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  1. i just saw the BBC Micro version of the game and in 1-player mode, Yamo does indeed climb the ladders...! there just no consistency :)
  2. I managed it. The issue was that i have 2x tape games that only load on the (unlabelled) B-side. fortunately they loaded in without any 'pause and restart' protection processes so i used the multi-boot disk utilities to transfer them to disk. they then loaded from disk perfectly fine. then i used multi-boot utilities to transfer them back to the A-side of the tapes. interestingly the tape counter shows the new recording to be shorter, but the games run totally fine...? here are .ATRs of 3 types of multi-boot disk. its quite useful but uses a non-standard filesystem. they were very popular in the UK but im unsure if they were abroad. thanks for the guidance! :) Multiboot [gold].atr Multiboot Menu.atr Multiboot XL.atr
  3. d'oh - now i need 3x SDrive MAXs!!
  4. among other things, ANTIC controls the character set and player missile graphics. these are fed to the GTIA for video output. the GTIA could be fine, it may just be being fed corrupt data if the ANTIC is amiss. it happened to me on an 800XL. the display and text were unstable but the computer still worked. the only way is to try the suspect chip in a known working atari and see if the issue moves over with it. but the downside is XE chips are not socketed and you have to be uber-careful when desoldering anything from an XE board because they were built down to a (cost-saving) price... hope this helps
  5. thanks - that will be useful :) but can the ROM also be modded to use english in the built-in menu?
  6. hmm, the only tape decks i have are atari ones... i think i can use the old "Multi-Boot" disk menu utilities. I will have to get the games onto the disk using SIO2PC then add the atari tape deck to the SIO chain and see if it will work. a job for tomorrow methinks :)
  7. ...name changed slightly to avoid copyright infringement....
  8. Check out this real-life sumo with a v.similar name! i wonder if he is a fan of the game...? hehe
  9. thanks both :) do you know if there is there a guide for CAS to real tape?
  10. Hi, I am aware that you can record ATRs to disk using SIO2PC, a real 1050 drive and sector copier software but can the same be done with tapes?
  11. the music restarts after every crash so if you crash a lot the music gets repetitive.. i wonder if it is deliberately intended - to make you try harder not to crash! :)
  12. Nice one! i might have an ebay clearout myself. the going is good :)
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