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  1. feel free to explain if you wish to help
  2. LDW and California Access drives used a 5v & 12v DC combined power supply but ive never heard of a 1050 converted to this. you can buy generic power supplies with the above output voltages - they are intended to power IDE hard drives but i suppose they can be used as they have decent amp output anyone fancy a try?
  3. the 5200 can run the game because the CPU only addresses the ROM chip inside the cart, not the system RAM. this ROM chip permanently contains the whole game code. the CPU processes the code instructions as normal - memory locations in the code are directed to the ROM chip in the cart. Consoles dont need much system memory (RAM) because the individual cartridges provide the memory - in ROM chip form. conversely, for a tape or disk game - data is slowly loaded into RAM piece by piece and the CPU then executes it from RAM. i think the problem you are facing is the UNOcart (im assuming) emulates the cartridge in software i.e. it visibly appears to boot as a cart but it just actually loads the game data into RAM the same as tape or disk (albeit much quicker) and unfortunately it uses RAM locations that are beyond your 16kb limit. what we need is someone with a 16k 600XL and an original Atari made ballblazer cart - i think it should work. i have the cart but my 600XL has the 64kb mod...! i hope this makes sense 😁
  4. could be a limitation of the UNOcart? i know "Ultimate Cart" and "The!Cart" emulate cartridges specifically. i wonder if UNOcart is primarily for xex files?
  5. user tf_hh makes a parallel device called "sys-check" that among other things, allows 512kb RAM: https://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=redirect&url=http://www.van-radecke.de/STUFF/tfhh_HW_info.pdf&key=7abde61bdfe11b10a58d3b28faddc817a6422a6eec62cefa8702ebc1b2ad10b4&resource= in reference to running a larger cart file on a 16k 600XL, the CPU is still capable of addressing 64kb so if you can find the right file type for the game, the 600XL should address/map the UNOcart directly and not use RAM try these in the UNOcart Ballblazers.zip
  6. have you tried a different SIO cable or can you test that cable with another device?
  7. if i recall it should spin the disk motor but im not sure maybe it also does a stepper 'chug' periodically.. 🤔 the rpm is displayed real time allowing you to adjust the blue trimpot i will dig out one of mine later on and remind myself
  8. several computer manufacturers did something similar back in the day. they found they could reduce production costs and outsourcing by lowering the chip count - achieved by building as many glue logic chips as possible into a single unit. i wondered if the gains/benefits were stifled in order to maintain 100% compatibility with the original 'bloated' design?
  9. ive had drives fail the stop/start test and the stepper test but they still load disks ok sure its nice when the drive passes all diags but i find that the main ones that stop disks loading are the RPM and zero sensor
  10. if the drive is unmodded then its worth recalibrating the RPM for info, modded drives can give false readings
  11. here be the 1050 diagnostic .atr file 1050 Disk Diagnostics.atr connect and set 1050 to D1. insert any dos disk but power it off boot the .atr from Aspeqt (or similar) disable Aspeqt and power up the 1050 run the tests
  12. games that dont require analogue input can be played with a modded sega megadrive/genesis controller - relatively easy to do. games that do require analogue input can be played with a modified neogeo controller - but the mod is more gnarly to perform
  13. have you done a continuity test on the power caps in situ? i had a small electrolytic cap in a 1050 cause power on failure due to it becoming a dead short. C70 if i recall...
  14. im looking to order the parts from mouser to make a Fujinet and im struggling to obtain the Wifi module: M213DH2864PH3Q0 - its out of stock and states its now obsolete. However it does suggest M213EH2864PH3Q0 - can anyone advise if this is compatible? cheers
  15. Here is the book of words for the IndusGT INDUS_GT_Field_Service_Manual_(Atari).pdf
  16. I managed to design an alternative using regular mousebutton microswitches (with 1x pin snipped off) and a 3D printed 'topper' - see pic. the tophat is inserted from inside so it cannot fall out and when installed it equates to the same height as the original. the reset switch is very close to the shielding so i designed a slimmer topper for that one if you use this method, make sure you insulate the snipped microswitch pins from the PCB using tape or such. Hope this helps mswitch topperV2.stl mswitch top-rstV2.stl mswitch tophatV2.stl
  17. ..and Suzo The Arcade joystick no less! Respect 😎
  18. here is a blank that you could add your own text to: remember to resize it to 57mm x 55mm
  19. youre right - and they all developed for the better due to such healthy competition! it also helps that there was enough demand for numerous brands to be very successful in their own right
  20. do you know if the atarimax happy clone can have a controller retrofitted?
  21. ROM burnt in readiness for dispatch: Even if he decides to do the USD mod, its handy to keep a stock ROM
  22. you can make it into a 130XE if you can fit a second set of DRAMs and an EMMU 😎
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