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  1. 58 minutes ago, Marius said:

    seems to conclude that there is some conspiracy going on against them.

    either a baseless attempt to distract people from the real reason(s) why there is negativity

    or a textbook paranoia case from someone who knows their behaviour is not entirely 'wholesome'

    ..or both?


    V61s product range has a few attractive items but the pricing just motivated me to learn how to make my own carts 😁

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  2. On 10/13/2020 at 5:18 PM, ok1rp said:

    After few days of proper working

    since it worked properly for a while, i would consider the power supply or GTIA/ANTIC issues.

    check the output voltage is not too high or too low - try another PSU if you have one.

    Any socketed chips ought to be removed and all contacts cleaned with contact cleaner

  3. sounds like the sdrive Max is getting power but no signal

    check the middle pin on the bottom row of the SIO port (it is named 'command') and any associated components. if nothing looks damaged, maybe the chip that manages the SIO port could be the culprit? The PIA chip pin 19 is listed as 'SIO Command' but im sure the pokey chip also has some influence over the port..

  4. On 9/21/2020 at 1:11 PM, ClausB said:

    Some 32K boards aren't meant to work in a 400:



    I have an Axlon RAM-CRAM for my 400 and a schematic I could photograph.

    thanks for the response. if you could upload the schematic that would be great.

    I am aware that a number of DRAM pins are common between the whole group but some are not. Id just like to be as clued as poss before getting the multimeter out

  5. I am trying to revive an aftermarket 32k RAM board for my 400. It is the type that uses 16x 4116 DRAMs.

    I desoldered and socketed all the chips and found 1x 4116 chip was at fault. My TL866 EPROM programmer says that all the 74LS chips are good but the board still fails to boot. As these PCBs are not the best quality, I'm wondering if I lifted a track that would need to be bridged.


    Does anyone have a schematic diagram for a 16x 4116 chip type 32k board? I need to do continuity checks across the DRAM pins but i could do with some knowledge before I commence.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. try to read the disks with another drive if you can

    the alternative is to record the games onto working blank disks, remove the actual disks from the sleeves by breaking the bond. swap them over then glue the flap back down

  7. there are many options depending if you have soldering skills, do you want extra ROM slots too..

    check the profile of user: @tf_hh

    check lotharek's site

    a device called 'antonia' replaces the CPU and gives you selectable RAM and ROM versions/types

    there are others that give you a fixed 256k, 320k, 576k, 1088k but the more modern upgrades allow you to select between any of these.


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