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  1. lotharek products are very good, you wont be disappointed!
  2. Thanks for the replies, I was considering it for my LDW Super 2000 drive. I can get some parts of the Indus GT Diag software to work but RPM and track zero testing does not function properly. I didnt realise that the RPM tool relies on a reflective sticker, i thought they were the same as those temperature laser guns but now i know otherwise. thanks for all the info
  3. As per the title, has anyone ever used an automotive laser tachometer tool to measure disk drive RPM? examples:
  4. xrbrevin


    apologies, i posted this in the wrong category. can admin please remove? thanks.
  5. I have been asked for more details about the LDW DC PSU mod so i thought i would add it here for the benefit of any future enquiries. 1. Remove the 2x rectifiers (RB5 & RB12) and the 2x voltage regulators (RG5 & RG12). 2. Make 2x PCB cuts marked by the pink lines in the image. 3. Add 2x wires as shown in the diagram from just above the cuts to the output pins of where the voltage regulators used to be. (I have colour-coded both wires to show where to solder them - red asterisk is the 5v, yellow asterisk is the 12v.) 4. Attach your DC-in wires at these points the in order to keep the power switch functionality. Red is 5v, yellow is 12v and black is GND. Thats it!
  6. I would suppose any UK retro computer site or even ebay would be an easy place to find AV cables. I just make my own up tho. Its easy enough to do. If you hack up an RCA phono lead and an SVHS lead you can make two in one go! solder them into a 5-pin DIN plug using the following diagram:
  7. depends on your location the atari can output composite or svideo natively. so choose an AV cable that suits your screen inputs. for DVI, HDMI, VGA you will have to install a mod. for best RAM mod results, first upgrade the onboard RAM to 64k: this will make it 100% compatible with an 800xl. then you can install mods to go beyond 64k!
  8. ive only ever done this using SIO2PC and Aspeqt. software wise, i use mycopyr or copy2000. i can tell you that ATR is a bootable disk image so you should aim to use that format as the source. Mycopyr! 2.1.atr Copy 2000 2.41D.ATR
  9. if you have a multimeter, do some continuity checks at the mylar end to check if the keypress signals are getting through. if so, check again further upstream. if not, check downstream. here is some more brainfeed material 😎 600xl schematic.zip Atari_600XL_Computer_Field_Service_Manual_Rev_1.pdf
  10. I know the trim-back option works for Sinclair computers but ive never attempted it on an Atari. maybe use conductive paint if you do not want to put it under the knife?
  11. the silver keys are handled by a different chip - the GTIA
  12. welcome to the forum! hmm, sound and keyboard are handled by the pokey chip. as is the paddle controller input... i had a similar sound issue a while back that turned out to be a single resistor failure: but first its worth checking if you have sound output at the AV connector. i recall having keyboard issues on a 600xl that turned out to be the edge connector socket on the motherboard side - i desoldered it and several pins fell out, already snapped. you ought to be aware that the keyboard will still work without the resistor board that goes between the ribbon and the motherboard. do you have a power LED? that is connected via the keyboard ribbon. hope this helps!
  13. i dont know if the ROM was officially licenced to LDW and california access or not but the Indus GT diags software successfully identifies the LDW ROM as version 1.20
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