000 disk drive - needs TLC
    Rana Systems 1000 disk drive - Intel CPU
    Rana Systems 1000 disk drive - MOS CPU

    1010 - silver label
    1010 - orange label
    410 early model (handled)
    410 later model

    SIO2PC (Lotharek)
    SIO2SD (Lotharek)

    Ultimate Cart
    SIC! (several)
    XEGS Ram Cart
    Homebrew XEGS Ram Cart x3
    Sys-Check V2.2
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  1. @Kr0tki called it - i knew the game but couldnt remember the name!
  2. haha - even more amusing when i saw your username 🙃
  3. much appreciated - ive gathered up the gerbers and a load of supporting info time to commission a build at JLCPCB!
  4. Many thanks, altho the cost is a little steep.. Ill search around to see if the gerbers and code for it are in the public domain
  5. I have an 800XLF and a 65XE and they both need a replacement Freddie chip. Number: C061922 or C061991 Does anyone know a good place to order them from in the UK / EU? cheers 😁
  6. try to keep the key level as you lift - i.e. un-tilted there is a bit of resistance (so they dont just fall off) but youll get the hang of it after 20 or 30 😁
  7. if you decide to make your own, make sure you have a magnifier!
  8. do you think costs were listed so high in order to reduce tax? i suppose the revenue authorities wouldve been clueless to challenge it.. RAM price was a massive factor, hence so many micro manufacturers offered a lower RAM version of their main computers - to cater for smaller budgets. Also why later revisions got more RAM (altho this is more apparent in the 16-bit age)
  9. i think i read somewhere that Jobs' said in an interview he should be hired because he has a friend that can program and design hardware..! (i.e. Wozniak) an interesting rationale
  10. if you want one, you have to get a PCB company to make the board for you, then solder in the components see here: https://github.com/kenames99/1090 JLCPCB will knock one up for just over 15 quid plus postage
  11. indeed - lets face it, the 1090 is hardly a low profile device..!
  12. is there any more info available on the Corina cart? gerbers, BOM etc.
  13. is it mono because it is in hires or because its ported from the apple version?
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