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  1. how are you connecting it to a screen? it might be worth checking if any chips get hot when powered on. it could indicate what is at fault
  2. have these been uploaded to the forum? if so do you have a link? thanks 😁
  3. if it was the type that uses the '+' shaped connection, i'd have a massive choice of aftermarket keys - even lego bricks fit these according to perifractic! but the saving grace is that the Alps keyboard has a nicer action
  4. thanks for the responses are 600XL and 800XL keyboards interchangeable? ive never tried but the 600XL one looks like it sits taller, i.e. more 'proud' if you know what i mean. maybe its due to lack of room inside the smaller case?
  5. agreed, MT RAM is rarely functional. if it is, its on borrowed time...
  6. anyone know where i can obtain a full set of keys for my 800XL keyboard? they are an unusual type - see pic alternatively, a source for a replacement keyboard would also be appreciated thanks in advance!
  7. i think i read somewhere that one of the s-video connections ought to have a resistor on it but it is also known that picture quality can vary from screen to screen as these computers predate TFT technology
  8. do you mean a service manual? if so, the 65XE is basically the same
  9. do you have a star raiders cartridge you can try? it bypasses the OS ROM so if the game boots, the OS ROM is defective also, if your chips are socketed, try removing and re-inserting them in case of a bad contact
  10. sounds good but i would dismantle the SIO plug just to check the wires are not misbehaving intermittently..!
  11. if one port works fine then the other should also work check for pin damage or open it up and check the bad port for solder issues if you able, do a continuity check using a multimeter
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