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  1. I would suppose any UK retro computer site or even ebay would be an easy place to find AV cables. I just make my own up tho. Its easy enough to do. If you hack up an RCA phono lead and an SVHS lead you can make two in one go! solder them into a 5-pin DIN plug using the following diagram:
  2. depends on your location the atari can output composite or svideo natively. so choose an AV cable that suits your screen inputs. for DVI, HDMI, VGA you will have to install a mod. for best RAM mod results, first upgrade the onboard RAM to 64k: this will make it 100% compatible with an 800xl. then you can install mods to go beyond 64k!
  3. ive only ever done this using SIO2PC and Aspeqt. software wise, i use mycopyr or copy2000. i can tell you that ATR is a bootable disk image so you should aim to use that format as the source. Mycopyr! 2.1.atr Copy 2000 2.41D.ATR
  4. if you have a multimeter, do some continuity checks at the mylar end to check if the keypress signals are getting through. if so, check again further upstream. if not, check downstream. here is some more brainfeed material 😎 600xl schematic.zip Atari_600XL_Computer_Field_Service_Manual_Rev_1.pdf
  5. I know the trim-back option works for Sinclair computers but ive never attempted it on an Atari. maybe use conductive paint if you do not want to put it under the knife?
  6. the silver keys are handled by a different chip - the GTIA
  7. welcome to the forum! hmm, sound and keyboard are handled by the pokey chip. as is the paddle controller input... i had a similar sound issue a while back that turned out to be a single resistor failure: but first its worth checking if you have sound output at the AV connector. i recall having keyboard issues on a 600xl that turned out to be the edge connector socket on the motherboard side - i desoldered it and several pins fell out, already snapped. you ought to be aware that the keyboard will still work without the resistor board that goes between the ribbon and the motherboard. do you have a power LED? that is connected via the keyboard ribbon. hope this helps!
  8. i dont know if the ROM was officially licenced to LDW and california access or not but the Indus GT diags software successfully identifies the LDW ROM as version 1.20
  9. Ive done this before, been stuck with a tricky repair so i created a topic. then i go on to solve it myself!! i think just the process of putting the problem into words and listening to the responses is a massive help. however the process goes, it ended up with a solution so many thanks to all for your input. i cant test the drive yet tho, the 3d printer is running and its in the way of my A8..!
  10. The 3.5" drive had a suitable spring so i removed it. i redesigned the 3d printed upper head part to accommodate the spring. Here are the pics:
  11. my mod required removal of the bridge rectifier parts and 2x voltage regulators. the input wires go to the switch as originally designed, power is then taken from the unused VR pins via the original filter caps before being delivered to the logic PCB. its a shame the drive suffered a bad choice of power supply specs and connector but a nice feature is that the switch grounds out any residual current when turned off.
  12. a useful resource for sure. it explained a lot but i wasnt happy with the final aesthetics. here are some pics of my PSU and socket:
  13. thanks for your input. The drive is a 'clone' of the Indus GT but not in every way. I think it uses the same ROM and PCB logic but the component layout is different and some ICs vary between them. The main difference is the drive mech. The Indus GT does use a Tandon mech - thus, a 1050 mech can be transplanted - but LDW uses the Roctec brand mech (same as the California Access CA2001 drive, which is also an Indus GT clone. see: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/228429-ca2001-g5-error-indication/?do=findComment&comment=3081976). I dismantled both of mine and took a photo to demonstrate. See below. Unfortunately, i do not have a need to make a Best Electronics order (and we all know Brad wouldnt respond too kindly to a small international request..!). I had a look on ebay but the generic torsion springs on there look too heavy duty for this application. I may pull apart a PC 3.5" floppy drive and see if theres anything of use dwelling within...
  14. *necrobump* (for future reference) Find a PSU for an external 3.5" HDD. It will have 5v DC and 12v DC output but aim for suitable amps too. i found one in my PSU drawer and it works great! you just have to match up the connector and make a fascia (but a 3d printer easily solves that)
  15. Does anyone know where i can buy a torsion spring for the read/write head of my LDW Super 2000 disk drive? I obtained the drive as spares/repair and it did not come with one, nor the top half of the head. I managed to 3d print the head part but I still need a spring. Although the LDW uses a Roctec mech, the 1050 spring should work but I dont want to cannibalise a working 1050. Many thanks for any help!
  16. low cost replacement: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/362278620745
  17. plastic welding with a (clean) soldering iron bonds extremely well but you may need to add donor material and thus it is essential to get the exact matching type of plastic
  18. no probs, i appreciate your offer. i'll knock one up, scan it and upload it here next time i get some teacakes. Hope yours turn up tho!
  19. i used to put the audio test on in shops just before leaving, just to confuse the staff 😛
  20. thanks, yeah i had considered that. im thinking of using a warburtons toasted teacake internal cardboard packaging as a donor, it seems to be the right 'density'. but ill have to liberate it before the food degradation impregnates it hehe 😁
  21. has anyone ever made a template available for the original 1050 cardboard head protector?
  22. yes those PSUs are common in the UK. someone should tell Neil (RMC) that it needs a 3D printed parallel port cover, he didnt appear to know it is absent from his.
  23. seems an awful waste to condemn a glorious A8 to a life of riff-raff PC servitude... 🤢
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